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Quizzes, GTA, and Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jun 13, 2023
Quizzes, GTA, and Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

Summer is in and so are several exciting quizzes, gaming, NFT, quests, and other campaigns on BNB Chain. From participating in trivia to playing Grand Theft Auto V, DappBay has plenty in store for you this summer with cash prizes, crypto, and other rewards. 


Get your pool hat on and explore some of the hottest campaigns on BNB Chain this summer with events featured by AvengerDAO, Gaimin, Formacar Action, SecondLive, Magic Square, Playbux, SoQuest, Galxe, Cyberconnect, Stader, Trader Joe, SPACEID, iZUMi and more in June and July 2023.

Hot Campaigns on BNB Chain This Summer!

Some of the hottest campaigns on BNB Chain this summer include quiz-to-earn with AvengerDAO, gaming events including GTA V, NFT events, quest passes, staking, and bonus events. 


1. Quiz-to-Earn for $10000 with AvengerDAO 

Web3 users can learn about security in Web3, expand their knowledge, and participate in quizzes to earn $10000 with AvengerDAO exclusively on DappBay. Not only do users learn how to navigate the decentralized web safely, but they can also earn money by answering the quiz questions accurately. 


Some of the top security providers partnered with the AvengerDAO quiz and earn campaign. The security providers include AvengerDAO, Certik, Go+ Security, Iron Blocks, Particle Network, Verichains, BlockSec, Lossless, Hexagate, Cyvers, and Fibonacci Finance.


Log on to DappBay from the 13th to the 26th of June to participate in the quizzes. Users need to answer 3 questions on each quiz correctly to pass. 

  • Pass 3 quizzes for a chance to win 5 USDT.
  • Pass 5 quizzes for a chance to win 15 USDT.
  • Pass 8 quizzes for a chance to win 80 USDT. 

 Join the Quiz-to-Earn Campaign here.


2. Gaming

  1. GTA V $10000 Contest: Are you a fan of GTA V and creating havoc in the city of Los Santos? Then participate in the GTA V Time Trial racing contest featured by GAIMIN and stand to win from a $10000 prize pool. Show off your skills, claim victory, and earn epic cash prizes! Learn how else you could earn with GAIMIN.  
  2. Formacar Action Pre-Beta: Join the incredible Formacar Action universe and get a unique Standard ticket to unlock the $FCG earning feature! Formacar Action is a Web3 destiny of play-to-earn, free-to-play, and drive-to-earn mechanics united under a cross-platformed GameFi product! Dive into the world of multiple game modes, starting from Sprint, Drift, Circuit, and Freeride finishing with breaking the boundaries between a personal mobile device and a real-world vehicle!
  3. BEAN Rewards for New SecondLive Players: New players can claim 76 BEAN rewards on SecondLive. In SecondLive, users can craft their own digital lives creating their avatars and choosing spaces to stay and live in. In different spaces, users can do various tasks with avatars helping users make content and profit from their creations through AMA, live streaming, interaction, entertainment, making friends, staking, and more in the virtual world. 
Join GAIMIN's GTA V $10,000 Contest
Join GAIMIN's GTA V $10,000 Contest
Host by
76 $BEAN Rewards for New SecondLive Players
76 $BEAN Rewards for New SecondLive Players
Host by


3. NFT Campaigns

  1. Magic Square Validator NFT Badge: Grab your limited-edition Special “Magic Square Validator” NFT Badge and unlock a world of exclusive perks! Gain access to an exclusive Discord channel, entry to special raffles and rewards, earn karma points on the magic store and vote on validators using your Magic Square Validator NFT badge with 10000 badges up for grabs. So far, under 2000 NFT badges have been minted.
  2. SecondLive x Scroll Alpha Testnet Campaign: Participate in the SecondLive and Scroll Uniform NFT mint event to celebrate SecondLive’s integration into the Scroll ecosystem. This special event offers a unique wearable uniform NFT to commemorate this significant milestone. The timeline of the initial NFT minting also signifies your early membership in the SecondLive community within the Scroll ecosystem. 
  3. Playbux NFT Stamp: Hold a Playbux NFT to get PBUX tokens with 60,000 PBUX tokens up for grabs daily for 60 days in the Playbux NFT Stamp campaign. Over 60 consecutive days, 3,600,000 PBUX tokens will be distributed to all participants, and the more NFT variety you hold the more tokens you will get. The NFTs can be used in the Playbux metaverse when the metaverse opens.

