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10 Ways to Quiz and Earn in Web3

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Sep 20, 2023
10 Ways to Quiz and Earn in Web3

Quizzes have always been a popular way for people to test the limits of their knowledge, compete, and in some cases, also earn. Think of shows like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? Some of the best quizzers in recent history have earned millions of quiz competitions. 


Today, anyone can participate in quizzes, test their knowledge, and compete using online applications such as QuizUp or at local quiz competitions. However, the element of winning something tangible (such as a cash prize) when participating online or using an app can be quite rare. 

What are Quiz-to-Earn dApps?

Quiz-to-earn dApps are decentralized quiz applications that enable users to participate and compete in quizzes and competitions in exchange for crypto prizes and Web3 rewards. 

Quiz-to-earn dApps help introduce users to new Web3 projects, while also allowing the wider Web3 community to earn while doing so. In exchange, dApps and projects can gain wider adoption of their token in the hands of regular Web3 users. 

How to Participate? 

Users need a Web3 wallet and in some cases, may need to sign up with a dApp to participate in quizzes and claim prizes. Additionally, users may need to learn about a particular topic through videos, AMAs, articles, or research to have a better chance of winning a quiz event. Most events are time-sensitive and participation may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis or a reserved list. 


10 Ways to Quiz and Earn in Web3

The dApps and projects listed on DappBay under the tag ‘Quiz-to-Earn’ have been compiled and listed as part of the 10 ways on how to quiz and earn with Web3 dApps and projects. 

1. Binance Learn & Earn 

Binance Learn & Earn by Binance Academy helps equip Web3 users with blockchain knowledge while also allowing users to earn crypto. Users must read an article/watch a video, answer all questions correctly on the quiz, and complete the quiz to qualify for the Learn & Earn campaign. Identity Verification must also be completed to participate in any quiz and be eligible for rewards. 


What is Sui? What is BNB? What is Hooked Protocol? What is Ankr? What is BurgerCities? Users can learn about new and established dApps through the Binance Learn & Earn campaign. 


2. WildCash by Hooked 

WildCash - Wild Cash is Hooked’s first product offering quiz-to-earn and other crypto-gamified learning experiences with over 5 million downloads on Google Play. Hooked is currently the third most used dApp on BNB Chain with 138.9K weekly active users. Users can participate in competitions held every 24 hours on the app. Some of the most popular ways to earn on Wild Cash include Quiz-to-Earn, ToDaMoon, practice-to-earn, PoWT mining, and invite-to-earn.  


Who was Bitcoin designed by? When was the term HODL first used in crypto? What is the type of scam where the developer abandons the project and runs away with investor funds? These are some of the questions you can expect to answer or learn to answer through quizzes on the Wild Cash app.

3. CoinMarketCap Earn

The CoinMarketCap Earn campaign introduces users to new dApps and Web3 projects with an opportunity to quiz and earn. Several popular projects have used CMC Earn as a way to engage with the Web3 community including BNB Chain, Sushiswap, 1Inch, The Graph, etc. 

To participate in CMC Earn campaigns, users must first learn about a project by watching a video or reading an article. Users must then answer questions on a quiz (one attempt) and earn rewards in crypto. Users need to:

  • Answer every question correctly on the quiz to qualify for a portion of the prize.  
  • Use a Binance KYC-verified account (for the distribution of tokens).
  • Located outside China, USA, or a list of countries not eligible to participate.

4. CoinGecko Learn and Earn

Similar to Binance Earn and CMC Earn, CoinGecko also recently launched a Learn and Earn campaign where users can watch videos, complete missions, and get rewarded. Users learn a wide range of topics including the best crypto security practices, what is KyberSwap, and what is Tezos. 


To participate, users must sign up with CoinGecko, and answer all questions correctly on the quiz to qualify for candies as the reward. Candies can be exchanged for NFTs, discounts, benefits, or other Web3 rewards. 

5. P12 Pop-up Football Quiz

P12 is a GameFi ecosystem with a sustainable economy featuring the Editor, a full-featured Metaverse content engine for building game worlds. P12 held a pop-up quiz event during the BNB Chain Football Fiesta campaign featuring simple quizzes where users could earn exclusive Web3 rewards by P12. Users can stay up-to-date on the latest campaigns on pop-up quiz events on the P12 airdrop page.

6. Galxe Quiz Credentials

Users can explore multiple quizzes from different dApps on Galxe to earn quiz badges, OATs, and rewards from the respective projects. Galxe is built on open and collaborative infrastructure and helps Web3 developers and projects leverage credential data to build better products and communities. 

Galxe Quiz Credentials enables Web3 users to participate in learn-and-earn campaigns with up to 20 multiple-choice questions, with quiz scores, and more. Some of the most popular BNB Chain quizzes on Galxe include quizzes hosted by Gate, SPACEID, LI.FI, zkLink, and ReadOn.

7. Crypto Zombies

CryptoZombies Origins is a free game made to make blockchain knowledge more accessible across the globe. While Crypto Zombies may not necessarily have an ‘earn’ element, users can ‘learn’ about Web3 and how to code blockchain dApps and games through interactive games and quizzes. Moreover, users don’t have to pay to learn valuable courses and how to code through simple games. 


8. Phemex

Users can earn between $0.6 and $1 by watching short videos and taking simple tests on Phemex, a derivatives trading platform on BNB Chain. Users receive rewards in the form of tokens and trading bonuses on the platform. 

Users can expect to learn different topics including what are crypto derivatives or what is the difference between fiat currency and crypto currency through the Phemex Learn-and-Earn program. Each topic has different mini-lessons.


9. Quizzes on Reddit

Users active on various subreddits can participate in quiz competitions held by the moderators of the sub. The quizzes take the form of MCQs, with the winners of the quiz taking home prizes. Users are tested on multiple cryptocurrency topics and broad Web3 themes. Users need to score the highest points and finish in the top 3 to win crypto.


10. Quiz Events on DappBay

Web3 users can participate in time-limited quiz campaigns and events exclusively on DappBay. Some popular quiz campaigns and contests users participated in include: 

On a note to end, not all dApps and projects that have quizzes and earn elements are legitimate. Some dApps are risky or outright scams attempting to lure users or investors. For example, Red Alarm has identified LearnWeb3 as a high-risk phishing scam on BNB Chain. 

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