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Mint your Voting NFT and Vote to Win $100BUSD

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 28, 2022
Mint your Voting NFT and Vote to Win $100BUSD

Mint your voting NFT and use your NFT to vote and win $100 BUSD with the BNB Chain Debate Competition. Vote for the hottest trend in 2023 from DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi featuring debaters from Stader, Yuliverse, and Era7.  


The term ‘debate’ is derived from the Latin terms ‘dis’ (reversal) and ‘battere’ (to fight). Debates are formal discussions for or against a topic between debaters and historically, debates existed since Ancient Greece and Ancient India. Most debates are open to an audience and include a moderator moderating the debate. Debates bring forward different viewpoints, educate the public, and are the trademark of an enlightened society. Examples of debates include political debates, parliamentary debates, competitive debates, technology debates, and more. Today, we get to witness debates about cutting edge technology within the blockchain sphere in real-time from anywhere across the globe. 

Which Fi Trend will be the Hottest Trend in 2023? 

Catch industry leaders make the case for some of the hottest trends in crypto across DeFi, GameFi, and Social Fi. 

Decentralized finance on the blockchain has helped eliminate the need for intermediaries and brought about financial inclusion for everyone. According to Bankless, DeFi saw over $55B in TVL and more than 4.8M DeFi users in 2022. DeFi users have access to multiple options ranging from derivatives, lending, borrowing, insurance, raising capital and more making DeFi potentially one of the hottest trends in 2023. 

GameFi rocked the year with the financialization of the gaming industry where players could own digital assets of their favourite games and profit from a play-to-earn model. According to Footprint Analytics, GameFi processed up to 25M daily transactions on the blockchain which was 5 times more than the number of transactions processed by DeFi, marketplaces, gambling, etc. combined.


SocialFi combines social networking applications with decentralized finance with creators getting to own their content. Existing big names in the social space including Reddit, Twitter, etc. have already adopted NFTs and digital avatars into their social platforms. The NFTs come with special perks such as access to memberships, premium content, special emojis, memes, etc. According to Footprint Analytics, SocialFi dApps on BNB Chain recorded more than 9.6M daily transactions more than any other blockchain. 


Who is Participating in the Debate?

Antonio Morales, the community lead of Stader will debate for DeFi as the hottest trend in 2023. Stader is a staking infrastructure provider with offerings across multiple blockchains. With over $50M TVL, Stader aims to bring staking to the next 1 Billion users by making it safe and convenient.


Rules of the Debate

The debate is a three-stage debate system starting with discussion, followed by an inquiry, and then conclusion. 

  • Debaters must support statements with evidence.
  • The facts used must be accurate.
  • New points cannot be presented in a rebuttal speech.

When and Where to Watch the debate?

Tune in on 5th Jan at 10 AM UTC for an hour to watch the debate on: 



Vote for your favourite debating team using your voting NFT. You can get a voting NFT on Galxe today when you finish completing social tasks. Voting NFTs are available to mint from 21st December to 11th January 2023. 

BNB Chain Debate Vote NFT

After you get your voting NFT, log on to DappBay to vote for your favourite debate team. Users have a week after the end of the debate to cast a vote for the team they think is the best. The voting period opens on 5th January and ends on 12th January 2023.



Stand a chance to win a share of the $9000 BUSD prize pool. 90 Voters who vote for the correct winning team stand a chance to win $100 BUSD each


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