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Highest Follower Growth Feb 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Feb 15, 2023
Highest Follower Growth Feb 2023

The highest follower growth is a list of 10 BNB Chain dApps with the highest growth in Twitter weekly followers selected across multiple categories and above a certain threshold of followers. The dApps are also listed in descending order with the dApps with the most followers listed first. 


Twitter is one of the most used social platforms and is leveraged by businesses, politicians, celebrities, organizations, governments, and most importantly, individuals. According to Statista, Twitter registered over 450 million monthly active users in 2022. 


From notifying users of active addresses transferring funds to breaking down the latest crypto scandals, Twitter plays an important role in crypto. dApps, developers, founders, investors, and users use Twitter to engage with the wider crypto community. BNB Chain is home to innovative dApps building on the blockchain with over 16 million transactions by 2.6 million weekly active users. BNB Chain's average gas fee of 0.00067 BNB per transaction makes it one of the most attractive L1 to Web3 users and developers.


Growth in followers is an indicator of a growing and thriving crypto community. dApps could see a growth in followers after running a successful campaign, improving user awareness, offering new services or features, partnerships with other projects, creating social tasks or quests in exchange for rewards, and more. However, not all growth is positive as these numbers can be influenced by the use of bots, paid accounts, etc. On the other hand, a constant weekly decrease in followers could indicate a failing project with a lack of interest among the wider crypto community. It's important to consider social growth along with other factors such as dApp users, transactions, founders, the whitepaper, smart contracts, etc. when using a Web3 project or dApp. 


Highest Follower Growth

LayerZero Labs
LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol designed for lightweight message passing across chains with a 202K followers (4.19%). LayerZero provides authentic and guaranteed message delivery with configurable trustlessness. LayerZero is part of the DeFi League.


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