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The #1 AMM and yield farm on BNB Smart Chain.
Yield Farm on the GO and watch your MOMO NFTs GROW.
Bomb Crypto
The Bomb Crypto game is in the Play-To-Earn genre, where players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters.
StarSharks is a BNB chain community-driven Shark-metaverse, where people could define the value evolution of underlying NFTs in a sustainable ecosystem
ApeSwap is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on BNB Smart Chain (forked from PancakeSwap).
Era7: Game of Truth, the world’s first light esports blockchain game, creates a new concept called EsportFi, which deeply integrates competitiveness with blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi).
DRIP gives 365% ROI from taxes, not inflation
Tranchess (CHESS)
Tranchess is a yield enhancing asset tracker with varied risk-return solutions
1inch Network
A distributed network for decentralized protocols on #Ethereum and #BSC enabling the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in #DeFi.
‌‌SecondLive is a “Diverse 3D Virtual Space” where you can social, space sharing, game,make your own content and profit from your creations. ‌
The First DEX on BSC network with a three-type referral system.
AutoShark Finance
Automated Yield Optimizer. Liquidity Sources Aggregator. Get rebates when you use our AMM!
Forsage BUSD
Decentralized networking platform based on smart contracts. Connects people from all over the world and opens the limitless possibilities of the new economics.
Valas Finance
Valas Finance is a lending and borrowing market on BNB Chain based on one of the largest DeFi protocols: AAVE
Trade, Place Limit Orders, Stop Losses and Check Charts of every token on Pancakeswap, ApeSwap and More.
Cream Finance
Crypto Rules Everything Around Me, $CREAM. Now on the Binance Smart Chain
Elfin Kingdom
Elfin Kingdom is a fusion of Defi yield farming, NFT Collection and Mining with competitive E-sports.
Metamon is a Play to Earn NFT blockchain game. It is designed by Radio Caca and will join the Universal Metaverse(USM) as the first mini-game.
Element Market
Element is a worldwide decentralized Multi-Chain marketplace to Create, Discover, and Exchange NFTs.
Transit Swap
A Multi-chain DEX Aggregator
DODO is a decentralized exchange platform powered by the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm.
STEPN is the world’s first move2earn NFT mobile game.Join today and make your steps count!
Libero Financial
Libero rewards holders Fixed APY - 158,893.59% without having to do anything, and using automatic buyback & burn to support the price
Radio Caca Market
Marketplace of Radio Caca
SheepDex is the 1st concentrated liquidity DEX on BSC that offers spot trading and derivatives.
HERO CAT is a NFT+DEFI mining game. Players can play while earning money. Its mission is to bring more user into metaverse and crypto.
A DeFi platform covering lending, assets, trading.
Position Exchange
The World's First Decentralized Trading Protocol with a whole Ecosystem. Trade on-chain Derivatives, Farm, Stake, Cast NFTs in a Community-driven project.
X World Games
X World Games is the next-generation decentralized blockchain game ecosystem.
The Crypto You
The Crypto You is the first Baby Metaverse blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
PEAR is a decentralized online marketplace. Managed by Dao Organization.
Baked Beans
BNB Miner Meta BNB Rewards locked pool Smart contract verified
Lotto360 is a gambling dapp that included Lottery, Dice (x8), and Number of the Beast (x25) game, safe and secure play2earn game on Binance smart chain.
Titano is revolutionizing the way token holders become stakeholders by providing an automatic fixed APY of 102,483.58%.
A supportive Baby Metaverse including #AMM, #NFT, and #GameFi for newborn projects on #BSC. Go beyond the #DEX.
The First 3D Martial Art / Metaverse NFT Game in SEA, built on the Binace Smart Chain (BCS) is ready to join the field.
NFT marketplace focused on GameFi & collectibles. Can buy, sell and trade NFTs. Created by SCV.Finance, and deployed on multiple blockchains.
Project Galaxy is the largest Web3 credential data network in the world.
Wormhole is a generic messaging protocol that delivers a pathway for any kind of information—funds, votes, programs & more— to supported networks.
Building the best inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform
0x Protocol
0x is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
Squid NFT World
First NFT Game with multi-crypto rewards by Biswap GameFi on BSC
Fast, trustless communication between chains and rollups.
