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Earn Passive Income with these 20 dApps on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon May 24, 2023
Earn Passive Income with these 20 dApps on BNB Chain

dApps to earn on BNB Chain gives Web3 users several options to earn crypto assets, NFTs, perks, and more. Web3 users can earn passive income using different types of dApps-to-earn. 


DappBay has listed over 1402 BNB Chain dApps across different Web3 categories such as DeFi, gaming, social, tools and utilities, marketplaces, collectibles, and DEXs contributing to a thriving BNB Chain ecosystem.


The 20 dApps to earn passive income on BNB Chain explore the different types of categories to earn dApps such as quest-to-earn, quiz-to-earn, play-to-earn, content-to-earn, shop-to-earn, move-to-earn, create-to-earn, and social-to-earn.


What are dApps to Earn?

dApps to earn are decentralized applications where users can earn passive income through crypto assets. Web3 users can earn crypto, NFTs, passes, and other crypto assets for completing quests or tasks, participating in quizzes, playing games, publishing content, shopping, exercising, socializing, Tweeting, and more.


dApps incentivise new users to join a platform and existing users to participate more through various earn schemes. The ability for a Web3 user to earn something (crypto) or retain ownership (in-game NFT) when using a dApp to earn gives dApps an edge over traditional Web2 apps. 


20 dApps to Earn on BNB Chain

Earn passive income with 20 dApps to earn on BNB Chain featuring QuestN, Galxe, CyberConnect, SoQuest, SpaceID, Gameta, Hooked, PlayZap Games, Gaimin, Flappy Moonbird, MatchNova, ReadOn, Atem, Clasp, Airlift One, PlayBux, Gritti, Secondlive, Yuliverse, and DeBox. The order of the dApps listed below are random.


1. Quest-to-Earn

Quest-to-earn dApps enable users to complete quests and tasks in exchange for crypto, NFTs, OATs, and Web3 prizes. Examples of quests and tasks include completing social tasks, finishing a level in a game, connecting your wallet to a platform, voting in a competition, and more. The most popular quest-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain include QuestN, Galxe, CyberConnect, SoQuest, and SpaceID. 

Galxe is the largest Web3 credential data network in the world. Web3 users can explore or create spaces and use their Galxe credentials to earn crypto, NFTs, OATs, complete social tasks, and more.


2. Quiz-to-Earn

Quiz-to-earn is one of the most popular ways for new crypto users to learn about crypto and earn while doing so. Quiz-to-earn dApps are easy to understand. All you need to do is answer questions correctly to win crypto. Participate in quiz tournaments, competitions, or with your friends as you learn and earn crypto, NFTs, and more. The most popular quiz-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain include Hooked and Gameta with 193K and 86K WAUs respectively.


3. Play-to-Earn

Play-to-earn dApps incentivise gamers to own in-game assets and earn from various aspects of Web3 gaming. Gamers are rewarded for the time they spend playing a Web3 game, participating in gaming competitions, playing against other users, and more. The most popular play-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain include PlayZap Games, Gaimin, FlappyMoonbird, and MatchNova. 


4. Content-to-Earn

Users can earn crypto when publishing content or retain ownership of published content in non-fungible tokens with content-to-earn dApps. Creators can also tokenize their content and grant NFT memberships to subscribers. Some dApps also let creators create and capture value from existing social Web2 networks such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to Web3. 


5. Shop-to-Earn

Shop-to-earn dApps reward users for making purchases using crypto. When a user chooses to make a payment using crypto instead of cash or card, then the user gains access to tons of perks, rewards, points, and access to future rewards. Playbux is one of the most popular shop-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain with over 50K WAUs. 


6. Move-to-Earn

Move-to-earn dApps reward users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by converting their movement such as steps into crypto rewards. Gritti is one of the most popular move-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain. 


7. Create-to-Earn

Users can make content and profit from their creations using create-to-earn dApps. Some dApps leverage the use of AI so that users can bring AI-generated content to life. Interested in using AI-generated NFTs? You can generate your own AI NFT using the ChainGPT NFT Generator. SecondLive is one of the most used gaming dApps in transactions with over 652K transactions on BNB Chain and also features the use of AI-generated content. 


8. Social-to-Earn

Web3 users can earn by communicating and interacting with strangers across decentralized applications called social-to-earn dApps. Users are rewarded for building engaging social communities, and positive social behavior. Yuliverse and DeBox are two of the most popular social-to-earn dApps on BNB Chain.


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