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dApps and Tools to Help You Get Started on BNB Greenfield

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Oct 23, 2023
dApps and Tools to Help You Get Started on BNB Greenfield

Explore dApps and tools to get started on BNB Greenfield and enjoy true data ownership. The launch of BNB Greenfield comes on the back of the successful launch of opBNB and zkBNB. In the last 3 months, BNB Chain has launched several innovative developments in BNB Greenfield (decentralized data storage), opBNB (optimized layer-2 solution), and zkBNB (Zero-Knowledge rollup infrastructure). 


What is BNB Greenfield?

BNB Greenfield is a decentralized data storage blockchain platform empowering data ownership on BNB Chain. BNB Greenfield is constructed on the Cosmos/Tendermint infrastructure. Web3 users and dApps can utilize BNB Greenfield to easily store and manage data, and link data ownership with DeFi on BSC. For example, users can grant access, modify, create, delete, and execute permissions for their data to individuals or groups. Some of the key features of BNB Greenfield include:

  • creating and managing token assets and data assets
  • natively link data permissions on BSC
  • providing developers with APIs akin to existing Web2 cloud storage solutions


BNB Greenfield dApps and Tools

BNB Greenfield Mainnet went live on 17th October 2023. Several dApps and projects announced their launch on BNB Greenfield Mainnet (from testnet) with other projects expected to launch in the next few weeks and months. The list of dApp currently on BNB Greenfield Mainnet includes DCellar, GreenfieldScan, and Trust Wallet and the list of tools include Greenfield bridge, faucet, and price calculator. Stay tuned to this space for further updates as and when more dApps go live on opBNB mainnet.  


1. DCellar

DCellar is a storage console for developers on the BNB Greenfield Network that empowers developers to build at ease and assist in development, and team collaboration. With DCellar, users can store and share their data, as well as manage their account assets by logging in with MetaMask or TrustWallet. DCellar is powered by NodeReal, a Web3 infrastructure solution provider.


DCellar helps developers with NFT storage and minting, SP functional verification, web hosting, and more. Users can utilize DCellar’s visual storage management, permission management, coss-chain asset management, accounts management, and data dashboard. For example, DCellar's visual storage management feature easily stores, downloads, shares, and performs batch operations on objects. 


2. GreenfieldScan

GreenfieldScan is a BNB Greenfield block explorer and analytics platform powered by NodeReal, a Web3 infrastructure solution provider. Think of GreenfieldScan for BNB Greenfield akin to BSCScan for BNB Chain. Users can search by bucket, object, block, transaction, address, or SP using GreenfieldScan. 

Web3 users can access important smart contract information including balance, locked fee, total transactions, storage size, and past transaction history. Users can also access other BNB Greenfield information such as statistics, proposals, validators, storage providers, objects, buckets, groups, and more.


3. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet currently supports BNB Greenfield through a digital wallet. For example, a user can add the BNB Greenfield network to Trust Wallet, import tokens, and transact BNB.


4. BNB Greenfield Faucet

Web3 users can input a BNB Smart Chain address in the BNB Greenfield Faucet to get their first BEP tokens (BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.) on BNB Greenfield. Note the faucet is for testnet tokens.


5. BNB Greenfield Bridge

Users can easily move assets between BNB Greenfield and BNB Smart Chain using the BNB Greenfield Bridge


6. Price Calculator 

Users, developers, and builders can utilize DCellar, a storage console on BNB Greenfield, to calculate the cost of use cases on BNB Chain. 


A storage console for developers on the BNB Greenfield Network.
A BNB Greenfield block explorer and analytics platform.
Trust Wallet
Wallets such as Trust Wallet currently support opBNB.



BNB Greenfield Partners

The list of Greenfield partners and projects currently on or supporting BNB Greenfield Mainnet includes AWS, Alibaba Cloud, HashQuark, Trust Wallet, 4EVERLAND, and NodeReal.


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