Nominex / Nomiswap (NMX)
Unique Nominex/Nomiswap CeDeFi ecosystem
Cyber Dragon is a Play to Earn game based on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Powered by BinaryX team.
Thetan Arena
A play to earn PvP MOBA mobile game! Team up, Fight & Earn!
Venus is an algorithmic money market and stablecoin protocol.
Elk Finance
The DeFi Gateway. Leverage the power of ElkNet with instant free transfers across 6 of the most popular networks.
PinkSale is the #1 launchpad platform which raised over $300M for 4000 projects.
PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth.
Biswap Marketplace
Biswap NFT Marketplace with the Lowest Fees of 0.1% on BSC.
Join the amazing community and forge weapons to fight against your enemies! Gain skill and NFT's for your in-game activity.
DNAxCAT: Cat Metaverse Game On Blockchain
Mirror is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the Terra network that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets (mAssets)
My DeFi Pet
My DeFi Pet is the blockchain game that combines both NFT and DeFi features to provide users the very unique way to experience gaming and earn via Play2Earn.
Age of Tanks
The First Military Strategic Metaverse where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero!
The first CEX-DEX hybrid crypto derivatives exchange
Bringing safety to DeFi and building trust between developers and investors.
Mars Ecosystem
The first stable coin Defi Ecosystem
Tiny World
Tiny World is a fully trading game universe based on historical legends from across the globe. It combines P2E and DAO governance with quality gameplay.
Melos Studio
Melos.Studio, or Melos is the destination for creating, discovering and collecting original music on Web3.0
Social Network Protocol in Web3.0
Synapse is a cross-chain layer ∞ protocol powering frictionless interoperability between blockchains.
Faraland is an NFT project focusing on a true Play to Earn game.
Alien Worlds
Innovative Metaverse where everything is tokenized
ZOO - Crypto World
ZOO Dapp is a set of Smart Contracts include YIELD FARMING/NFT Cards Collection/NFT Combat/Seasonal Ranking Rewards.
Space Sip
Space SIP is the first NFT space battleship game with a world-class design of gaming experience in a real-value collectible ecosystem.
AFKDAO is a DeFi infrastructure for utility NFTs featuring the decentralised NFT asset management protocol and non-collateral lending pool solution for game NFT
World Of Cryptoids
A pokemon inspired metaverse world where players can breed, own, and monetize their Cryptoids using a variety of blockchain based tokens.
The MStation is the first BSCS Metaverse blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Unrivaled gaming experience for the crypto community. We believe in the true joy of gaming and its potential when integrated with blockchain rewards.
Elpis Battle
Elpis Battle is a Tactical Turn-Based game built on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.
CryptoMines is a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game were you can collect Workers and Spaceships to travel through the universe searching for $ETERNAL.
NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.
Ellipsis Finance is an exchange for stable coins on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows for stable coins swap with very low slippage and minimal fees.
BNB Miner
Once miners are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of BNB at a starting rate of 3% daily
Polychain Monsters
Cross-chain play-to-earn NFTs with varying scarcities which can be unpacked from booster packs with $PMON.
ARKEN Finance
Best user experience tool for DEX traders to track the movements of thousands of tokens and synthetic assets and forecast market movements.
Elephant Money
Earn high yield on stable coins with the TRUNK platform and earn rewards in ELEPHANT
BEEDEX - BDX is a fast, decentralized blockchain system that empowers decentralized finance, NFT and metaverse. It securely connects most mainstream blockchains
Welcome to the world of Defina, where gaming meets defi and NFTs.
Stargate is a community-driven organization building the first fully composable native asset bridge, and the first dApp built on LayerZero.
ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider, supporting all types of blockchain games
NFTrade is an aggregator of all NFT marketplaces, hosting the complete NFT lifecycle and allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, and farm NFTs
BNB Stake
Stable & Profitable Yield Farming
Trade, Earn, & Raid To Stack Your Riches While Securely Storing Them Within Our Castle Vaults!!!
Automated DeFi Suite. Automated Yield Farming. DEX Aggregator. Intelligent Portfolio Dashboard.
Singularity is a metaverse gaming world of universe exploration and adventure.
