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10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps Feb 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Feb 1, 2023
10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps Feb 2023

10 Recently listed dApps on DappBay is a list of decentralized applications building on, migrated to, or launched on BNB Chain. Listing on DappBay helps connect and introduce Web3 projects with the wider BNB Chain community. 

DappBay has listed over 915 BNB Chain dApps in just over 7 months since its launch in the middle of 2022. BNB Chain users have access to a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications constantly building and building on the blockchain. Web3 users have access to a wide range of dApps across different sectors such as DeFi, marketplaces, wallets, gaming, tools, SDKs, social, and more. Stay tuned for more recently published dApps on DappBay every month! 


The 10 recently listed dApps on DappBay for Feb 2023 includes Gritti (social fitness dApp), Trader Joe (one-stop DeFi), Notifi (create blockchain alerts), Unipass (wallet without seedphrase), PLAYZAP Games (free-to-play gaming arena), Shield (trade perpetual options and derivatives), PIP (payments using social media), Deri Protocol (hedge, speculate, and arbitrage), NFTScan (NFT data search), and CyberConnect (Web3 social network). 

10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps

Gritti is the world’s first social fitness (SoFi) decentralized application, created by a group of runners for runners. Earn rewards and make friends while building your healthy running habits.


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