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Participate in Campaigns, Become Ambassadors and Explore Latest Grants

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jul 11, 2023
Participate in Campaigns, Become Ambassadors and Explore Latest Grants

Participate in hot campaigns, become a student ambassador, and access the latest grants on BNB Chain. Whether you’re a developer building something new, or a user looking for lucrative opportunities to explore, BNB Chain has something for everyone this summer. Web3 users can become student ambassadors, and participate in hot campaigns, airdrops, and staking campaigns with several popular BNB Chain dApps. dApps and projects can access grants, tools, and services to kickstart building innovative products and services on BNB Chain.  


Student Ambassadors

1. Join the BNB Chain Martian Program 

Student hackers, builders, Web3 developers, or passionate users that want to help bring the next billion people to Web3 can join the BNB Chain Martian Program and access a thriving Web3 network, programs, limited-edition gifts, and performance-based incentives. Learn new Web3 skills while building a strong Web3 community.

A Martian’s role is to accompany BNB Chain users as they engage with the chain, providing them with the latest information and technical support which will help expand the adoption of the blockchain ecosystem immensely. Join the campaign here.

What's Hot?

1. Playbux and iQIYI Globally Launch 'Watch to Earn'

Playbux is the largest x to earn Web3 platform in the world, and iQIYI, the global streaming leader specializing in premium Asian content, are thrilled to announce their groundbreaking collaboration, set to redefine the way audiences engage with digital content. This unprecedented partnership aims to empower individuals worldwide to enjoy premium yet free content while unlocking enticing digital prizes through the revolutionary “Watch to Earn’’ feature. Learn more about watch-to-earn on BNB Chain


Watch content for 30 minutes every day to unlock special rewards including NFTs with different rarities, brick points, mystery box parts, and lotto tickets. Each reward can be used in different games and opportunities to earn on Playbux. For example, users can stamp their NFTs every day to share PBUX tokens. Brick points can be used to participate in walk-to-earn, claw machine games, and to purchase specific NFTs. Learn more about the 10 best ways to earn on Playbux.


2. AI NFT Generator 

AI-Generated NFTs are non-fungible tokens created based on user prompts using AI-powered algorithms. Within 30-60 seconds, anyone can deploy their NFTs on the Blockchain. Users can enter prompts such as shapes, colors, and textures and more specific details such as the type of digital art, in-game item, or digital collectible they wish to create. The AI-powered algorithm generates a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT based on the user's input.

ChainGPT is an advanced AI infrastructure designed specifically for Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto. With features such as an AI smart contract generator and auditor, AI NFT generator, AI crypto trading model, chart and technical analysis, AML solutions, on-chain data analytics, automated AI news generation, and more. Learn more about how to mint your AI NFT on DappBay.


3. Join Arkham’s Private Beta 

Sign up for Arkham's private Beta with currently over 100,000 Web3 users and analysts and gain access to tools for linking cryptocurrency to real-world activities, individuals, and institutions. Arkham helps users track individual investor wallets, follow the moves of institutions, access dormant crypto wallet activity, track scammers and hackers, analyze trends, and access intelligence reports. 

Arkham is a blockchain intelligence platform providing information on the companies and individuals behind crypto market activity. Journalists, media, traders, institutions, students, and several key players use Arkham to unmask pseudonymous actors and see a complete view of their behavior. Learn more about how you can track specific investors or institutions such as Vitalik Buterin using Arkham. 


AI NFT Generator
AI NFT Generator
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Join Arkham's Private Beta
Join Arkham's Private Beta
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Airdrop and Staking

1. DanceFit Airdrop 

Participate in the DanceFit airdrop campaign with 1,000,000 DDR tokens up for grabs. Download the DanceFit app and register an account to participate in the DanceFit airdrop with 1,000,000 DDR tokens and an NFT whitelist giveaway. 

DanceFit is a Web3 AI social platform where users can dance, create, and watch. Players experience the fun of dancing while getting exercise and sharing this joy with others. DanceFit uses the latest AI recognition technology to ensure that users only require a device that can run DanceFit App. Learn more about 11 AI dApps that utilize artificial intelligence and can change your life. 


2. Earn up to 45% APY Staking PZP on PlayZap

Deposit and lock PZP across different active staking pools on PlayZap and earn up to 45% APY in compounding rewards. PlayZap Games is a free-to-play community-driven gaming arena where players can use their skills to win prizes, earn tokens and own digital assets. Play against other players and win BUSD and other tokens based on skill and luck. 


A unified (one app, many games) gaming platform offers a seamless experience for players to play high-quality games and compete with others in various competitive contests such as bubble shooter, Bingo, 21 cards, 8 ball pool, Solitaire, and many more in real-time competition and daily/weekly tournaments. 


3. 44% APY Staking CGPT on ChainGPT 

Stake your CGPT tokens and earn juicy staking rewards on ChainGPT. Stake your CGPT tokens and earn up to 44% APY in rewards from 15 days up to 1 year. CGPT tokens are used to mint AI NFTs, for governance, launchpad tiering, and more. 

ChainGPT is an advanced AI infrastructure designed specifically for Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto. With features such as an AI smart contract generator and auditor, AI NFT generator, AI crypto trading model, chart and technical analysis, AML solutions, on-chain data analytics, automated AI news generation, and more.




Grants For dApps

1. BNB Chain Gas Grant for dApps and Projects 

Participate in the BNB Chain gas grant program for innovative dApps and projects. Qualified dApps and projects can participate in the BNB Chain gas grant that rewards respective dApps with gas fee incentives from a $200K pool in a 3-month incentive. Eligible participants across different verticals for the gas grant program are announced on the last Wednesday of each month. 


2. Tools and Services to Kickstart 

Discover essential tools and services to help kickstart your building journey on BNB Chain. dApps can use tools and services from popular providers including Certik (30% discount on auditing), NodeReal (free 3-month growth plan), AWS (up to $25K in credits), MoonPay (50% discount), Opensea (launchpad), Binance NFT (featured collection listing), Binance Oracle (15% discount on specific services), Chainlink (early and special access), Galxe (access Galxe infra), and more with exclusive access to services, discounts, and support. 

3. BNB Chain Builder Grant 

Participate in the BNB Chain Builder Grant and gain access to grants and non-financial support. BNB Chain Builder Grants award grants or non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects who contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem. BNB Chain invests $500,000 every month, in innovative teams ready to take their project to the next level. From the 1st to the 7th of every upcoming month, applications open for teams who will stand to benefit from the considerable support on offer. We will then embark on a rigorous three-week assessment process that will see us select up to 10 projects at the end of the month.

4. SpaceID Grant 

Participate in the SPACE ID Grant Program, a long-term funding initiative designed to support and enrich the blockchain community. The SPACEID Grant program will select projects every 2-4 weeks providing developers and entrepreneurs with the flexibility they need to concentrate on their projects. The first application window opens from May to July 2023. To qualify for the grant program, you either need to build on top of the SPACEID ecosystem or integrate Web3 domains with SPACEID API/SDK.


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