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10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps on DappBay Jan 2023

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Jan 9, 2023
10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps on DappBay Jan 2023

10 Recently listed dApps on DappBay is a list of decentralized applications building on, migrated to, or launched on BNB Chain. Listing on DappBay helps connect and introduce Web3 projects with the wider BNB Chain community. 

DappBay has listed over 850 BNB Chain dApps in just over 6 months since its launch in the middle of 2022. BNB Chain users have access to a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications constantly building and building on the blockchain. Web3 users have access to a wide range of dApps across different sectors such as DeFi, marketplaces, wallets, luck-based, gaming, tools, SDKs, social, and more. Stay tuned for more recently published dApps on DappBay every month!


Satoshi Nakomoto created Bitcoin to eliminate centralization and empower decentralized finance. Decentralization means anyone from anywhere in the world can use or build on the blockchain without discrimination. However, since anyone can build on the blockchain, this leaves users open to scams, fraudulent projects, or inexperienced founders. DappBay has created the Red Alarm list as a solution to identifying risky dApps and avoiding them altogether. 


The Red Alarm list is a special list reserved for listed dApps with flaws in the smart contract, code, or founders released every Friday. Over 300 dApps were listed in the Red Alarm section of DappBay since the inception of the Red Alarm list. 1 out of 3 BNB Chain dApps listed on DappBay make it straight to the Red Alarm list along with the reason and level of risk. DappBay enables Web3 users to access several decentralized applications safely based on analytics, rankings, statistics, reviews, and more. 

10 Recently Listed BNB Chain dApps

Big Time
Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat and an adventure through time and space. Explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations as you battle your way through history. Pick up rare NFT Loot, Cosmetics and Tokens as you fight and defeat enemies. Collect and trade your NFTs to decorate your avatar and personal Time Machine, where you can hang out with your friends.


Web3 Stores versus Web2 Stores

Web2 stores are traditional centralized app stores that utilize apps. Web3 stores are decentralized stores that utilize dApps. Web3 dApp Stores have come a long way in improving the Web2 model. Some of the flaws of the existing Web2 stores include:

  • Projects couldn’t build or could get delisted from Web2 stores if they didn’t adhere to policies. 
  • Projects had to share a significant portion (30%) of profits with the Web2 store. This means a higher cost for app users and a lower profit margin for the projects. 
  • Projects built for one operating system may not be used on a competitive operating system. 
  • Fails to properly monitor scam applications. 
  • Most applications listed are pay-to-use, whereas Web3 store applications are free-to-use and in some cases, enable users to earn crypto instead. 


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