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The Highest User-Rated BNB Chain dApps in 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jul 5, 2023
The Highest User-Rated BNB Chain dApps in 2023

User reviews and ratings are one of the best ways of identifying useful dApps and avoiding potentially risky ones from other dApp users. A Web3 user can gain extensive insight into a dApp without having to try the dApp, connect their wallet, or make a transaction through ratings and reviews. Moreover, user reviews can also help new users navigate the world of DeFi, GameFi, social dApps, and more as they select from thousands of decentralized applications. 


Ratings and reviews on their own may not be a reliable indicator of a dApp or Web3 project. However, ratings and reviews taken in conjunction with other indicators such as smart contracts, audits, security threats, metrics, innovation, etc. can help a Web3 user form a better picture of the use and performance of decentralized applications. 



The list of the highest user-rated dApps was taken from the ratings and reviews of dApps on DappBay on 5th July 2023. Users are required to use their Web3 wallet to sign in and review a dApp on DappBay. A dApps rating (out of 5 stars) may change in time with an increase in reviews and ratings.

  • DappBay has listed over 1591 BNB Chain dApps. 
  • All risky dApps in the Red Alarm list (740) were eliminated from this list of highest user-rated dApps on BNB Chain. 
  • dApps with only a few reviews can severely skew the score or rating of the dApp (either positively or negatively). Hence, dApps with at least 25 user reviews were then selected to compile the list of the highest user-rated dApps. 
  • The dApps are then categorised according to 12 gaming dApps, 7 DeFi dApps, 4 social dApps, 2 marketplace dApps, and 2 tooling dApps and listed in descending order (highest ratings first).


Note: A good or high rating may not always be indicative of the actual utility or incentive derived from such a dApp. For example, dApps may be inclined to host review/rating contests to get more positive reviews in their favor. On the other hand, a trusted but newly listed dApp (such as Arkham, Uniswap or OpenSea) may not have enough reviews to be included in this list. 


Highest User-Rated dApps

The highest user-rated dApps across gaming, DeFi, social, marketplaces, and tools may not include some prominent dApps with a lack of reviews. Within the scope of the methodology established above, the highest user-rated dApps on BNB Chain include: 


1. Gaming

12 of the highest user-rated dApp fall in the gaming category. Plant Empires (5 stars), Mystic Treasure (5 stars), Gunstar Metaverse (4.9 stars), MatchNova (4.9 stars), TopGoal (4.9 stars), Ultiverse (4.9 stars), Elfin Kingdom (4.9 stars), Tiny World (4.9 stars) SecondLive (4.8 stars), Plant Crossing (4.8 stars), Superpower Squad (4.5 stars), and Era7 (4.3 stars) make up the list of gaming dApps with the highest user ratings.

Plant Empires
Plant Empires is a mobile game that combines the elites of tower defense, role-playing, and strategy gaming genres. Plant Empires' unique gameplay combines both blockchain and traditional gaming factors, attracting users from both markets into this economy. Each variety of plant in Plant Empires has its own skin, strength, and skills, contributing to intriguing battles for players. When entering the realm of Plant Empires, players can employ Plants to defeat Zombies, monsters, and bosses, win PvE and PvP combat, and earn significant rewards.


2. DeFi

7 of the highest user-rated dApp fall in the DeFi and DEXs category. Trader Joe (4.9 stars), Bolide (4.9 stars), FBBank (4.9 stars), Venus (4.8 stars), ReHold (4.8 stars), PancakeSwap (4.5 stars), and Stader (4.29 stars) make up the list of DeFi dApps with the highest user ratings. 


3. Social

4 of the highest user-rated dApp fall in the social category. Yuliverse (4.9 stars), XDAO (4.9 stars), Magic Square (4.9 stars), and Hooked (4.8 stars) make up the list of social dApps with the highest user ratings. 

4. Marketplace

2 of the highest-rated dApps fall in the marketplace category of dApps. HyperGPT (4.9 stars) and Joepegs (4.9 stars) make up the list of marketplace dApps with the highest user ratings.

5. Tools

2 of the highest-rated dApps fall in the tools and utility category of dApps. PIP (4.9 stars) and Mar3AI (4.8 stars) make up the list of utility and tooling dApps with the highest user ratings.


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