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11 AI dApps That Will Change Your Life

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jun 27, 2023
11 AI dApps That Will Change Your Life

11 AI dApps on BNB Chain recently listed on DappBay are sure to change your life through new ways to earn, generate digital art, access information, and more.


AI dApps and platforms based on artificial intelligence are currently all the rage. AI is mentioned on almost every earnings call with various organizations foraying into the AI space or looking to leverage the benefits derived from the use of artificial intelligence. 

ChatGPT is an example of a generative AI tool currently used by millions of users to access data, solve tasks, and even generate content easily. However, ChatGPT does have its drawbacks since it may also generate biased, incorrect, or plagiarized results.

Similar to ChatGPT, Web3 users can utilize AI dApps for specific purposes such as finding content, generating NFTs, playing games, accessing the metaverse, shopping online, using APIs, SDKs, and more. 

What are AI dApps?

AI dApps are decentralized applications on the blockchain that leverage the use of artificial intelligence in their services or products. According to Mckinsey, AI is a machine’s ability to perform cognitive functions usually associated with human minds. For example, games can use AI to create intuitive and expandable metaverses while DeFi applications can leverage AI to help identify (and lower the risk of) fraud. Anyone can become an artist and generate digital artwork for projects, coursework, or business using text-to-image dApps for little to no cost. 

11 AI dApps on BNB Chain

In line with recent trends, more builders and developers are working on AI-based dApps in the blockchain space. Some examples of AI dApps on BNB Chain recently listed on DappBay include ChainGPT, GPTverse, Secondlive, Dancefit, dArticle, Shockwaves, Shopcek, Orbofi, HyperGPT, GAIMIN, Mar3AI and more. The list of 11 AI dApps is listed in no particular order. AI dApps that are not yet listed on DappBay or that have some risk associated with the dApp have not been added to this list. 


1. ChainGPT 

ChainGPT is an advanced AI model explicitly designed for blockchain technology and crypto-related topics. It uses the latest algorithms and high-speed computing capabilities to address challenging issues in the blockchain and crypto space. Some of the features of ChainGPT include a no-code smart contract generator, smart-contract auditor, code debugger, code-to-words, documentation creator, chart analysis and technical analysis, AML features, blockchain analytics, on-chain live data, source of news, and much more. 


ChainGPT AI Generator is a next-level AI-powered visual synthesizer that takes your text inputs and transforms them into breath-taking images and NFT collections on BNB Chain. Users without graphic design or coding experience can use ChainGPT to generate and deploy NFTs on the blockchain within 30 seconds or less. Learn how you can generate AI NFTs using the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator.

2. GPTVerse 

GPTVerse is a cutting-edge provider of AI-powered solutions that enable seamless shopping, learning, and event experiences in the metaverse by using the latest advances in AI, GPT, and 3D design to create immersive and engaging experiences. Some of the features of GPTVerse include AI-based events and educational areas, AI-powered machine learning in the metaverse, enhancing learning with 3D and interactive environments, trading assistant robot, AI Telegram assistant bots, and more. 

3. HyperGPT 

HyperGPT is a marketplace where AI applications can be bought, sold, and exchanged securely and transparently, powered by blockchain technology. HyperGPT’s main AI solutions include the HyperGPT AI Store, HyperSDK, and HyperNFT. 

HyperGPT AI Store enables users to browse and discover a wide range of AI solutions that can be integrated into business or personal projects. HyperSDK is a powerful tool that allows developers to easily integrate AI solutions into their decentralized applications (dApps) through a single API. HyperNFT uses AI to generate unique and original content for NFTs, ensuring that they stand out from the crowd.


4. Secondlive 

SecondLive is a diverse 3D virtual space where users can socialize, share spaces, play games, make content, and profit from their creations. In the free and open world of SecondLive, inhabitants can create scenes like in Minecraft, or they can build assets, create artwork, and much more. 

SecondLive is creating an open Web3 metaverse that intends to serve 1 billion people with the assistance of UGC and AI-generated content. In the SecondLive world, users can create assets that can be used for trading, leasing, allocation, combination, exhibitions, etc., and can also be combined with others just the same as how people interact in "Animal Crossing".

