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Minting the Latest NFTs, SBTs, and OATs

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Aug 9, 2023
Minting the Latest NFTs, SBTs, and OATs

NFTs, SBTs, and OATs are three distinct and important types of tokens with specific purposes and functions in Web3. With each specific type of token, a user can mint NFTs, use SBTs to participate in airdrops, and utilize OATs to keep track of online career progress. 


DappBay has listed multiple campaigns across NFTs, SBTs, and OATs included in this topic. Campaigns that are expired or not listed on DappBay have been excluded from this list of NFTs, SBTs, and OATs on BNB Chain. 


What are NFTs?

NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens and represent digital artwork that can be stored on the blockchain. In most cases, NFTs can be minted, traded, transferred, or sold. According to OpenSea, minting is defined as the process of writing digital assets to the blockchain. Once any digital asset is stored on the blockchain, it becomes an immutable record. Through immutability, the authenticity and ownership of any digital asset can be verified.  

Minting NFTs on BNB Chain

1. NFPrompt AI-Generated NFT

Users can mint AI-generated NFTs using just prompts on NFPrompt. NFPrompt is the first AI prompt UGC platform in Web3 that allows you to easily create AI art and mint it as an NFP. NFPs are Non-Fungible Prompts. Each user can curate masterpieces and hone their artistry by learning the art of prompt curations. While minting NFPs are free, minting requires users to earn and spend credit points to make multiple mints in a day.  Learn how to earn credits and mint NFPs on NFPrompt including Pokemon, Puss in Boots, BNB Chain, and more NFPs.


2. RootMeta Crooked Necks NFT

Users can claim a Crooked Necks x BAB NFT featured by RootMeta if they hold a BAB token. RootMeta is a social infrastructure that provides an exciting environment to play, create, compete, connect, and explore together. RootMeta will launch Islands and Bars, a  place for users to build their community and communicate with each other with their decentralized identities. 


3. Ultimate Champions NFT

Claim your football NFT and basketball NFT packs when you sign up with Ultimate Champions. Ultimate Champions is an entirely free-to-play fantasy football game with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs on the blockchain. Ultimate Champions crafted an innovative experience where players can leverage their football knowledge to build the best possible team every week to earn rewards that hold long-term value in an open economy of cards (NFTs) and tokens. Here is everything you need to know about opening NFT cards in Ultimate Champions.

Mint your Imagination with NFPrompt
Mint your Imagination with NFPrompt
Host by
All BAB holders get a RootMeta NFT for free!
All BAB holders get a RootMeta NFT for free!
Host by
Play Fantasy Football with Ultimate Champions
Play Fantasy Football with Ultimate Champions
Host by


What are SBTs?

SBTs stand for Soul Bound Tokens and represent non-transferrable NFTs that are unique to each wallet and individual. SBTs are digital identities that can be used to identify an individual’s credentials, achievements, employment history, digital verification, authorize airdrops, and more. Since SBTs cannot be transferred or traded, they have no monetary value. Soul Bound Tokens were proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2022 based on the existing shortcomings of the NFT space. Other variations of SBTs include LBTs (Life Bound Tokens) and BABs (Binance Account-Bound Tokens). 


Minting SBT on BNB Chain

1. Venus SBT 

Earn a newly launched Venus Prime Soul Bound Token with the SBT holders gaining access to boosted yields across Venus Protocol. Stake XVS for 90 days and at least 1000 XVS tokens in the Venus Vault to get your Venus SBT. Venus enables the world's first decentralized stablecoin, VAI, built on Binance Smart Chain that is backed by a basket of stablecoins and crypto assets without centralized control. Funds held within the protocol can earn APY based on the market demand for that asset. Interest is earned by the block and can be used as collateral to borrow assets or to mint stablecoins.


2. Lifeform LBT 

BAB and HALO NFT holders can claim an LBT, the qualification for a Life Avatar Poap free mint. Lifeform is a leading web3 ecosystem project where people can create hyper-realistic 3D virtual human avatars easily with advanced Lifeform DID solutions that enable them to use NFTs as digital identities which could log in to any dApp and metaverse world. In the first half of 2023, Lifeform briefly overtook PancakeSwap as the most used dApp on BNB Chain, registering over 3 million monthly active users.


