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The Most Used Tools and Utilities on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Oct 4, 2023
The Most Used Tools and Utilities on BNB Chain

Tools and utilities dApps play an important role in Web3 from providing building infrastructures to developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We take a deeper dive into the most used tools and utilities on BNB Chain and the tools and utility dApps available on opBNB and Greenfield.

Tools and utility BNB Chain dApps on DappBay are sub-categorized into APIs, coding, infrastructure, compliance, developers, infrastructure, oracles, SDKs, and Wallets. Moreover, each dApp can belong to more than one sub-category (for example, a dApp is an Oracle and provides an API). 

While tooling and utility dApps may not share the same popularity of meme dApps in a bull run, nor the same recognition as DeFi dApps, most dApps utilize tools and utilities to scale, improve services, call on data from different sources, host campaigns, and more.

5 Most Used Tools and Utility dApps on BNB Chain

The 5 most used tools and utility dApps on BNB Chain according to the last 30-day users (as on 3rd Oct 2023) include Polyhedra Network, Galxe, Trust Wallet, zkLink, and ChainGPT. The data for users and transactions was taken from DappBay rankings and is tracked using dApps' smart contracts on BSC. Tools and utility dApps without smart contracts are covered at the end of this topic. 


The most used BNB Chain tools and utility dApps in positions 6 to 10 include Revoland, Wormhole, GPT Guru, PARSIQ, and Mint Club.


1. Polyhedra Network

Polyhedra Network amassed 230.3K monthly active users and 603K transactions in the last 30 days on BNB Chain. Polyhedra Network is building the next generation of infrastructure for Web3 interoperability, scalability, and privacy through advanced Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. Polyhedra Network provides trust-minimized and highly efficient interoperability solutions for asset transfers, message passing, and data sharing between various Web2 and Web3 systems. 


2. Galxe

Galxe, the largest Web3 credential data network in the world, amassed 117.8K monthly active users and 366K transactions in the last 30 days on BNB Chain. Galxe is built on open and collaborative infrastructure and helps Web3 developers and projects leverage credential data to build better products and communities. On-chain credentials include subgraph queries or static snapshots while off-chain credentials include data sources such as Snapshot.org, Twitter, and Github.

3. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet amassed 15.5K monthly active users and 25.2K transactions in the last 30 days on BNB Chain. Trust Wallet is a Web3 wallet to send, receive, and store BNB and many other cryptocurrencies including NFTs safely and securely with the Trust Wallet mobile app. Web3 users can use Trust Wallet to stake crypto, collect NFTs, and access the latest Web3 dApps and DeFi platforms. Trust Wallet has amassed over 25 million wallet users.

4. zkLink

zkLink amassed 7.6K monthly active users and 13.3K transactions in the last 30 days on BNB Chain. zkLink is a unified multi-chain trading infrastructure secured with zk-SNARKS, empowering the next generation of decentralized trading products such as order book DEX, and NFT marketplaces. zkLink builds a ZK-Rollup middleware that natively connects to various L1s and L2s, and provides an array of high-level APIs.


5. ChainGPT

ChainGPT amassed 4.19K monthly active users and 15K transactions in the last 30 days on BNB Chain. ChainGPT is an advanced AI infrastructure designed specifically for Web3, blockchain, and crypto. ChainGPT's SDK and API service enables users to develop new applications on top of the ChainGPT AI technology. Some of ChainGPT’s features include an AI smart contract generator and auditor, an AI NFT generator, an AI crypto trading model, chart and technical analysis, AML solutions, on-chain data analytics, automated AI news generation, and more.


2 Tools and Utility dApps on BNB Greenfield

BNB GreenField is an innovative decentralized data storage platform reshaping data ownership and the data economy. Currently, two tools and utility dApps are live on BNB Greenfield including DCellar and GreenfieldScan. 


1. DCellar

DCellar is a powerful tool that allows users to initiate their decentralized data management journey on the Greenfield platform. Users can store, download, and delete files, as well as manage their account assets using DCellar. DCellar is a user-friendly gateway to BNB Greenfield and storage providers developed by NodeReal. DCellar is currently in the testnet phase.

2. GreenfieldScan

GreenfieldScan is an advanced blockchain explorer and analytical platform exclusively designed for the BNB Greenfield Chain Testnet, which derives from NodeReal’s Explorer-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering. Users can easily retrieve and analyze blocks, transactions, and addresses with just a few clicks on an intuitive interface. Developer-friendly APIs provide a seamless data access experience, making it easy to explore and understand the intricacies of blockchain data.


5 Tools and Utility dApps on opBNB

5 Tool and utility dApps recently launched on opBNB mainnet, a Layer-2 scaling solution built on an open-source codebase called the OP Stack. The 5 tools and utility dApps live on opBNB mainnet and listed on DappBay include DATS, Cielo, AlltoScan, zkLink, and Altlayer. Learn more about opBNB, the list of all dApps currently on opBNB, airdrops, and upcoming launches. The list of dApps on opBNB are listed in a random order below.


DATS is a blockchain company that produces automated vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity solutions with distributed high computing power for Web3, Web2, and blockchain security. DATS develops high-performance computing-integrated SaaS solutions that aim to increase the resilience of projects and Web2 institutions in the Blockchain ecosystem against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks around the world and eliminate many problems in the cybersecurity industry.

2. Cielo

Cielo is a human-readable information layer for Web3 and helps users answer questions such as who, how, where, and why. It allows anyone to create a real-time feed of on-chain activity and filter it by transaction type, chain, and size. Cielo is used for deciphering on-chain transactions such as tracking hedge funds, monitoring own wallets, or discerning a DeFi trend.

3. AlltoScan

Alltoscan is a multichain blockchain explorer and analytics platform where Web3 users can search for blockchain information by address, transaction, or block. The domain name search feature allows users to interact with other addresses on-chain using human-readable names instead of long and complicated address hashes. 

4. zkLink

zkLink is a unified multi-chain trading infrastructure secured with zk-SNARKS, empowering the next generation of decentralized trading products such as order book DEX, NFT marketplaces, and more. zkLink builds a ZK-Rollup middleware that natively connects to various L1s and L2s, and provides an array of high-level APIs. Developers can easily deploy trading dApps with high customizability and access to aggregated liquidity, while their end users can benefit from a seamless multi-chain trading experience.

5. Altlayer

AltLayer is an open and decentralized interlayer for rollups. The AltLayer protocol consists of a core network (the Beacon Layer) that acts as an interlayer between rollups and their respective data availability or settlement layers. AltLayer offers a versatile, no-code Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launchpad that allows not only developers but also those with little to no coding experience to spin up a customized rollup within 2 minutes.

Other Tools and Utility dApps on BNB Chain

DappBay uses dApp smart contracts to track transactions and users on BNB Chain. However, several tooling and utility dApps do not have smart contracts but are still popular oracles, wallets, block scanners, and security tools used by hundreds of thousands of Web3 users. 

Some examples of popular BNB Chain dApps without smart contracts (or ranking data) on DappBay include  Binance Oracle, BSCScan, DeFiLlama, Arkham, Chainlink, Go+ Security, Link3, QnA3, NodeReal, MathWallet, PYTH, and Carbon Browser. Access the entire list of tools and utility dApps on BNB Chain here

Binance Oracle
Highly reliable data feeds for the DeFi ecosystem.
The BNB Smart Chain explorer.
Open and transparent DeFi analytics.

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