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Quiz to Earn with BNB Chain Project Spotlight

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Feb 6, 2023
Quiz to Earn with BNB Chain Project Spotlight

Introducing you to BNB Chain Project Spotlight, a way to learn about dApps on BNB Chain, test your knowledge through quizzes, and earn Web3 rewards in crypto, NFTs, and more. Learn-to-earn and Quiz-to-earn just became more rewarding and fun!


What is BNB Chain Project Spotlight?

BNB Chain Project Spotlight is a series that features the most innovative dApps building on BNB Chain and introduces them to the wider crypto community. The project spotlight combines learn-to-earn, quiz-to-earn, voting NFTs, and innovative campaigns to create an effective way to learn about Web3 and earn crypto while doing so. 


Users can learn, quiz and earn while dApps can leverage awareness, educate users, and build engagement through BNB Chain Project Spotlight. 

Web3 enthusiasts get to learn about innovative dApps through curated educational content in the form of videos, AMAs, and more. After learning, users can earn Web3 rewards by attempting quizzes based on the educational content they just learned. Users can also vote for the most interesting Web3 Story and earn crypto for voting for the winning story. 


Join the BNB Chain Project Spotlight today!


BNB Chain Project Spotlight Edition #1

In the first edition of BNB Chain Project Spotlight, users can look forward to meeting and learning about 3 innovative dApps shaping the future of the Web3 space: PIP, Magic Square, and Ultiverse. 

PIP enables payments through social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. With PIP.ME, you can highlight your Web3 identity or boost your business.


How to Quiz-to-Earn?

  1. Log on to DappBay between 14 Feb 2023 (12 PM UTC) and 14 Mar 2023 (12 PM UTC).
  2. Check out the BNB Chain Project Spotlight dApp content and videos on the campaigns page. 
  3. Click on ‘Read-now’ to unlock the quiz for each dApp. After reading/watching the content, answer the quiz questions. 
  4. You only get one chance for each quiz. The more you learn, the better chance you have at answering the questions correctly on the quiz.
  5. Attempt and answer all quiz questions accurately to unlock 2 rewards: your voting NFT (more on that next) and a chance to win a lucky prize. You can mint your voting NFT on Galxe right away, while the winners of the lucky prize will be announced on 15 March 2023, 12 PM UTC.
  6. 75 Lucky quiz-to-earn winners stand to win 10 BUSD each from a prize pool of 750 BUSD.  


Edition #1 Voting NFT

Imagine what the world will look like in the year 2050, and what products and services will users benefit from? Will it be closer to the show ‘the Jetsons’ set in the year 2062? 


You can use your Edition #1 voting NFT to vote for the project with the most interesting 2050 Web3 short story on or after 1 Mar (12 PM UTC) and stand to win from a prize pool of 1000 BUSD. Only users that vote for the winning story will be entitled to a share of the prize. DappBay will raffle and announce 100 winners of the voting on 15 Mar (12 PM UTC). 


Join an AMA

An AMA or Ask Me Anything is a unique way for users to engage with dApps by asking them questions directly and getting answers right away. Join 2 AMA sessions with BSC News and BSC Daily and stand to win giveaway rewards. 


  1. In-depth coverage and analysis by BSC News Live on 17 Feb (5 PM UTC). 
  2. A BSC Daily Fireside Chat with BNB Chain project spotlight on 21 Feb (2 PM UTC) with a $150 giveaway.


Utilize the AMA session to learn about a dApp through the questions asked by other users, learn about the participating dApps, and gain insights into questions that could help you answer the quiz better! 

Don’t worry if you miss the AMA, you can always catch the highlights on DappBay. 

Stay tuned for more BNB Chain Project Spotlight dApps, quizzes, and opportunities to earn crypto in this space.

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