3. BAB Token

Mint your BAB Token and gain access to NFT airdrops, dApp token rewards, VIP benefits, and more. BAB or Binance Account Bound token is a SBT or Soul Bound Token issued on BNB Chain. Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens are the credentials of Binance users that have passed KYC. Since it is a type of Soulbound Token (SBT), it has three key properties: it is non-transferable, it cannot be transferred from one address to another, and it is revocable. It can be revoked by issuers. Learn more about the various dApps offering rewards to BAB-holders.


What are Achievement Tokens?

OATs or On-chain Achievement Tokens represent the achievements, tasks, events, and Web3 activities completed by a specific individual. OATs can be transferred or sold and may have a monetary value attached to the token. Every time a user participates in an airdrop, attends a conference, mints an NFT, asks a question during an AMA, etc. they may be entitled to an achievement token along with other perks and benefits. While OATs may be specific to Galxe, ccProfiles and Resident Passes developed by CyberConnect and SoQuest respectively are also a form of recording individual achievements and Web3 progress. 


Minting Achievement Tokens on BNB Chain

1. CyberConnect ccProfile

Mint a free 12-character (or longer) handle for your Twitter at the cost of 0 BNB. A ccProfile is an on-chain identity that connects ownership of assets, achievements, and more in one place. CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol that helps Web3 applications bootstrap network effects. It empowers users to truly own their social identities, contents, and connections in a social network and provides developers with a rich set of tools to build applications with meaningful social experiences.


2. SoQuest Resident Pass 

All Port3 users can receive their Port3 Resident Pass to participate in future campaigns. This airdropped NFT will be attached to each user profile to filter against bots, making each member an authentic Port3 Resident. SoQuest is a one-stop Web3 task tool that allows project operators, KOLs, and DAOs to easily curate dedicated space and launch campaigns to grow their brand and online presence. Think of SoQuest as an alternative to Gleam and Premint.


3. Galxe OAT 

New Galxe members can mint their first OAT by completing social tasks. Galxe is the world’s leading credential data network that invites Web3 brands to build upon its plug-in-play dashboard. Web3 projects can leverage Galxe’s infrastructure to create growth-hacking campaigns while engaging their communities with on and off-chain credentials. Galxe members can also mint a Galxe Passport, a universal identity for Web3 adventures. A Galxe Passport stores your identity information securely and anonymously. You will be able to use this as your universal identity across different applications for compliance purposes.


Bonus Campaigns

1. SecondLive Avatars and Tasks

Participate and complete the tasks for new players on SecondLive to win BEAN rewards. In SecondLive, users can craft their digital lives, creating their avatars and choosing spaces to stay and live. In different spaces, users can do various tasks with avatars helping users make their content and profit from their creations. The team continues enriching avatar styles and space to satisfy diversified application scenarios, including AMA, live streaming, interaction, entertainment, making friends, staking, and so forth in the virtual world.


2. Magic Square Badge

Grab your limited-edition Special “Magic Square Validator” NFT Badge and unlock a world of exclusive perks! Gain access to an exclusive Discord channel, entry to special raffles and rewards, earn karma points on the magic store and vote on validators using your Magic Square Validator NFT badge with 10000 badges up for grabs. So far, approximately 5000 NFT badges have been minted. 


3. Playbux Watch-to-Earn NFTs

Watch movies and tv shows and get rewarded with Web3 rewards including NFTs. Playbux, the largest x-to-earn Web3 platform in the world, and iQIYI, the global streaming leader specializing in premium Asian content, announced their collaboration, set to redefine the way audiences engage with digital content. This partnership aims to empower individuals worldwide to enjoy premium yet free content while unlocking enticing digital prizes through the revolutionary “watch-to-earn’’ feature. Learn more about the 10 best ways to earn on Playbux.


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