DeHero is a BSC-based GameFi application incubated and released by MixMarvel.
Ninneko is the leading edge of NFT game that combines Idle RPG gameplay and Breeding system.
Decentralizing the Planet's Finances. Governed by AQUA, Powered by GAMMA.
ACSI Finance
ACryptoS is an automated portfolio manager and trading platform. It is characterized by sustainability, long-term and security.
ACT (Acet) is a Decentralized Fans Financial. AMM & YieldFarm is a DeFi ecosystem designed around gamification, user focused technology and pioneering new ideas on Binance Smart Chain.
Galler is a multi-chain marketplace that makes NFT trading EASY, FUN & REWARDING.
Next Generation Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm
Wanaka Farm
Wanaka Farm is an unique NFT blockchain based game where people can own their virtual lands and other NFT items to plant, grow and harvest to earn their crypto.
Impossible Finance
Impossible Finance is the go-to crypto investment platform that empowers you with high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities.
Alpaca Finance
Alpaca Finance is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the BNB Smart Chain. We are a fair launch project with no pre-sale and no investors
Track fitness activity, earn crypto, and be the best version of you. Same effort, more results.
Clock 24
First Asset Multiplication Protocol - Get reward in every 10 minutes - Auto Staking Upto 382,945% APY.
WardenSwap is the first DEX aggregator with built-in Machine Learning that relies on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
BNBSafe project is a decentrilized app on Binance smart chain. BNBSafe contract enables the use of BNB for use in yield investment industry.
Portfolio manager, automated yield farming & dex aggregator.
LZ Swap
The ultimate solution for DeFi's low liquidity and high price slippage
Doodle Duckling Stamp
The Doodle Duckling Stamp set is a premium stamp album full of prestigious collectible stamps with different themes.
MiningTycoon V2
MiningTycoon is the blockchain game with virtual mining as the core gameplay presented by NEXTYPE.
Pancake Bunny
PancakeBunny is a new and rapidly growing DeFi yield aggregator that is used for PancakeSwap.
Jade Protocol
Jade protocol is an improved fork of Olympus DAO on Binance Smart Chain, an algorithmic reserve currency offering yield APYs up to 1 billion% for a limited time
Fisherman Joe
Joe is a fisherman, and is looking to grow his business by hiring more fisherman.
BUSDMachine V2
Stake $BUSD to mint 2% daily $BUSDMachine. Stake $BMTto earn 4% daily $BMT and increase your share of the $BMT supply.
Bomb Crypto Marketplace
Welcome to the NFT Marketplace of Bomb Crypto Here you can search and buy Heroes & Houses to incorporate them into your Assets
Leonicorn Swap is an advanced AMM with features Like NFT Marketplace, Lottery, IDO and many other advanced features.
Scapes are Seascape's original NFTs. Use them throughout the Seascape Network in exchange for CWS rewards.
OpenOcean is the first DeFi & CeFi aggregator on ETH, BSC, ONT, TRON, POLYGON, SOL, HECO,FTM and Binance that offers users the best rates with lowest slippage.
Adamant Mine
Adamant Mine, Play to Earn, Donate, and Burn
My Diamond Team
My Diamond Team – BNB Bank Roll Project is decentralized community support fund built on BSC blockchain and smart contract technology.
$RING token is powered by rebases, that reward holders with a 0.02362% every 15min. This means an annual compound interest of 392,537%. This APY is fixed and it
𝗕𝗡𝗕 𝗙𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝗦𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁, 𝗹𝗮𝘂𝗻𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗱 𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗦𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗕𝗦𝗖 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝗰𝗸𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻.
NFT marketplace empowering digital culture and heritage.
Piggy Bank Machine
Piggy Bank Machine is a fork of BUSDMachine v2 with increased APR aimed to give long term sustainable BUSD payouts. We are 100% Decentralized.
DDDX Protocol
The DDDX Protocol is a new decentralized exchange with dual AMM algorithm that supporting voting escrow tokenomics (veToken governace model).
The Best Dual Rewards Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in Crypto.
Home to the cutest NFT's on the Binance Smart Chain! We've taken your favorite memes and packaged them up into adorable pets you can trade or stake for rewards!