5. DanceFit

DanceFit is a Web3 AI social platform where users can dance, create, and watch. DanceFit utilizes the latest AI recognition technology, to ensure that users only require a device that can run the DanceFit dApp, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., to enjoy games without additional equipment no matter where they are in the world. With DanceFit, users can watch videos and earn tokens, earn while dancing and exercising, and upload original content to become a creator and create to earn. NFTs allow users to boost rewards earned. 

6. dArticle 

dArticle is a Web3 content platform that will let you upload your articles to the blockchain and interact with your fellow writers. Users can upload articles in the form of article NFTs that will continue to exist on the blockchain giving writers and content creators more flexibility while publishing and monetizing their work. Every article is linked to a user’s address and the creator has complete control over it. Users can mint the first couple of NFTs for free with the minting costs covered by dArticle. 


7. Shockwaves

Shockwaves is a groundbreaking online blockchain game designed to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience through its innovative blend of AI-driven NFTs, algorithmically generated cities, and music-infused gameplay.  As a first-person shooter powered by the Binance Smart Chain, Shockwaves appeals to a wide range of audiences, bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2 users through unique gameplay, AI capabilities, land ownership, and token utility, all of which contribute to the game's potential for mass adoption and long-term success.

In Shockwaves, AI players can earn money by battling against human opponents, and the game’s tokenomics – including the sale of lands and weapons – offer exciting opportunities for wealth-building. Each AI player has a virtual wallet, enabling them to earn money as they grow stronger and gain experience. Users can communicate with AI players through a language model-based chat, making it easy to train and develop their skills.


8. Shopcek

Shopcek is an e-commerce marketplace that operates without charging any commission fees to both buyers and sellers and only allows transactions to be made using cryptocurrency. 

Shopcek has introduced an advanced AI technology called ShopGPT, which provides support for product descriptions and customer service, allowing for quick and accurate responses to user inquiries. ShopGPT analyzes customer data, makes recommendations, manages stock, writes quick product descriptions, and provides customer service to help Shopcek users work more efficiently. 


9. Orbofi 

Orbofi is a general-purpose virtual world, and the world's first multi-chain social metaverse that empowers individuals, communities, DAOs, brands, and organizations to create and grow their tokenized communities in their virtual lands that they collectively own, build, populate with virtual experiences, and earn from them. 


Some of the key features of Orbofi include creating AI-generated assets and selling them for crypto, searching for any image or metaverse content, text-to-3D, GTA V artwork factory, API integration, creating an AI virtual goods factory, and more.  



GAIMIN is a gaming platform built for the modern gamer that helps gamers pay for their own gaming while benefiting from true ownership of in-game assets. The GAIMIN app runs passively in the background of a gaming PC and earns crypto and in-game rewards by monetizing underutilized computational resources. GAIMIN uses AI to improve its machine learning capability, determine the optimum allocation of resources (computing power), and increase rewards in proposed future upgrades. Learn how you can earn on GAIMIN while playing GTA V, Minecraft, Fortnite, and other popular gaming titles.

11. Mar3AI 

MAR3AI is an innovative AI model built for Web3 using advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art computing power designed to tackle some of the most complex and challenging issues in this space.

MAR3AI offers an impressive array of features, including blockchain and crypto-related information, smart contract generation without coding, smart contract auditing, code debugging, documentation creation, chart analysis, technical analysis, AML features, blockchain analytics, on-chain live data, and a source of current news.

Are There Any Risks in AI dApps?

AI dApps can be potentially risky or harmful depending on the flaws in the smart contracts, the security, or bad actors taking advantage of a trend in technology (such as through phishing dApps). DappBay’s Red Alarm has helped identify several risky AI dApps on BNB Chain including AveAi (on-chain data aggregator), AI Open Network (crypto search engine), Kripse AI (smart contract scanner), BNB AI Miner (passive yield farming), TraderAI (AI algorithm investments), AI Trader (intelligence trading bot) and more. 


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