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15 Most Used dApps on BNB Chain in 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Feb 22, 2023
15 Most Used dApps on BNB Chain in 2023

The most used dApps on BNB Chain are some of the most popular dApps across different categories such as gaming, DeFi, quiz-to-earn, naming services, tools, and more. 


The BNB Chain Ecosystem

According to Dune, BNB Chain amassed over 7.9 million monthly active users in January 2023, making it one of the most used blockchains. An average gas fee of 0.00069 BNB is one of the lowest among L1 blockchains while processing over 3 million transactions every 24 hours.  

With over a thousand BNB Chain dApps listed on DappBay, we take a closer look at the top 15 most used dApps on BNB Chain, and what makes them popular among Web3 users. 


The top 15 most used dApps on BNB Chain amassed over 2.18 million monthly users in February 2023 with most of the users participating in DeFi activities. Out of the 15 most used dApps on BNB Chain, 8 dApps fall into Web3 gaming or game-fi making it one of the most popular Web3 categories. 3 dApps fall into the tools and utility category while 2 dApps represent DeFi in this list.  


Most Users (Overall)

PancakeSwap accounts for more than half of the users (62%) in the top 15 dApps on BNB Chain making PancakeSwap one of the most popular dApps on BNB Chain. More than 1.36 million users visited and used PancakeSwap to trade crypto, participate in an IFO, farm, vote, and much more. 


The popularity and rise of Web3 gaming, quiz-to-earn platforms and play-to-earn games contributed to a significant increase in the number of monthly users for those dApps. 


Most Users in Quiz-to-Earn 

Hooked enables wider Web3 adoption through learn-and-earn products such as Wild Cash. Over 469K monthly users participated in quiz-to-earn and other gamified experiences in Feb 2023 on Hooked making it the most popular quiz-to-earn dApp and second most popular dApp in terms of users on BNB Chain.  


Most Users in Web3 Gaming 

Gameta hosts several mini-games including Ghost Run, Human Tower, Invest Master, Frog Prince Rush and enables users to earn crypto while playing. Gameta amassed over 141K monthly users in Feb 2023 making it one of the most popular Web3 gaming platforms on BNB Chain. 

Most Users in Tools and Utility  

SpaceID enables users to access Web3 through a universal username. Users can trade crypto, mint NFTs, buy tickets and much more through their universal username or SpaceID. SpaceID amassed over 46K monthly active users making SpaceID the most popular dApp in the tools and utility category. 


Special mentions go out to Era7 with 44K users, Meta Apes with 40K users, MOBOX with 32.7K users, ApolloX with 23.9K users, PlayZap Games with 22K users, X World Games with 21.2K users, ApeSwap with 16.1K users, CyberConnect with 12.9K users, Tiny World with 12.4K users, TopGoal with 12.3K users, and SecondLive with 11.7K users. 

15 Most Used dApps on BNB Chain

PancakeSwap is the largest Swap by trading volume and TVL on BNB Chain. Enjoy low fees, stake, yield farm, participate in lotteries, collect NFTs, make predictions, participate in Initial Farm Offerings and much more.


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