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Everything to Know About Ultimate Champions Fantasy Football

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jul 26, 2023
Everything to Know About Ultimate Champions Fantasy Football

Everything you need to know about Ultimate Champions fantasy football from dApp metrics to how to get mythic cards can help new players ready for the new football season. Learn how to play fantasy football, get NFTs of your favorite athletes, and play new fantasy sports including fantasy basketball with tons of Web3 rewards up for grabs. 


What are Ultimate Champions?

Ultimate Champions is an entirely free-to-play fantasy football game with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs on the blockchain. Ultimate Champions crafted an innovative experience where players can leverage their football knowledge to build the best possible team every week in order to earn rewards that hold long-term value in an open economy through cards (NFTs) and tokens (MGC/CHAMP).


Players register a team of 14 Ultimate Cards (a starting 11 and 3 substitutes) in in-game competitions, which are in sync with real-world sports calendars and usually span over a few days. During the competitions, the real-life performances of the athletes translate into a fantasy score. If users' teams reach a certain fantasy points threshold, they earn rewards. These rewards are a mix of cryptocurrency tokens and new NFT athlete cards. Managers can choose players from over 70 fully licensed clubs and football teams. 

Ultimate Champions Metrics

Ultimate Champions is the 17th most used BNB Chain dApp based on the last 30 Daily Active Users according to DappBay. Ultimate Champions reported 26.9K users registering more than 178K transactions on BNB Chain for July 2023.  

In the gaming category, Ultimate Champions is the 5th most played gaming dApp on BNB Chain registering a +457% increase over the previous month. Gameta (252K), Meta Merge (72K), Meta Apes Game (35K), and MOBOX (29K) are the only gaming dApps that registered more users than Ultimate Champions in the last 30 days. 

Some of the factors contributing to Ultimate Champions’ growth include signing up with new partners such as Arsenal FC, adding new fantasy sports such as fantasy basketball, a $4 million investment from Binance Labs, league matchday games every week, curating multiple tournaments for managers to participate in, giveaway competitions, the start of the new football season, and the opportunity for fans to hold signed NFTs of their favorite footballers. 


How to Sign Up and Play Fantasy Football?

Managers can sign up, select a team within a budget, and start playing Ultimate Champions fantasy football for free in a few steps. The goal is simple, you want to sign the best squad with the right players that will perform well in the next game or game week. Fantasy Managers can potentially earn NFTs and tokens while playing fantasy football or fantasy basketball. 

  1. Sign in using Google or your email address and set a password. 
  2. Select your Manager’s name.
  3. Select a club you cheer for (Arsenal, Bayer Leverkusen, Sunderland, etc.) 
  4. Build your starting team. Either use the autofill option or pick your best players with a limited budget. 
  5. Managers have access to athletes’ past performance across the last 5 matches and more detailed athlete information. Select the playing next week option to ensure your squad players are playing in the next game week. 
  6. Select 11 players (a goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 forwards) with a budget of 100c. After selecting your 11 starting players, click on confirm to lock in your squad. Do note that strikers and attackers tend to be more expensive than defenders or keepers. 
  7. After selecting your initial squad, you can claim a reward (an Ultimate Champions Pack). Click on the three cards to reveal the players and details. In my case, I opened A. Baertelsen (common), E. Breivik (common), and A. Sihvonen (common). 


Fun fact: You can add the 3 players you get in the Ultimate Champions pack to your squad to complete the quest: ‘modify your squad’ and open another pack as well. I opened 500 MGC currency (worth $4.99) on this second pack. 


How to Get New Athletes, Epic and Mythic Cards?

NFT cards in Ultimate Champions have different levels of rarity such as common, epic, mythic, and unique. Each rarity has a specific supply and performance bonus attached to the NFT. For example, rare cards have a 5% performance bonus while mythic cards have a 50% performance bonus on the points scored each week. On top of that, different cards have different conditions such as mint, great, good, and standard that depend on how many times the card has been played in tournaments and games. 

Epic Cards

  • Epic Cards have a supply of 300 for each player with a 25% performance bonus. Managers can get 1 epic card after 5 successful invites and 2 epic cards after 10 successful invites. In short, a manager can stack up on 3 epic cards after 15 successful invites to Ultimate Champions. 
  • The top 20 managers earn 1 Epic card each and CHAMP tokens every week. 
  • Managers can claim card rewards when completing objectives such as modifying a team, opening a pack, or completing a game week. 
  • Managers can load their squads in different tournaments and win prizes depending on the tournament requirements and the number of participants. For tournaments, managers need to select 5-a-side or 11-a-side squads with at least one mythic card to participate in a tournament.   

Mythic Cards

  • Mythic cards are the second-most sought-after player cards and include some of the rarest cards in the game (a supply of 30 each). Managers can obtain 1 mythic card after collecting 20 points by inviting other players with each invite worth 1 point. However, the invited players need to complete KYC and purchase $20 worth of packs to be eligible.
  • Apart from inviting managers, players can also purchase packs or trade players on the marketplace. 

New Athlete NFTs

  • Users that hold NFT cards in Ultimate Champions get a chance to be airdropped cards of new athletes, new clubs, and sports added to the Ultimate Champions platform. Every player with a collection score above 100 is eligible for the airdrop. Unfortunately, the common cards I opened earlier give 0 towards the collection score since common cards are infinite in supply.

Fantasy Basketball

Ultimate Champions also launched fantasy basketball, a basketball fantasy league. Once a user signs up with Ultimate Champions, they can follow the same steps to draft a team of 8 basketball players (5 players + 3 subs) and participate in leagues and basketball tournaments. Managers can draft players from teams including Real Madrid, PSG, EA7, Barca, and more. 

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