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New dApps on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon May 31, 2023
New dApps on BNB Chain

New dApps on BNB Chain help Web3 users explore the innovative potential of the blockchain. Users have access to dApps from DeFi staking protocols to play-to-earn gaming and everything in between. Not only do new dApps give users important Web3 services, but new dApps are also healthy competition for already established dApps in their respective categories. 


DappBay has listed over 1430 dApps in the last year across multiple Web3 categories such as DeFi, marketplaces, gaming, infrastructure, SocialFi, collectibles, and others. However, not all dApps listed are safe to use with the Red Alarm list highlighting risky dApps on BNB Chain every Friday. 


15 New dApps on BNB Chain

15 New BNB Chain dApps were listed on DappBay including 4 DeFi dApps, 4 SocialFi dApps, 1 infrastructure dApps, and 6 gaming dApps. 5 Out of the 15 listed dApps makes use of AI or artificial intelligence in their products or Web3 services. 

1. DeFi

PancakeSwap continues to dominate the DeFi space on BNB Chain with a 41.9% dApp dominance rate. At the same time, it’s important to note that PancakeSwap’s dominance has decreased with other dApps and new DeFi protocols emerging on BNB Chain such as Venus, Uniswap, 1inch, and Sushiswap. The new DeFi dApps listed on BNB Chain includes Bidao (DeFi services), zkMakers (zk-Proof DeFi), Popcorn (yield-optimization protocol), and Shopeck (AI-powered e-commerce marketplace). 

Bidao is a decentralized ecosystem and the ultimate destination for cutting-edge financial services and unique digital assets. The Bidao Smart Chain is not just another distributed POS or POA blockchain: BiSC brings real decentralization by utilising the ETH2.0 consensus mechanism.


2. SocialFi

CyberConnect, Playbux, Lifeform, and Yuliverse dominate the SocialFi dApp space on BNB Chain with a combined 446K monthly active users across these top 4 social dApps. Social dApps also play a significant contribution to the overall number of transactions on BNB Chain through the networking effect. The new SocialFi dApps listed on BNB Chain includes DanceFit (dance-to-earn), Fitburn (AI-powered fitness dApp), dArticle (NFT blogging platform), and GPTverse (AI-powered social metaverse).


3. Infrastructure

Infrastructure dApps include tools and utilities on BNB Chain which encompass oracles, wallets, APIs, SDKs, compliance, developers, and more. TrustWallet, Wormhole, and Games for a Living Network are the most popular infrastructure dApps on BNB Chain in terms of utility, users, and transactions. The new infrastructure dApp listed on BNB Chain includes the sole addition of Crossmint (buy NFTs without a wallet using a credit card). 


4. Gaming

According to Chainplay’s State of GameFi, 3 out 4 Web3 users join crypto because of a GameFi or gaming dApp. At the same time, 73% of GameFi users shy away from GameFi investments because they are afraid of rug pulls, Ponzi schemes, and pyramid schemes projects. Gameta, Flappy Moonbird, and PlayZap games are the most popular games on BNB Chain with over 395K monthly active users between the 3 dApps. The new gaming dApps listed on BNB Chain include CyberTitans (Esports gaming), Shockwaves (gaming with AI-driven NFTs), Orbofi (AI content engine), Galaxy Blitz (sci-fi Web3 strategy game), World of Dypians (multiplayer online role-playing game), and Mintpad (NFT minting and launchpad). 


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