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The Best Ways to Earn on Hooked's Wild Cash

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jul 19, 2023
The Best Ways to Earn on Hooked's Wild Cash

The best ways to earn on Hooked's Wild Cash enables users to participate in quiz competitions, streams, and tournaments, and quiz-to-earn while learning something new about the decentralized web. Did you know there will be only 21 million Bitcoin and all will be mined by the year 2140? With Hooked's Wild Cash, quizzers are now incentivized to know or learn everything about Web3. 


What is Hooked?

Hooked Protocol is an immersive edutainment network focusing on massive Web3 adoption. Hooked is building the on-ramp layer for massive Web3 adoption by providing tailored learn and earn products and onboarding infrastructure for users and businesses to enter the new world of Web3. Wild Cash is an immensely popular quiz-to-earn app developed by Hooked that’s contributed to Hooked’s recent growth. 


Hooked Metrics

Hooked amassed over 210K users (a 60% increase over the previous week) and generated over 922K transactions in the last 7 days according to DappBay. For reference, the second most used dApp in the last 7 days on BNB Chain is PancakeSwap with 209K users generating over 1.4 million transactions. Although briefly, this move makes Hooked the most used BNB Chain dApps in the last 7 days. 

According to the dApp categories on DappBay, Hooked belongs to the ‘other’ dApp category. The other dApp category constitutes all the dApps apart from DEXs, DeFi, games, collectibles, marketplaces, social, and utility dApps. Hooked leads the other dApp category followed by QuestN, the questing platform, and SpaceID, a universal name service in second, and third place respectively according to the last 30-day users, 7-day users, and 24-hour users. 


Apart from the Wild Cash app, some of the other factors contributing to Hooked’s growth include the launch of ChatGPT-powered Web3 tutors, the Hooked SBT or SoulBound Token, building on opBNB, decentralized communities as a services communities ID, and hosting events such as ToDaMoon. 

What is Wild Cash?

Wild Cash is Hooked’s first product offering quiz-to-earn and other crypto-gamified learning experiences with over 5 million downloads on Google Play. Hooked launched the pilot dApp in Q3 2022 in emerging markets to help educate users about Web3 and enable users to earn while doing so through massive user adoption based on viral growth and gamified crypto learning experience and other built-in Web3 mechanics.


Who was Bitcoin designed by? When was the term HODL first used in crypto? What is the type of scam where the developer abandons the project and runs away with investor funds? These are some of the questions you can expect to answer or learn to answer through quizzes on the Wild Cash app.


What is Gold in Wild Cash?

Gold is an important resource in Wild Cash and serves as currency on the Wild Cash app. Users earn gold for winning tournaments, attending camps, participating in competitions, mining, and more. Gold can be used to spend on minting NFTs that earn more gold, staked in the staking vault, or converted to uHGT tokens (with a transaction fee of 50000 uHGT). 

The Best Ways to Earn on Wild Cash

The best ways to earn on Wild Cash include participating in quiz-to-earn competitions, ToDaMoon live quiz streaming, practice-to-earn quizzes, invite-to-earn referral program, PoWT mining, and staking rewards from the staking vault. 


1. Quiz-to-Earn 

Answer 10 easy to moderately difficult questions to participate in the quiz-to-earn competition with 50 million gold awards split between the winners. Users can also participate in the 100 million gold awards quiz-to-earn competition that’s held every 24 hours (at 14:00 GMT). An example of the type of question you can expect on the quiz include: who is the creator of Dogecoin? Players compete with other players based on the total number of questions answered correctly and the time taken to answer each question. A quizzer has a higher chance of winning more gold the more questions a quizzer answers correctly in less time.


2. ToDaMoon 

Users can participate in ToDaMoon, a live quiz streaming event with the winners splitting from a prize pool of HOOK tokens. Users can watch live streams of quiz contests on Binance Live and answer all 10 questions correctly on the Wild Cash app to participate in the ToDaMoon competition. After answering all 10 questions, users can claim a ticket on the Wild Cash app. Users can participate in 5 live quiz streaming events across different days and collect 5 tickets for more chances at the prize pool. 


3. Practice-to-Earn 

Answer 10 questions correctly to earn gold in the crypto camp. Users can select three different training camps with the difficulty increasing with each camp. The more difficult the camp, the more gold users can earn when they answer all the questions correctly. For context, answering all the questions in the level 2 training camp gives 56 gold right away. 


4. Invite-to-earn 

Quizzers can share a referral link to 3 other app users to earn 5000 gold per referral and a 2% commission upon successful installation and registration. Quizzers can earn more gold when a referred user mines every 24 hours (more on that in the next point) and mints their mining toolbox.


5. PoWT Mining 

Proof of Work Time Mining seems to be the easiest way to earn a consistent stream of gold. Users can answer a question every day to earn a daily mining key. Mining is done from the app and the mining rewards depend on the type of NFT mining shovel and NFT mining cart selected. Users can mint a mining shovel that mines 1 gold a second after collecting about 9000 gold (it takes about a day to earn the gold required to mint this mining shovel NFT). 


6. Staking Vault 

Quizzers can use the gold they earned from various quiz competitions and tournaments in the staking vault to earn a cool 3.93% APY on their staked gold. Gold can be swapped for BUSD, and then the BUSD is staked in the staking pook on BNB Chain. Users have the option to harvest their yields (withdraw their staking rewards) or unstake all their gold (unstake the staked gold plus the earned APY) from the app. Quizzers don’t need gas fees to stake or unstake their gold.  

Fun Fact: Users can spend HOOK to buy life recovery potions and fault detection. Life recovery can be used once per entire quiz and allows the quizzer to continue answering the quiz even after making a mistake and getting eliminated. Fault detection removes one wrong answer from the list of options in a question, making it easier to answer the respective question.

How to Play Wild Cash?

Users can download the Wild Cash app from the Google Play store and access the Hooked dApp on DappBay. 


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