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Most Valuable Builder Season 6

ByBNB Chain DappBayon May 17, 2023
Most Valuable Builder Season 6

12 dApps were recently announced as finalists of season 6 of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program. The dApps were selected from categories across infrastructure to application layers by Binance Labs, the VC and accelerator of Binance.


What is the MVB program?

MVB is an accelerator program focused on growing the BNB Chain ecosystem. At the end of the program, Binance Labs will decide which projects to invest in based on their performance throughout MVB.


The benefits of the MVB accelerator program include access to product design, marketing and business development, data tooling and analytics, security and audit, scaling and infrastructure, tokenomics, fundraising, and more. 


MVB Season 6

1500 dApps applied for season 6 of the MVB accelerator program. 53% of the dApps that applied are based in NA and Europe, and 36% of the dApps are based in the APAC region. 12 Finalists (or less than 1% of the entire application pool) were selected for MVB Season 6. The finalists for MVB6 include Kinza (secure lending protocol), Hinkal Protocol (privacy SDK), KiloEx (perpetual DEX), Cashmere Labs (cross-chain aggregator), EthosX (on-chain financial derivatives), AltLayer (multichain rollups), ZKCross (ZK-rollup execution layer), HIM (your AI boyfriend), Sparkle (astrology lifestyle dApp), Masa Finance (SDK for SBTs), Slise (ad platform), and xBank (consumer credit protocol). 

The MVB Season 6 kicked off on 17th April and continues for the next 11 weeks with projects engaging with industry experts, gaining technical advice, and delivering a product-market fit product. Each dApp team is assigned an MVB mentor with the co-founders of Binance hosting masterclasses exclusively for this batch of dApps. 

Yi He, the Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs commented: “Our mission at Binance Labs is to identify and support founders that have the skills, the values, and the long-term mindset needed to innovate tech solutions and positively impact the broader Web3 ecosystem. MVB aims to accelerate the growth of selected projects within the BNB Chain ecosystem. We have designed the MVB 6 curriculum to fit the needs of crypto startup founders and provide the right support for early-stage teams to build sustainable products that contribute to the long term growth of the ecosystem.

MVB Season 6 dApps


Kinza is a lending protocol built for a reliable DeFi ecosystem that focuses on security and aims to connect demand and supply of liquidity to create the best on-chain money market.




Application Layer


At the end of the 11-week accelerator, Binance Labs will hold a closed-door Demo Day to showcase the top dApps and to consider potential investments. Please note, admission into the MVB Accelerator Program does not equate to investment in projects, and Binance Labs will make final investment decisions at the end of the MVB program.

You can apply to the MVB accelerator program here.

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