If you’re looking to mint AI NFTs, then you can learn how to generate your AI NFT using the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator.


4. Quests Passes, Web3 passports, and ccProfiles

  1. Mint Your SoQuest Resident Pass NFT: All Port3 users can receive their Port3 Resident Pass to participate in future campaigns. This Resident Pass NFT will be attached to your profile and make you an authentic Port3 Resident. It will be used during future campaigns to filter bots, so make sure to obtain one. 
  2. Loyalty Points for Galxe Passport Owners: Galxe passport owners can get points on Galxe for minting their Galxe Passport. Galxe Passport is your universal identity for Web3 adventures. It stores your identity information securely and anonymously. You will be able to use this as your universal identity across different applications for compliance purposes.
  3. Mint Your ccProfile on CyberConnect: Mint Your ccProfile on CyberConnect for 0 BNB and you don't even have to pay for gas! Web3 users can mint a free 12-character (or longer) handle for their Twitter account during the Connected 2023 Hackathon in a limited-time offer.


5. Staking

  1. Stake 0.2 BNB with Stader: Learn how to stake with Stader to earn 4% staking rewards and up to 30% extra DeFi rewards with Stader BNB on QuestN. Stake more than 0.2 BNB in Stader for 30 days to enter the Lucky Draw and be one of the 50 winners of 10 BUSD!! 
  2. Stake BEAN to get LIVE income on SecondLive: Participate in BEAN staking on SecondLive to earn LIVE rewards. BEAN stakers can stake BEAN and earn up to 100000 LIVE weekly rewards. Your staked BEAN tokens are burned and are not claimable. When the on-chain BEAN reaches 100, users can withdraw the BEAN to their personal wallet address.
  3. Trader Joe’s Full Send Campaign: Participate in the Trader Joe’s full send experience filled with events and special freemints. The Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT marketplace will work together to drive growth and awareness in the BNB ecosystem, running concurrent and complementary events over one month. The campaign will include adventure quests, unique free mints, amazing prizes, and new community perks, eligible for all BNB users. Take a deeper look at 7 reasons why Trader Joe is popular.  


6. For Builders and Developers

  1. SPACEID Grant Program: Participate in the SPACE ID Grant Program, a long-term funding initiative designed to support and enrich the blockchain community. The SPACEID Grant program will select projects every 2-4 weeks providing developers and entrepreneurs with the flexibility they need to concentrate on their projects. The first application window is open from May to July. To qualify for the grant program, dApps need to build on the SPACEID ecosystem or integrate Web3 domains with SPACEID API/SDK. 
  2. BNB Chain Builder Grant: BNB Chain Builder Grants award grants or non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects who contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem. BNB Chain invests $500,000 every month, in innovative teams ready to take their project to the next level. The Builder Grant is available from the 1st to the 7th of every upcoming month. Then, the grant team embarks on a rigorous three-week assessment process that selects up to 10 projects at the end of the month.
  3. Zero2Hero Builder Series: The Zero2Hero Builder Series is a 6-month program consisting of a 6-week Bootcamp, followed by a 4-week Hackathon, and ending with a 6-week Incubator. This will allow developers with full or no previous experience in Solidity, to learn, build, and deliver Web3 projects with varying stages of sophistication. This program is currently in the incubator phase with prize money of up to 50K BUSD and instrumental benefits like a free business audit.


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