Element Market
Element is a worldwide decentralized Multi-Chain marketplace to Create, Discover, and Exchange NFTs.
As an emerging NFT trading marketplace favored by capital, Element was designed from three perspectives, including creators, users, and community, in order to help a large number of users enter the NFTs market and promote the integration between traditional market and crypto economy. In terms of platform functionality, Element has three main features, namely: Create, Discover and Exchange. 1. Create Create means mint. 2. Discover Discover means search. 3. Exchange The core of Element In terms of product design, Element thinks about all aspects of uploading, storing as well as trading to provide a friendly market environment for art creators. Element also has eight features. (1) Support for zero-cost NFT mint (2) Support for 4 mainstream decentralized storage (3) Support for NFT file sizes (4) Protecting creators’ rights and prohibiting malicious bot bidding (5) Two language version, optimization of NFTs search (6) English Auction Gas Fee Subsidy (7) Lowest transaction fees (8) Cross-chain interoperability