Airnfts is NFT marketplace built on BSC, Fantom and Polygon where you can Create, Buy, Sell and Earn with NFTs, ERC721, Collectibles.
A Next-Revolutions Decentralized Platform For Metaverse. We are currently building out our very own Metaverse. An all-in-one place in the form of a defi arcade,
Comprehensive NFT Aggregator & Marketplace.
Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in a decentralized way. AirCash is the first and largest decentralized OTC platform in the galaxy.
Turtle Finance
Turtle Finance is a decentralized, automatic, smart trading platform.
PISTON is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It utilizes a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoi
Palladium Finance
151,631.1% APY - Auto-staking & Auto-compounding
BakerySwap is the first AMM+NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain.
WallStreet Finance
- WallStreet Finance is transforming DeFi with the WallStreet Finance Autostaking Protocol (WFAP) that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY.
MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism.
WidiLand is an NFT Game started in 2021, aiming to become a globally well-known social networking game.
Golden Bros
Netmarble presents GOLDEN BROS, real-time P2E battle royal.
Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections and tailored in-shop services.
The win-win savings game on Binance Smart Chain. Win big crypto prizes. Always keep your deposit.
PiratesKing is a pirate world NFT Game with Oracle based, Chainlink VRF integrated. Reward in $BUSD or $PKT
EMP is an algorithmic coin on the Binance Smart Chain designed to follow the price of ETH. Enjoy high APR's with a EMP's staking protocol.
Fast, Affordable, and Secure way of moving liquidity between EVM, non-EVM, and L2 blockchains.
Pirates World
Pirates World: Sea of Treasure is an NFT game with an oracle-based economy, in which players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world.
CryptoBlades Marketplace
The CryptoBlades Marketplace supports any ERC-721 Compliant NFT and gets it in front of the worlds highest-output NFT game, CryptoBlades.
Inu Base
Move-To-Earn and Auto-Staking with All-time Highest Fixed APY 2,033,199.56%
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Eggs is a Trading platform and NFT exchange market, followed by a social networking platform in the future.
Thoreum v2 is DeFi 3.0 & a Multi-chain Venture Capital Platform, upgraded from Thoreum v1
Step Hero
Step Hero - The lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG Game on BSC and Polygon.
The Piggy Garden
Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, but real estate prizes forced him to relocate to his new garden.
Babylons NFT Platform & Launchpad
The Ultimate #GameFi Destination | Pioneer #Launchpad | Blockchain Tooling | #NFT Platform
Hyss Finance
Highest Yield Savings Service Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 499,997.79%
Orbit Bridge
Orbit-chain is a multi-asset blockchain that stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets.
Decentralized Meme Platform for meme creators
Take a Pokémon and shake it with a Cryptokitty and a last touch of Tamagotchi. Kryptomon will bring the digital alive creature experience to NFTs.
Leviathan is a staking protocol inspired by TITANO. Built by the doxxed team from TempliersCrypto and audited by Solidity Finance
Stake $BUSD to mint 2% daily $FireBusd. Stake $FireBusd to earn 4% daily $FireBusd and increase your share of the $FireBusd supply.
Build your farm, pick your seeds and harvest FARM tokens!
Tresor Finance
High fixed APY in – 383,025.80% Automatic Staking and Compounding Interest Paid Every 15 Minutes: 96 Times Daily Automatic burning of supply every transaction
MetaPay - A project that will make it easier to make payments in the Metaverse universe. Metaxion, which will create its own universe, has determined its vision
NFTKEY Marketplace
Discover, collect and trade NFT collections on FTM, BSC, ETH, AVAX, ONE and MATIC
BNB HODL the new BNB Yield Farming Dapp (decentralized application) on the BSC network powered by the community. HODL HODL!!!
Blockchain Monster Hunt
Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world’s first multi-chain game that is inspired by Pokemon-GO and runs entirely on the blockchain.
The Synthesizer of Digital Ownership and Foundational Assets
TEN Finance
TEN is a yield optimizer that simplifies staking & yield farming by auto-compounding your LP’s & tokens across multiple Binance Smart Chain farming ecosystem.
JulSwap is the equivalent of Uniswap on the Binance Smart Chain. JulSwap offers the same Trading Engine and analytics as Uniswap!
