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GAIMIN Games Platform Delivers True Ownership of In-Game Assets

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jun 6, 2023
GAIMIN Games Platform Delivers True Ownership of In-Game Assets

Imagine cruising around Los Santos with some West Coast Classics on the radio, minding your own business, only to be wasted by some random on an Oppressor MK 2. Perhaps if you had your own weapons readily available in GTA V, you may have been able to counterstrike and fight back against your adversary!

With the GAIMIN games launcher and platform, you can quickly build up your in-game inventory of Digital Game Assets, usable across different games, which means you could quickly fight back with your weapon inventory with your own personally skinned avatar!

GAIMIN’s PC-based games launcher and gaming platform enables gamers to use their underutilised devices to monetize and be rewarded in either cryptocurrency or with Digital Game Assets (DGA).


GAIMIN’s DGAs are digital gaming assets that are retained and owned by the gamer and not retained within a game. Typically within games, gamers purchase in-game assets that can only be used within that game. When the gamer moves to a different game they need to build up their new inventory and any investment in the previous game is lost. With GAIMIN’s Digital Game Assets, the asset inventory is held “outside” the game and the gamer can select which games and which assets they want to use “in-game”. When they stop playing a game, the asset remains with the gamer and not the game, thereby allowing the gamer to invest in their inventory securely in the understanding no assets or investment will be lost!

In addition to being rewarded in DGAs, GAIMIN’s platform also provides an ability to generate crypto-based rewards, however, the amount of any crypto rewards is based on the performance capability of the PC’s GPU, the amount of time connected to the GAIMIN network and the data processing jobs allocated to that device. 


GAIMIN focuses on Web3 gaming technology and through its GAIMCRAFT services, a games developer can integrate Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and crypto-based economies into their Web2 games. GAIMIN has demonstrated this technology integration with augmentations for Minecraft and GTA V. 

Simply, Digital Game Assets are stored in a user's external “wallet”. When a gamer wants to use an asset within a game, they connect their wallet to the game and build their in-game inventory directly from their wallet.

Marc Bray, the CCO of GAIMIN added “GAIMIN has also introduced the DGAxg - a cross-game Digital Game Asset. Typically a DGA has a one-to-one correlation with an in-game asset, such as a gun. However, typically that DGA cannot be used within a different game as the new game may not require or support a gun! To this end, GAIMIN has developed the DGAxg - a cross-game asset that has different characteristics and attributes depending on the game in which it is being used. In one game, the DGA could be a gun, in another game, the DGA could be a flower!”


The true benefit of ownership not only allows a gamer to build their own inventory but also sell or rent out their DGAs to other users. 


What is Gaimin?

GAIMIN is a gaming platform built for the modern gamer that helps gamers pay for their own gaming while benefiting from true ownership of in-game assets. The GAIMIN app runs passively in the background of your gaming PC earning you crypto and in-game rewards by monetizing your underutilized computational resources. 

Think of GAIMIN as a game launcher similar to Steam, however, with the addition of several features including community events, Web3 games, background monetization, watch-to-earn through Twitch streaming, and referral link revenue.

GAIMIN’s main business consists of the Web3 gaming platform and launcher, Gamicraft Web3 developer tools, data processing cloud, and the Gaimin Gladiators Pro Esports organization. 


How Does the GAIMIN App Work?

GAIMIN seeks to help meet the increasing demand for data processing power through underutilized gaming GPUs. GAIMIN harnesses the underutilization of the GPU through users downloading the GAIMIN app and allowing their device to participate in the GAIMIN distributed data processing network, called gaimin.cloud.


When a user first registers with GAIMIN, the GAIMIN platform identifies the key characteristics of the gamer’s computational resources and submits data processing jobs to the device, creating an aggregated pool of processing power and using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the most profitable data processing service. 


The type of job depends on the availability of the device, its performance capability, and several other characteristics. Data processing jobs are selected depending on client requirements with gaimin.cloud currently supports data processing for AI Modelling, video rendering, and the powering of blockchain computations. 

