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How to Watch-to-Earn Using dApps?

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jun 21, 2023
How to Watch-to-Earn Using dApps?

Watch-to-earn dApps are one of the most popular ways for Web3 users to make money from watching videos. Watch-to-earn dApps pay out users in crypto, NFT, cash, cash back, gift cards or other Web3 rewards and are similar to watch and earn apps.


What are Watch-to-Earn dApps?

Watch-to-earn dApps are decentralized applications that deliver curated content and enable Web3 users to earn based on the content they consume. Content, in this instance, can refer to creator videos, gamers streaming games, movies, tv shows, and more. 


Watch to Earn dApps incentivize users to visit a platform regularly, do certain actions, and stay on the platform for longer. This helps dApps attract more users, convert Web2 to Web3 users, improve retention, and increase awareness about a new service or product which all contribute to the long-term success of a decentralized application. 


Web3 users have the most to gain from watch-to-earn dApps. Users benefit through access to content and their favourite streamers or tv shows. In most cases, fans of a streamer or a tv show will watch their favourite show or streamer anyway, even without any incentives. Adding another layer of incentive in the form of crypto rewards, NFTs, and passes, means users can earn while doing actions they were going to do anyway.  

Watch-to-Earn dApps on BNB Chain

Two of the most popular watch to earn dApps on BNB Chain are Playbux and GAIMIN. Users can watch tv shows and earn on Playbux and watch Twitch streamers and earn on GAIMIN. 


1. Playbux 

Playbux is a shop-to-earn metaverse where users can earn tokens, NFTs, and cashback while shopping, playing games, walking, stamping NFTs, watching videos, and more. Watch your favourite shows on Playbux’s watch-to-earn digital theatre in collaboration with iQIYI. iQIYI is a top streaming platform with over 700 million MAUs hosting thousands of shows and movies. 


Users can log in to Playbux with their Web3 wallet, and check out the shows available to stream on Playbux. Currently, Playbux hosts 100 shows with several episodes in each series such as Mr. Bad, Road Home, Luoyang, Love Under the Full Moon, and One and Only, with more titles constantly updated on the platform. 


For each day you log on to the platform, and watch at least 30 minutes of content, you get a different prize. You don’t need to log on consecutive days to be eligible for all the prizes.  


On the 1st, 7th, 14th, and 21st day you log in, you get an exclusive NFT with the rarity of the NFT increasing each time. Use these chameleon NFTs on your avatar and to participate in the stamp-to-earn contest. 


On 3 days, you can claim 3 mystery box pieces (totalling 9 pieces over 3 days). Once you collect 10 mystery box pieces, you can open a mystery box with access to BUSD, NFT, and other Web3 rewards. To get the one extra mystery box piece, you can try your luck on the ‘walk-to-earn’ section where you get one step a day for free. 

I opened a mystery box after collecting 10 pieces and was unlucky to win just 1 box piece from opening the mystery box. 


On 3 days, you can claim 9 bricks, which you can use to play the claw machine game, buy NFTs, walk, and participate in events. Bricks are the points used on the platform to access different features or to play games. 

Over the course of 21 days, you can claim 15 lotto tickets which are non-purchasable. In the future, these lotto tickets are eligible for use in lucky trees and lottery pools to win BUSD, NFTs, Bricks, and more from a prize pool of over $100000 every month. Stay tuned for more when you can use your lotto tickets on Playbux.

VIP Members that purchase a VIP membership for $9.99/month can claim 10 Bricks, a reduced watch time of 15 minutes to claim a prize and earn one extra lotto ticket every 15 minutes of watching content. 

Did you know you can get cash back, points, and exclusive NFTs on Playbux for free through walking, stamping, and participating in contests? Learn more about the 10 best ways to earn on Playbux and get a head start on your earning strategy today. 



Gaming fans that watch their favourite streamers on Twitch can also earn crypto while doing so through GAIMIN. GAIMIN is a PC-based games launcher and gaming platform that enables gamers to use their underutilized device to monetize and claim rewards in cryptocurrency or with Digital Game Assets (DGA).

Twitch is one of the most popular gaming streaming platforms with millions of active streamers creating billions of hours of content for a global gaming audience. Some of the most popular gamers, creators, celebrities, and streamers use Twitch to connect with their fans and vice-versa. 


Gamers can watch their favourite GAIMIN Gladiator streamer on Twitch including Reshyd, Quinn, Hardecki, Seleri, Dyracho, and more and claim GMRX rewards, GAIMIN’s native token. GMRX tokens can be used to buy digital assets on the platform for use in multiple games, withdrawn to a Web3 wallet, exchanged for V-Bucks or other in-game currency, or donated to their streamer. Fans can watch their favourite streamer play popular gaming titles including DOTA2, Rocket League, CS: GO, Pokemon Unit, Rainbow 6 Siege, and more.


How much you can potentially earn from watching your favourite streamer depends on several factors. Gamers can earn on GAIMIN in several ways and the amount earned depends on the time spent watching videos, the number of people on the platform, monetization based on GPU, referrals, and other factors. For example, a gamer utilizing every monetization aspect on GAIMIN for multiple hours a day can expect to earn more than a gamer monetizing their device for only a few hours every day. Also, you need a Windows system to install the GAIMIN launcher and access GAIMIN’s watch to earn features. 

Gamers can also follow their favourite steamer, get a notification when they go live, how much they earned based on time spent watching streams, and access special achievements.   


Streamers can also sign up with GAIMIN and bring over their existing stream to the GAIMIN platform. Users can follow their favourite streamers, get online notifications, and directly receive all donations from fans on the platform. Streamers that promote the GAIMIN app to their followers are also eligible to claim 10% of the referral rewards generated by their followers (up to 2 levels). 

Did you know you can earn crypto and NFTs by playing popular games such as Minecraft and GTA V? Learn more about owning NFTs and assets in GTA, Fortnite, and Minecraft through GAIMIN. Racers can participate in the latest GTA V $10000 racing contest with cash prizes for the top 100 racers. Racers can join the event by downloading the GAIMIN app, signing up, and getting a free race ticket. Users can also get more tickets to set a better race time. 


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