Elvantis (ELV) Metaverse Revolution. Art Beyond Limitation Cross-Chain.
Gamified Internet Culture Metaverse, P2E social Gamefi strategic artillery game ecosystem.
Star Monster Metaverse: 3D Play to Earn game based on BSC to create a charming collection and Metaverse ecosystem
Seamless cross-chain bridging
Pinaki : Decentralized Matrix Platform. All the information is stored in smart contracts on the blockchain, no one is controlling your data & capital.
BUSD Machine
Stake $BUSD to mint 2% daily $BUSDMachine. Stake $BUSDMachine to earn 4% daily $BUSDMachine and increase your share of the $BUSDMachine supply.
We're Alita.Finance, and we want to show you why decentralized exchanges like ours are the future of trading.
AngeL Nodes
”AngeL Nodes,” a DeFi Staking Game that brings sustainable yields, and is designed to open the doors of the future of DeFi to anyone.
Kawaii Islands
An Anime Metaverse, where magic mixes reality and people can play, create, connect and earn.
Bsc Robotic is a 100% decentralized ROI verified and audited smart contract running on the binance smart chain blockchain.
EpicHero the Biggest 3D NFT War Game on BSC World's First P2E game with NFT holders reflection rewards in BNB
Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain
Solv Protocol
Solv Protocol is the decentralized platform for creating, managing and trading Financial NFTs.
WazirX NFT
Create & Collect Timeless NFTs. NFT Marketplace Made Simpler.
Belt Finance
The All-in One DeFi protocol on BSC, HECO, and Klaytn. Earn reliable yields, exchange assets, and let Belt do the optimization for you.
Cross-chain NFT Marketplace
Cash Cow Farm
Created for sustainable passive income, with a daily $CASH payout and referral system in place, making money has never been easier!
We created this token on Binance Smart Chain. We want to make this project as transparent and fair as possible for every investor
“Fate/Origin” is the first large-scale 3D MMORPG game developed based on Binance Smart Chain. It was incubated by JOJO Gamebase and is based on the story of swo
Corite is a startup to funding artists by letting fans invest in music and get a share of streaming profits, becoming an integral part of the journey!
Duck Network is a differentiated DeFi platform that integrates with the current trend of cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems. This is 100% Decentralized.
Black Eye Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy is a cross-chain space NFT metaverse with unique economics.
DAO Farmer
The Next Generation #PVP+#DAO #Metaverse Simulation project that integrates #DAO and #GameFi.
Multiverse Capital
World First Multi-chain Farming Deflationary Token
Trade the Metaverse - Decentralized multichain NFT Marketplace
HappyLand - a Blockchain Gaming platform, inspired by the Texas countryside - USA.
Wolfible is a NFTs Paltfom by combining smart contacts for NFT Marketplace & DeFi.
Freeport Metaverse
The Freeport Metaverse is a block-chain game. Not only for playing, Great Authoring tools and a friendly simulation ecosystem let people enjoy our project.
MinerBlox is a dapp that allows players to perform a sort of mining within a metaverse, where players can buy video cards (GPU) in NFT format.
Templar DAO
Templar DAO is a decentralized finance reserve currency protocol built on BSC
Bunicorn Game
Bunicorn Game is a Play to Earn NFT RPG inspired by Pokémon on the BSC network
LZ Pool
LaunchZone Pool - Control your assets in the most effective way
Decentralized Meme Coin Creates the BEST Metaverse on BSC JOJO FUN METAVERSE = NFT + GameFi + SmartToy + JOJO World
YoHero is the Axie Infinity 2.0 metaverse world developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC),which is the most playable and profitable GameFi product .
DeFi Warrior
DeFi Warrior is a DeFi x NFT Play2earn Blockchain game with a fascinating crypto galaxy game story. There are 2D and 3D mode that you will definitely enjoy DW.
Empire NFT Marketplace
Mint, buy, and trade digital assets on the most innovative NFT marketplace in the blockchain.
Beefy Finance
The Multichain Yield Optimizer that autocompounds your crypto on BSC, Polygon, Fantom, HECO and Avalanche
Nemesis DAO
Nemesis DAO is a decentralized finance reserve currency protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol is powered by the NMS token.