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Latest dApp Airdrops on BNB Chain in 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Mar 1, 2023
Latest dApp Airdrops on BNB Chain in 2023

Airdrops are one of the easiest ways for a new user to get a small amount of crypto for free for doing small tasks. Airdrops generally require no investment and are given to users for using a service during a snapshot, given to holders at random or to participants at an event or contest. 


Initially, users were only airdropped a small amount of crypto tokens. With the emergence of NFTs, the term airdrop grew to encompass NFTs too and users became eligible for NFT airdrops to play a game, as a name service, to sell on a marketplace, access premium services and even during emergencies. For example, in response to the earthquakes in Turkey in 2023, Binance users were airdropped $100 worth of BNB in the most severe affected regions.


Web3 users are not the only ones that benefit from airdrops. Airdrops are a powerful tool used by dApps and projects. dApps use airdrops to get users excited about using a dApp's services, build anticipation before a token launch, educate new users or get tokens in the hands of the wider crypto community. 


dApp Airdrops on BNB Chain

Galxe is the world’s leading credential data network that invites Web3 brands to build upon its plug-in-play dashboard. New users can start their journey with Galxe and mint an OAT for free. 

Yuliverse is the World’s very First Parallel Reality Gaming Metaverse on BSC inspired by Pokemon Go and Tinder. Users can collect OATs to participate in the Yuliverse treasure hunt.

Venus is an algorithmic money market and stablecoin protocol. Participate in the Venus SBT token airdrop with SBT holders gaining access to boosted yields across Venus Protocol.

New To Galxe? Start your adventure here!
New To Galxe? Start your adventure here!
Host by
Automated Strategies
10,000 BUSD Worth of Prizepool Treasure Hunt!
10,000 BUSD Worth of Prizepool Treasure Hunt!
Host by
Venus Soul Bound Token Airdrop
Venus Soul Bound Token Airdrop
Host by


SPACEID is building a universal name service network with one Oracle which seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications across blockchains. Users can participate in the SPACEID Voyage III: Awakening by displaying their .bnb names on their Twitter profile. 

CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol that empowers users to truly own their social identities, contents, and connections in a social network. Users can mint their ccProfile on CyberConnect for free, and use their ccProfile to vote and win prizes in the Connected 2023 Hackathon featuring CyberConnect and BNB Chain. 

In SecondLive, users can craft their own digital lives creating their own avatars and choosing spaces to stay and live. New SecondLive players can earn 76 $BEAN rewards for completing social tasks on SecondLive. 


Lifeform creates hyper-realistic 3D virtual human avatars NFTs that can be used as digital identities which could log in to any dApp and metaverse world. Lifeform users can participate in three airdrop events hosted by Lifeform including claming your Lifeform cartoon in the one-month freemint event, starting your Lifeform journey with an Lifeform Bound Token (LBT), or sharing $100,000 in grand prizes when you stake a Lifeform Cartoon Avatar.  


Risky Airdrops and Airdrop Scams

A user can generally cash out their airdropped tokens or NFTs, trade it, or hold it for the long term. However, not all airdrops are safe. Users are sometimes airdropped tokens in their wallets despite not using any services. These risky tokens are attached to malicious contracts that can potentially drain the tokens in your wallet. These airdrop scam tokens are harmless if you leave them in your wallet and don't interact with them or don't claim any airdrop associated with them. 


Use trusted sources when looking for airdrop campaigns, and even then be careful since social accounts can get hacked, sources can be influenced, etc. For example, BSCDaily keeps users updated on the latest airdrops and news on BNB Chain on Twitter.


Always check the smart contracts of the airdrop your interacting with using a real-time risk detection tool such as a risk scanner or a risk notification tool such as Red Alarm. Using tools to detect risk can help you navigate airdrops safely. However, always DYOR!


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