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Which Fi do you think will be the hottest trend in 2023? Vote to stand a chance to share $9K BUSD.

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“ Which Fi do you think will be the hottest trend in 2023? “ Let’s see which project, DeFi, GameFi or SocialFi has the most convincing argument that will get you to vote for them!

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DeFi - Stader Labs
Stader Labs
Stader Labs is a liquid staking infrastructure provider, we believe in making staking safe and convenient for everyone while furthering decentralization for PoS blockchains. Currently live on 6 chains, with 70k+ stakers and $100M+ TVL.
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3,225 Votes
GameFi - Era7
ERA7 is an original Web3 card light competitive game that combines the features of NFT and Esportsfi. It has 7 major races, and thousands of card designs, totaling over 100,000 strategic combinations. In a fast-paced of 3 minutes a game, the original nine-grid board, competition through deep battle strategy, and the card trading method based on the Gamefi allow players to have fun!
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3,681 Votes
SocialFi - Yuliverse
Yuliverse is the World's very First Parallel Reality Gaming Metaverse on BNB chain, inspired by Pokemon Go & Tinder. Growing new and meaningful friendships at the same time earning in Yuliverse with ease, by just moving around in your neighborhood!
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