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8 Ways to Earn Crypto on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Nov 29, 2022
8 Ways to Earn Crypto on BNB Chain

From NFT airdrops on Reddit to juicy staking rewards, we look at 8 ways to earn crypto on BNB Chain. Web3 users can earn crypto, NFTs, Soul Bound Tokens, and other digital assets without paying a penny. Some innovative ways Web3 users earn rewards include CMC Learn-and-Earn, Quiz-to-Earn, Sing-to-Earn, IDOs, and more.


8 Ways to Earn Crypto on BNB Chain

The 8 ways to earn crypto on BNB Chain include staking, airdrops, ICOs, LPs, trading, IDOs, BNB Chain campaigns and other ways (the most important) to earn crypto.

1. Staking

What is Staking?

Staking is when you lock up your crypto to earn interest on your holdings. When you stake, you also help secure a system through a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Staking gives crypto investors a vehicle to earn returns on their crypto. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to stake, you may have a staking period, unstake at any time, or a cooldown period. Learn More 


Best BNB Chain Staking Options

Earn crypto with the best staking campaigns on BNB Chain.

Stake NFT Alpies and Earn Higher Yields on Alpaca Finance
Stake NFT Alpies and Earn Higher Yields on Alpaca Finance
Host by
Stake CAKE and Earn CAKE on PancakeSwap
Stake CAKE and Earn CAKE on PancakeSwap
Host by


2. Airdrops

What are Airdrops?

Airdrops are rewards you earn for free that are sent directly to your wallet. Airdrop rewards can include cryptocurrency, NFTs, and digital assets. Airdrops are one of the easiest ways to earn crypto for free. Most projects require you to interact with their dApp, conduct transactions, raffles, or finish tasks to qualify for an airdrop. Learn More

Reddit airdropped NFT avatars to millions of users' app wallets during the World Cup. Users could select NFTs of their favorite countries participating in the WC 2022. Reddit also airdropped NFT collectible avatars to millions of users in August, bucking the downtrend in the NFT market. 


Latest BNB Chain Airdrops

Earn crypto with the latest BNB Chain airdrops. 


3. ICOs

What are ICOs?

ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings and are used by dApps to get funding from the public (similar to an IPO in the stock market). ICOs allow investors to speculate and earn crypto but are also risky investments. During the 2017 bull run, several crypto projects launched their own ICOs during the ICO hype phase. Several of these ICOs were outright scams. One of these scams was even promoted by DJ Khalid. Users can still safely invest in potentially profitable ICOs by vetting the projects first, reading the white paper, ensuring multiple audits, the tokenomics, and more. 

Upcoming BNB Chain ICOs

Earn crypto with these upcoming ICOs on BNB Chain and stay updated on the latest coin offerings. 


4. LP

What is LP?

LP means Liquidity Provider or a person who lends (provides) crypto (liquidity). When you lend your crypto, you get LP tokens in exchange for the crypto you lend. These LP tokens represent the users' share of the LP pool. You also earn interest for becoming an LP (interest rates varying from dApp to dApp). Additionally, users can also choose to stake their LP tokens (lock). While becoming a Liquidity Provider may seem like an easy way to earn crypto, an investor is susceptible to impermanent loss (a change in the price of the tokens between lending and withdrawing). 


Ongoing BNB Chain LP Campaigns

Become a BNB Chain liquidity provider (LP) and earn crypto.


5. Trading

What is crypto trading?

Crypto trading is speculation in the price movements of crypto assets, derivatives, and other digital financial instruments between buyers and sellers. Traders speculate that the price of an asset will go up (or down) over a fixed time and hope to make returns. Traders are incentivised with crypto bonuses and ways to earn free crypto when trading a certain amount, based on the frequency of trades, or other criteria. However, trading crypto can be extremely risky. Check out this complete guide to crypto trading for beginners.

BNB Chain Trading Campaigns

Some of the latest trading campaigns and competitions on BNB Chain include:


6. IDOs

What are IDOs?

IDOs are Initial DEX Offerings. Projects can get funded by the public through decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap. IDOs improve on the ICO model by enabling projects to raise funds quickly and in a decentralized way. Users need to sign up with a dApp, participate in a raffle, or have whitelist access to participate in an IDO. Users can earn crypto by speculating in IDOs. Other examples of IDOs include Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) and Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs). 

Upcoming and Ongoing BNB Chain IDOs

Participate in upcoming and ongoing IDOs on BNB Chain and earn crypto.


7. BNB Chain Campaigns 

What are BNB Chain campaigns?

Participate in campaigns and events hosted by BNB Chain including Football Fiesta and earn crypto rewards. Users participate in quizzes, events, games, raffles, quests, tasks, predictions, and more to win Web3 rewards. Additionally, Glory Pass holders can vote for the final matches of the football WC. Stay tuned for more BNB Chain events and campaigns with Christmas and New Year around the corner on DappBay. Learn More


Earn Crypto with Football Fiesta

Participate in DappBay events and campaigns and earn crypto today!


8. Other Ways to Earn Crypto

The other ways (to earn crypto) are important ways to get crypto, but often overlooked. If you're new to crypto, the other ways can be some of the easiest ways to earn crypto for a newbie. 

  • You can earn crypto when you mint your BAB token for free with several benefits for BAB Token holders
  • Learn-and-Earn crypto with campaigns on CoinMarketCap are a good way to learn about crypto and earn crypto for free while doing so. 
  • Content creators on Reddit can earn cryptocurrency through moons, donuts and bricks for contributing posts and content in three different subreddits. 
  • Quests on Quest3 allow users to earn crypto, NFTs, or other perks in a few simple steps. 
  • Quiz-to-Earn is a new category where users can earn crypto for answering questions and participating in quizzes on Wild Cash, a game hosted on Hooked
  • Sing-to-Earn and Listen-to-Earn are also emerging categories where users can earn crypto for singing and competing in singing competitions.
  • Participate in luck-based games such as DeRace where users earn crypto for racing horses. 
  • Play-to-Earn crypto with several gaming titles on BNB Chain.  


What ways to earn crypto should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments. And congratulations on earning free crypto on BNB Chain.

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