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The Hottest Airdrops on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Nov 15, 2022
The Hottest Airdrops on BNB Chain


What are Airdrops?

Airdrops are rewards in the form of tokens, NFTs or assets that are sent to your web3 wallet. The term ‘airdrop’ comes from supplies dropped out of the sky by planes. Similarly, crypto or NFTs are digitally airdropped to users’ wallets. dApps use airdrop campaigns to promote awareness among the cryptocurrency community. Users can participate in the latest airdrop campaigns and earn small amounts of crypto for free. 


How to earn Airdrops?

Users earn different types of airdrops when they complete a task or set of tasks such as: 

  1. Bounty Airdrop: Following on social media or completing social tasks, 
  2. Standard Airdrop: Connect their web3 wallet to a platform,
  3. Trader’s Airdrop: Trading above a certain amount of crypto,
  4. Holder’s Airdrop: Holding a particular crypto or NFT,
  5. User Airdrop: Using a dApp, platform or website during a specified period,
  6. Raffle Airdrop: By holding a raffle ticket and winning a raffle,

Stay tuned to the Airdrop campaigns on DappBay for the latest Airdrop campaigns on BNB Chain. 


Hottest Airdrops on BNB Chain

The hottest airdrop campaigns on BNB Chain help you gain access to some of the latest and hottest crypto airdrops. You can also access information on upcoming, ended, ongoing, and long-term airdrops. 

1. NFT Airdrop

Get an NFT airdrop including BAB token (SBT) that gives holders exclusive benefits, RootMeta airdrop for BAB holders, and TopGoal's 10,000 NFT Airdrop for TopGoal users. Stay tuned for more NFT airdrops and be the first to participate in limited-edition mints.

Mint your BAB NFT Token
Mint your BAB NFT Token
Host by
Exclusive RootMeta NFT Airdrop for all BAB Token Holders
Exclusive RootMeta NFT Airdrop for all BAB Token Holders
Host by


2. Task Airdrop

Earn airdrop rewards when you complete quests with Quest3 in partnership with other BNB Chain dApps including Magpie, CACA, Quoll, and more. Popular quests include social tasks, connecting your wallet, or being an early participant.


3. CoinMarketCap Airdrop

Get access to the hottest airdrops on CoinMarketCap with extensive token and NFT airdrops for users. CMC is one of the most popular airdrop platforms hosting some of the biggest names including TopGoal, TokenBot, SaTT, ASTR, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

4. Football Carnival Airdrop

With the kick off the Football Carnival campaign on BNB Chain, users can participate in several events with airdrops. Users can win airdrops for participating in games with Tap Fantasy, and new users can win airdrops with quests on Quest3. 


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