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10 Best Ways to Earn on Playbux

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jun 14, 2023
10 Best Ways to Earn on Playbux

The 10 best ways to earn on Playbux help users analyze the different ways to earn on Playbux through shopping, playing games, stamping NFTs, walking, and participating in contests. We take a deeper look at how to win NFTs, tokens, and cashback on Playbux.


What is Playbux?

Playbux is a mobile-accessible shop-to-earn metaverse where users can earn Playbux tokens by receiving cashback on any purchase. Users can choose merchants from the event page and shop with several retailers from Adidas to Domino’s. Once the transaction is approved by the merchant, users receive cashback credit withdrawable in BUSD. Additionally, users can earn special rewards by using the cashback credit in a variety of ways. Playbux also features other ways to earn including play-to-earn, walk-to-earn, stamp-to-earn, watch-to-earn, and more.

Playbux Stats

In the last 30 days, Playbux registered more than 192K monthly active users with over 2.02 million transactions making Playbux the most used dApp in the social category on BNB Chain. 

Playbux currently ranks 5th in users among more than 1500 dApps on BNB Chain with PancakeSwap (1st), Gameta (3rd), and Hooked (4th) also on the list of most used dApps on BNB Chain. 

Playbux also currently ranks 4th in transactions among all dApps on BNB Chain indicating a high number of smart contract interactions by Playbux users. Claiming NFTs, stamping NFTs, walking, all contribute towards engagement and transactions on BNB Chain. 

What are BRICK points? 

Brick points are an in-game currency enabling players to enjoy the metaverse without needing any actual cryptocurrency. Brick points cannot be withdrawn, transferred, or spent on NFTs. However, Brick points can be used to participate in different events and games or to acquire decorations and cosmetics. 


You can claim one brick every day for free and the daily timer to claim your Brick resets at midnight GMT. You can also acquire Brick points through purchases, the cashback program, the walk-to-earn game, and the claw machine games. 

Shop-to-Earn Playbux

One of the main features of Playbux is the ability to shop and earn discounts and cashback on purchases with various retailers. Every time you click a link to access a retailer, Playbux is paid a commission for referring you. Playbux then shares that commission with you through a flat cashback rate and a USD cashback on every transaction. A win-win.

Playbux users can choose from a selection of merchants to buy products or services from and receive cashback through the platform. Currently, users can earn a flat 2% cashback and up to 3 USD cashback per transaction on merchants including Tokopedia, Adidas, Shopee, GQ, Blibli, Domino's Pizza, AliExpress, and more. 


Items not included in the shop-to-earn promotion on Playbux include the purchase of gold, diamonds, high-end jewellery, recharge cards, bill payments, credit cards bill, water and electricity bills, etc. 


The standard waiting time for approval of your cashback takes up to 90 days unless you hold a One-Day Cashback Card. The One-Day Cashback Card is a non-fungible token (NFT) that enables members to receive cashback within one day after the purchase.


As an added incentive, the top 100 shop-to-earn spenders get a free NFT with guaranteed buyback rewards attached to the NFT. 


Walk-to-Earn Playbux

Walk-to-earn is a Playbux event with a ton of rewards including BUSD, BRK, cashback credit, and new NFTs. 


Every day, you can take one step for free on Playbux’s walk-to-earn event using your digital avatar. Every step after the first free step on the same day requires +1 brick to take a step. For example, the second step requires one brick, the third step requires two bricks, and so on. Additionally, every time you take a walk, you must confirm the transaction in your wallet (and pay only for gas fees). The average gas fee is currently 0.0001 BNB on BNB Chain.

Players can earn in 3 ways when participating in the walk-to-earn event: 

  • By opening a treasure box on each step. 
  • 250000 Weekly share points distributed to all players proportionately based on their weekly steps.
  • Weekly points to the top 300 walk-to-earn participants who make the most progress. 


Winners can use weekly points in the redeem menu to redeem rewards such as exclusive NFTs or PBUX tokens (1 point = 1 PBUX). The exchangeable prizes will be public after the launch of the PBUX token.

Fun Fact: You can see the three upcoming rewards you can collect in your treasure box by clicking on them. 


For reference, after taking seven steps in the last week (or 1 step/day), I accumulated 21 weekly points only on free steps. This week, I took two steps a day by using my free brick to take an additional step every day. After a week, my expected weekly points are at +40. However, it’s important to note that as more users join, the weekly rewards reduce as it’s spread out between more users. Based on my calculation, I would need to take at least 3 steps a day (if not more) to make the top 300 participants. 

