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BNB Chain Grants, Events, Airdrops and Campaigns

ByBNB Chain DappBayon May 10, 2023
BNB Chain Grants, Events, Airdrops and Campaigns

Stay up-to-date with the latest BNB Chain events, dApp airdrops and campaigns on DappBay. Events and campaigns allow Web3 users, creators and developers to participate in grants, writing contests, bounties, innovation roadshows, NFTs for voting on proposals, learn and earn campaigns, liquid staking, and trading rewards.


BNB Chain Events 

BNB Chain-specific events and campaigns are hosted by BNB Chain and include the builder grant, BNB Greenfield content contest, Zero2Hero in Web3, bounty board, and the innovation roadshow.  


1. BNB Chain Builder Grant: BNB Chain Builder Grants awards grants or non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects who contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem. BNB Chain invests $500,000 every month, in innovative teams ready to take their project to the next level. Applications open from the 1st to the 7th of every upcoming month followed by a rigorous three-week assessment process that will see up to 10 projects selected at the end of the month.

2. BNB Greenfield Content Contest: Sparking Innovation in Decentralized Storage - Participate in the BNB Greenfield content writing contest and stand to win $300 in BNB. BNB Greenfield invites developers and technology enthusiasts to discuss various challenges and solutions in the decentralized storage space, as well as the requirements for the ultimate storage infrastructure that will serve the next billion users in Web3.

3. Go From Zero2Hero In Web3: The Zero2Hero Builder Series is a 6-month program consisting of a 6-week Bootcamp, followed by a 4-week Hackathon, and ending with a 6-week Incubator. This will allow developers with full or no previous experience in Solidity, to learn, build, and deliver Web3 projects with varying stages of sophistication.

4. BNB Chain Bounty Board: Developers, students and researchers will be able to earn rewards for their contributions. The BNB Chain team will post bounties on the new Ecosystem Bounty Board – tasks such as developing, marketing, content writing and more – that any developer or contributor in the ecosystem can pick up and complete, further enhancing the BNB Chain ecosystem. The value of the bounty will vary based on the difficulty of the task and be paid out in BNB.

5. BNB Chain Innovation Roadshow: BNB Chain's Innovation Roadshows host workshops with panel discussions to amplify your skills, boost your connections, and empower developers in Web3 with events taking place in Dubai, Seoul, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Delhi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico City, Berlin, Texas, Lisbon, Miami, Istanbul, and more.  

6. Mint your BAB NFT Token: Mint your BAB NFT token for free and gain access to exclusive rewards, NFTs and campaigns with BAB participating dApps. BAB token is an SBT or a Soul Bound Token that cannot be transferred. Each Web3 wallet is limited to one BAB Token only. 

BNB Chain Builder Grant
BNB Chain Builder Grant
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dApp Airdrops

Airdrops are still one of the most popular tools used to attract new crypto users. Airdrops are also extremely popular for new users looking to earn or get some crypto without having to pay for it. Users are generally required to complete social tasks, explore a platform, vote on a proposal, hold tokens, learn and earn, etc. to qualify for an airdrop.  

1. Playbux NFT Stamp Airdrop: Participate in Playbux’s 60-day NFT Stamp airdrop campaign with 60,000 PBUX tokens airdropped daily for 60 days by holding Playbux NFTs. Users can use their NFTs in the upcoming Playbux metaverse as well. 

2. NFT for Alpaca Improvement Proposal (AIP-18) Voters: Claim your exclusive NFT if you voted for the Alpaca Improvement Proposal (AIP-18). This is an exclusive NFT for the Alpaca Finance governance vault’s stakers who voted on the Alpaca Improvement Proposal (AIP-18). Alpaca Finance admins can claim 5 NFTs on Galxe's campaign page.

3. Voyage Legendary Box: Participate in the Voyage Legendary Box with each box containing random points. Invite the holders of blue chip NFTs and ENS. to register a .bnb/.arb name on SPACE ID and both the invitee and the inviter will receive a Voyage Legendary Box.

4. Collect Gemstones on SoQuest to Unlock Avatar, Token Airdrop and More: SoQuest, a quest platform developed by Port3 Network, has launched its Gemstones Collection System. Collect Gemstones via daily check-in and participate in campaigns to unlock different identities and privileges, including tradable avatar, and future token airdrop. 

5. Exclusive rewards Airdrop to BAB and SpaceID holders: Now Dmail support BAB and SpaceID Holders to free mint a Dmail 8-11 digits Domain NFT valued at 5.49 USD. When you get your domain NFT, you can use it, earn some task points and convert it to Dmail’s native token in the future.

6. New Galxe members can mint their first OAT by completing social tasks: Galxe is the world’s leading credential data network that invites Web3 brands to build upon its plug-in-play dashboard. Web3 projects can leverage Galxe’s infrastructure to create growth-hacking campaigns while engaging their communities with on and off-chain credentials.



DeFi Campaigns

DeFi campaigns help Web3 users allocate crypto resources efficiently. The DeFi campaigns include trading campaigns, staking campaigns, BNB liquid staking, LP rewards, and automated strategies on BNB Chain.

1. ApolloX V2 Trading Rewards: Join ApolloX’s V2 Trading Rewards Program with a minimum reward pool of 100,000 APX daily! Users who  stake APX in DAO will get to enjoy boosting multipliers according to the corresponding power value calculated from the obtained veNFT. 

2. Weekly BNB Covered Call: Earn by participating in the weekly BNB covered call featuring Bonsai Strike. Bonsai Strike is a Decentralised Options Vault offering sustainable and real yield on Binance Smart Chain. It is the first in a planned series of yield-generating DeFi products by the team at CODA Ventures, a graduate of the 4th Binance Labs Incubation Program.

3. Participate in the JOE-BNB LP Pool: Become an LP and provide liquidity in the JOE-BNB pool on Trader Joe to earn LP rewards. Trader Joe offers a comprehensive DeFi platform where you can trade, lend and leverage, participate in a launchpad, and shop for NFTs. 

4. Claim Uniwhale Liquidity Pool OG: Uniwhale Liquidity Pool holders (OGs) can claim the OG NFT which is non-transferable and non-tradable. Uniwhale Exchange is an oracle-based decentralized on-chain perpetual trading exchange with up to 200x leverage.

5. Alpaca Finance Perpetual Futures Exchange Launch: Alpaca Finance launched Perpetual Futures Exchange on BNBChain. Traders can trade with up to 50x Leverage on BTC, ETH, or BNB and earn up to 60% APY. 

6. Operation Theta: Traders can earn up to 20% APY on BNB with Ribbon Finance through an automated covered call strategy by depositing BNB in the r-BNB-Theta vault from Ribbon Finance. 


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