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opBNB: dApps, Airdrops and Everything You Need to Know

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Sep 27, 2023
opBNB: dApps, Airdrops and Everything You Need to Know

BNB Chain announced the launch of opBNB, a Layer 2 scaling solution with several dApps and projects announcing they’re building on opBNB. We take a deeper dive into the 9 dApps that are on opBNB Mainnet with several other dApps to follow suit (currently in the testnet phase). 

All Layer 1 blockchains face the same dilemma: what to do when you need to scale? Rollups and Layer 2 blockchains emerged as viable scaling solutions by reducing the cost of transactions, increasing transaction speed, and processing a higher number of transactions. As we enter the era of Layer 2 blockchains, social dApps, gaming dApps, and tooling dApps can expect to benefit from the advantages of using a Layer 2 blockchain. 

What is opBNB?

opBNB is a Layer-2 scaling solution built on an open-source codebase called the OP Stack. opBNB lowers high transaction costs and network congestion by processing 4000 TPS (transactions per second) while bringing gas fees down to $0.005 per transaction. 

opBNB mainnet was launched on 13 September 2023, less than 2 weeks after BNB Chain celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Before launch, opBNB was in the testnet phase with participants eligible for a Genesis NFT and BNB airdrop.

How does opBNB work?

opBNB processes transactions off-chain which are then posted back onto the Layer 1 (i.e. BNB Chain) blockchain as call data. By processing transactions off-chain, opBNB enables more transactions at a lower cost (in gas fees). 


Some of the advantages of opBNB include: 

  • Higher transaction speed compared to L1
  • Lower transaction cost (gas fees) compared to L1
  • Use of L1 ecosystem assets (such as BNB for gas)
  • Monetary and non-monetary support for builders and developers

L2 Gas Fees

opBNB has the lowest fees when comparing the gas fees of transactions of some of the most used Layer 2 blockchains. The average gas fee of a transaction on opBNB is $0.005 while the average gas fee of a transaction on BSC, Starknet, BASE, Arbitrum, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, and zkSync is between $0.01 to $0.1.  


9 opBNB Mainnet dApps

The 9 opBNB dApps covered in this topic include all the opBNB dApps listed on DappBay that have also launched on opBNB Mainnet. Check here for the full list of dApps currently in testnet and/or in mainnet.

Out of the 9 opBNB dApps, 5 dApps belong to the tools and utility category, 3 dApps to the DeFi category, and 1 dApp to the gaming category. The list of dApps is listed in alphabetical order and includes Alltoscan, AltLayer, BurgerCities, Cielo, DATS, DeCommas, Krystal, Pulsar Finance, and zkLink.  

1. Alltoscan 

Alltoscan is a multichain blockchain explorer and analytics platform where Web3 users can search for blockchain information by address, transaction, or block. The domain name search feature allows users to interact with other addresses on-chain using human-readable names instead of long and complicated address hashes. 

2. AltLayer

AltLayer is an open and decentralized interlayer for rollups. The AltLayer protocol consists of a core network (the Beacon Layer) that acts as an interlayer between rollups and their respective data availability or settlement layers. AltLayer offers a versatile, no-code Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launchpad that allows not only developers but also those with little to no coding experience to spin up a customized rollup within 2 minutes.

3. BurgerCities

BurgerCities is a one-stop MetaFi platform with a wide range of features, a DEX, and an NFT made of Heroes, Props, and Lands. BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product on BNB Chain. Users can participate in daily activities like socializing and playing games, as well as experience DeFi and NFT features with their avatars like trading, staking, NFT exhibitions, etc. 


The multichain blockchain explorer and analytics platform.
Elastic scaling for Web3 designed as a modular and pluggable framework for a multi-chain and multi-VM world.
One-stop play and earn MetaFi platform with a DEX, NFTs and metaverse.


4. Cielo

Cielo is a human-readable information layer for Web3 and helps users answer questions such as who, how, where, and why. It allows anyone to create a real-time feed of on-chain activity and filter it by transaction type, chain, and size. Cielo is used for deciphering on-chain transactions such as tracking hedge funds, monitoring own wallets, or discerning a DeFi trend.

5. DATS 

DATS is a blockchain company that produces automated vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity solutions with distributed high computing power for Web3, Web2, and blockchain security. DATS develops high-performance computing-integrated SaaS solutions that aim to increase the resilience of projects and Web2 institutions in the Blockchain ecosystem against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks around the world and eliminate many problems in the cybersecurity industry.

6. DeCommas 

DeCommas is a user interface where users can interact with the DeCommas Protocol and access other useful DeFi tools creating a frictionless experience in DeFi automation. DeCommas consists of an automatic routing solution, portfolio asset tracking, token swapping, bridging assets across blockchains, stats, and automation strategies. 



7. Krystal Wallet

Krystal Wallet is a simple non-custodial Web3 wallet. Krystal’s portfolio management capabilities provide a comprehensive overview of one’s crypto portfolio across all EVM chains. Additionally, it notifies users of any major market movements, enabling them to assess any potential impact on their portfolio. Being an all-in-one provider of on-chain transaction services, users can swap tokens, transfer assets, and earn passive income via its decentralized staking and lending services.

8. Pulsar Finance 

Pulsar Finance is an all-in-one portfolio for Web3 assets where users can track holdings across 94 chains. The Pulsar dashboard aims to provide a simple solution for all crypto users looking to get a global view of their assets. Users can view their DeFi positions, including staking, debt, LPs, farms, futures, and limit orders, alongside their tokens and NFTs in a single UI.

9. zkLink 

zkLink is a unified multi-chain trading infrastructure secured with zk-SNARKS, empowering the next generation of decentralized trading products such as order book DEX, NFT marketplaces, and more. zkLink builds a ZK-Rollup middleware that natively connects to various L1s and L2s, and provides an array of high-level APIs. Developers can easily deploy trading dApps with high customizability and access to aggregated liquidity, while their end users can benefit from a seamless multi-chain trading experience.



Upcoming opBNB Airdrops and Rewards

Users can participate in airdrops, rewards, and competitions from various dApps and projects to celebrate the launch of opBNB Mainnet. Users can currently earn rewards from Gameta, Mathverse, Meta Merge, Defusion, Haven Market, COMBO, and HunterSwap.  

Stay tuned as more dApps progress from opBNB Testnet to Mainnet and are listed on DappBay. Users also have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming opBNB and BSC airdrop marathon starting in October 2023.


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