Game Center


In the Game Center, you can play casual arcade games such as Bux Ball for fun which are free to play. Alternatively, you can play-to-win exciting prizes on the claw machine with up to $10000 and exclusive NFTs up for grabs to lucky winners. Players can choose one of 6 claw machines with each machine giving you a chance to win different types of NFTs including dragons, mummies, pirates, and more. 


However, playing a game on the claw machine requires 1 brick for each try. You can use your free brick to play on the claw machine, however, you can also miss your chance in the claw, and win nothing in that round. Users have a lower chance of winning rare NFTs and high-end rewards and a higher chance of winning common rewards the more draws they play. 

The cost to purchase a single Brick is $0.99, which may seem expensive for a single Brick. Alternatively, users can purchase two types of passes: a regular pass and a premium pass which gives users more bricks to play games. The regular pass gives you a brick a day for 30 days and costs $0.99 while the premium pass gives you 10 bricks right away and 2 bricks a day for 30 days for $4.99. 

Pro Tip: If you get either of the passes, then you need to claim your additional bricks in the game center every day (and not the homepage). 


After more than 15 attempts including +5 failed attempts at the claw machine, I managed to snag these 10 NFTs over the last week. Each NFT is wearable by my avatar and can be withdrawn off-chain. I also used these NFTs to earn PBUX in the stamp-to-earn campaign (more on this below).


Stamp to Earn Playbux

The NFTs you win from playing claw games or from mystery boxes can be used to collect points and stamped to earn a portion of 60000 PBUX every day. To participate in the event, you need to hold at least one NFT (the more you hold, the more you can earn), reTweet to activate the stamp button, and then stamp your NFT collection to get your reward. 

Users can access 4 different types of NFTs: special super rare, super rare, rare, and normal. Each NFT could be a wearable part such as the head, face, hat, shirt, back, pants, shoes, etc., and exchanged for other parts.


With the 1 normal NFT in my wallet, the expected PBUX I could earn was 0.10 PBUX or less. However, holding rare, super rare, and special super rare NFTs means you can expect to earn more. With my NFT collection of 10 NFTs, I have accumulated 18 points and 4.4 PBUX over 1 week (currently earning slightly over 1 PBUX a day).

Other Playbux Features

  • Mystery Box: Ever wondered how you could win yourself a Binance T-shirt? Opening a mystery box on Playbux entitles you to a special prize ranging from a Binance T-shirt NFT, rare NFTs, BRKs, box pieces, cashback, and crypto prizes up to 10000 BUSD. Collect 10 box pieces to open a mystery box for free. Alternatively, users can also use 10 bricks to open a Mystery Box.
  • Compound NFT: You can burn 10 NFTs of the same type in your account to mint a new, higher-level NFT using the compound NFT feature. Burning NFTs also helps create scarcity for existing NFT holders.
  • NFT Sale: You can buy exclusive NFTs using Brick or cashback credit earned. 
  • Watch-to-Earn Campaign: Playbux collaborated with IQIYI to launch a watch-to-earn campaign where users can enjoy free content while earning enticing digital prizes. IQIYI is a leading streaming platform with over 700 million monthly active users. Learn more about the watch-to-earn campaign here.

Summary of 10 Ways to Earn on Playbux

Users have tons of ways to earn crypto, NFTs, points, and mystery boxes on Playbux.

  1. Attend the Pre-Alpha Event to earn exclusive NFTs, $150000 in cashback credit, brick, and BUSD up to $10000. 
  2. 2% Cashback + up to $3 cashback on shop-to-earn.
  3. Walk-to-earn treasure points and treasure boxes. 
  4. Daily check-in worth 1BRK.
  5. Special prizes through mystery boxes.
  6. Top spenders on the platform get a free exclusive NFT with a guaranteed buyback value of $3500 or below. 
  7. Hold 1 NFT in your Web3 wallet, complete a social task (retweet), and stamp your NFT collection to participate in the PBUX stamp-to-earn campaign with 60000 PBUX tokens given away every day. 
  8. First-time BRK purchasers get 2x.
  9. Participate in the $10000 referral program.
  10. Watch content for 30 minutes every day to win a daily reward with the watch-to-earn campaign.


After playing around with different aspects of Playbux, in a week I was able to cash out $0.29 in a withdraw-able balance (apart from my earned PBUX tokens, NFTs, points, and Bricks) without putting in anything on the platform. However, I spent a similar amount on gas fees for different transactions such as claiming Brick, walking, etc.


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