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How to Earn Credits and Mint NFPs on NFPrompt?

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jul 12, 2023
How to Earn Credits and Mint NFPs on NFPrompt?

Learn how to earn credits and use those credits to mint exclusive AI-generated NFPs on NFPrompt. From curating an artistic Puss in Boots anime rendition to videos or gifs, users can generate digital artwork on the blockchain in a matter of minutes.  


What is NFPrompt?

NFPrompt is the first AI prompt UGC platform in Web3 that allows you to easily create AI art and mint it as an NFP. NFPs are Non-Fungible Prompts. Each user will have the ability to curate masterpieces and hone their artistry by learning the art of prompt curations. By aligning the economic advantages of Web3 and contemporary art techniques, NFP serves as the center for AI and NFT innovation in the BNB Chain ecosystem.


What are Credits?

Credits are NFPrompt’s platform currency that can be earned and cannot be purchased. One of the most important uses of credits on NFPrompt is to mint NFPs. Users can create works of art and then mint that artwork into NFTs at the cost of 1 credit for each artwork creation. The more credits you earn, the more artwork you can experiment with and mint on the platform. Credits also entitle users to a bigger share of the NFPrompt governance token airdrop as rewards for their contributions during the early phases of the platform.

8 Best Ways to Earn Credits?

The best ways to earn credits on NFPrompt are through daily log-ins, referrals, minting NFPs, trading NFPs, joining social channels, weekly credit rewards, and OAT bonuses. For every time you claim credit/credits, you need to sign a transaction in your wallet that costs 0 in gas fees.

  1. Daily log-in: Earn up to 59 credits when you log in for 7 consecutive days with the points increasing on each consecutive day.
  2. Referral: Earn 2 credits for each friend referred to the platform. A user can earn a maximum of 10 credits per day through referrals (maximum cap of 5 friends a day).
  3. Mint NFTs: Earn 5 credits every time you mint an NFT on NFPrompt. A user can earn a maximum of 50 credits by minting NFPs (maximum cap of 10 mints/day). 
  4. Trade: Trade NFTs on the NFPrompt marketplace and reach a trading volume of 0.2 BNB. Trading volume rewards users with the most credits. Users have to adhere to a maximum cap of 3 BNB trading volume to prevent users from gaming the system.
  5. Join Discord: Users can join the NFPrompt Discord server and receive a one-time reward of 5 credits. Users can also gain valuable insights into NFPrompt and interact with the community through different channels. 
  6. Follow Twitter: Users can stay updated with the latest news, information, and progress by following NFPrompt on Twitter. Users receive a one-time reward of 5 credits when following NFPrompt on Twitter for the first time. 
  7. Weekly Credit: The top 10 users who accumulate the most credits on the weekly leaderboard each week receive extra credits. The user that finishes in the 1st position wins a ‘Promphet’ role in the NFPrompt Discord server. Users can see where they stand with the help of a real-time dynamic leaderboard. 
  8. OAT Bonus: Users that participated in the Galxe campaign and minted an OAT are eligible for a special one-time bonus and a Maestro role in the NFPrompt discord server. As an early supporter, you will receive 50 credits. Please note that this bonus is only applicable to the Mint address and does not apply to transferred OAT. 

How to Create and Mint NFPs?

Users can create and mint NFPs in 11 simple steps. 

Step 1: Connect your Web3 wallet to log in to the platform. New users can also choose to log in using an email address or through social media channels. 

Step 2: Click on the create option and select either image or video to start.


Step 3: Select a campaign (ReadOn, Tatsumeeko, SpaceID, OVO, etc.) to feature your images.

Step 4: Choose a model (between Midjourney V5 and Stable Diffusion). The cost of selecting either model is 1 credit. 

Step 5: Enter a text or image prompt to generate your desired artwork. Users can also include a negative prompt. 


Step 6: Select a style from cartoon, pixel, illustration, Anime, sketch, film, abstract, or technology. 


Step 7: Fine-tune your artwork by selecting the appropriate aspect ratio, chaos, style, tile, and speed. Users also have the option of storing their artwork on BNB Greenfield (coming soon). 


Step 8: Select create now to create your digital artwork. It takes a few minutes to generate your digital art. 

Step 9: Choose your favorite image from the 4 options generated and set your image name. In the following example, I used the ‘Chicken Little’ prompt to generate the options listed below. 



Step 10: After selecting your favorite image, you can set a list price and choose the mint and list option. Selecting the mint option requires you to pay gas fees for the transaction. 


Step 11: After minting and listing your artwork, you can access all your AI-generated artwork under the ‘My Profile’ section.  


Users can participate in themed campaigns and unleash their creativity and transform Readon Catto, Meekolony, and other existing collections using NFPrompt's powerful tools to apply various styles or add captivating background stories. 

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