Users are rewarded with GMRX, Gaimin’s native utility token. GMRX can be used to buy DGAs, game gift cards, Fortnite V-Bucks, Apex Coins, access to exclusive Gaimin Gladiators Esports content, and much more. Monetized rewards can be supplemented with a variety of other reward mechanisms, including Daily Achievements, which can be claimed by just connecting to the GAIMIN network. 

How Much Can You Earn on Gaimin? 

How much gamers earn on Gaimin depends on key variables including the processing power of the connected device, time connected to the server, activity of referred users, and jobs available. As such it is difficult to quantify the monetized earnings as these are based on a variety of factors and can also be supplemented by additional rewards and achievements.


Platform Features

The key features of the GAIMIN platform and launcher include access to games, an earnings dashboard, a marketplace to buy, trade, and sell DGAs, a Web3 wallet, affiliate referral earning, and a watch-to-earn feature on Twitch.

1. Games

GAIMIN has integrated Web 3 components into several AAA games, with the Web 3 versions accessed through the GAIMIN platform, including GTA V, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and a Web3 version of Minecraft), and more. Minecraft followed by GTA is ranked as the best-selling video game of all time. The games section also hosts new and upcoming games for gamers to play.  


2. Marketplace 

Gamers can use the GAIMIN marketplace (supported by Venly API integration) to sell, rent or trade DGAs, and buy game gift cards, Fortnite V-Bucks, Apex Coins, etc. using GMRX. DGAs and other digital assets such as skins can be used in a game, listed on the marketplace, or viewed in your wallet through the launcher. 


3. Earning dashboard

Gamers can also access important earning metrics on the earning dashboard such as how much they earned, how much rewards are pending, devices linked to the account (users can have more than 1 device connected), transaction history, and the ability to withdraw USDC to any wallet address. 


4. Wallet 

A Web3 wallet is essential to store and access your DGAs and crypto that you generate with GAIMIN. Gamers can see their wallet address, wallet balance, and DGAss in their wallet in the dedicated wallet section. Users can also send funds and transfer DGAss using this functionality and service.


5. Referral rewards 

Gamers can earn referral rewards with 3 levels of referrals. Gamers earn a 10% referral bonus when they refer another gamer to the GAIMIN platform. The gamer also earns 10% of all the referred gamers referrals, up to 3 levels. 


6. Web3 Tools 

The GAIMIN API and SDK (known as GAIMCRAFT) help developers convert existing Web2 gaming titles into Web3 games. 

Looking to play GTA V and earn crypto? Learn how you can access GTA V servers via FiveM on Gaimin.


Watch to Earn on GAIMIN via Twitch Streaming 

Gamers from across the globe watch millions of hours of Twitch content to get entertained by their favorite streamer or to follow professional Esports players. 


Twitch viewers can now earn crypto while watching streams of various GAIMIN Twitch creators including Reshyd, Quinn, Hardecki, Seleri, Dyracho, and more to be added.


The streaming section on the GAIMIN launcher helps gamers track when their favorite GAIMIN streamer goes live, the option to watch the stream, the ability to watch-to-earn based on the time spent watching a stream, and access to special achievement features.  

Did you know you can participate in GAIMIN's $10000 GTA V contest and win cash prizes? 


How to Set up the GAIMIN App?

Gamers need a Windows PC with at least 4GB of VRAM to make the most of GAIMIN.

  1. Click on the download launcher button (for Windows only).
  2. Enter your name and email address to get access to the launcher.
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions and different checkboxes.
  4. Download, install, and open the launcher.
  5. Register an account online. Users are required to register with the platform to collect rewards.
  6. Enable monetization on the launcher to start generating monetization rewards. 
  7. Download and play popular gaming titles and access upcoming game releases.
  8. Review your Daily Achievements every day and claim your earned rewards, watch your favorite streamers to supplement your GMRX earnings, and keep an eye on the app notifications section for other ways to earn rewards.  

Fun Fact: Using GAIMIN does not cause wear and tear to your system components. The GAIMIN app does not overclock your GPU or use other performance-improving mechanisms that can cause damage to your device. However, if you experience lag while gaming and streaming, then you can always adjust or switch off the monetization option using the slider bars.

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