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10 Most Played Games on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 21, 2022
10 Most Played Games on BNB Chain

The 10 most played games on BNB Chain amass thousands of gamers every week with new games, the potential to earn, and innovations. 

When World of Warcraft nerfed Vitalik Buterin’s in-game character in 2009, little did anyone expect that to be one of the precursors that led to him developing Ethereum. In the past decade, decentralization emerged as a viable solution (if not an alternative) to several traditional centralized services. 

Innovations on the blockchain saw key sectors and services emerge in DeFi, data oracles, APIs, SBTs, and more. One of these innovations includes Web3 gaming which saw immense growth in game titles, users and transactions in 2022. 


Web3 Gaming Landscape

Web3 gaming landscape

According to dappradar, DeFi and marketplaces, two of the most popular Web3 categories processed over 3 million daily transactions in December 2022. Web3 gaming processed between 19 to 26 million daily transactions over the same period, almost 5x of all the other categories combined. While Web3 gaming processes millions of transactions, the highest daily volume recorded was $2.88M indicating a growing sector with room to improve.


BNB Chain is the most active blockchain with just under a million daily unique active wallets interacting with smart contracts. The most played games on BNB Chain include a variety of gaming categories ranging from popular sports titles to immersive open-world games.  


But why would millions of mobile, console and PC gamers switch to Web3 gaming?

  • Ownership of in-game assets through NFTs was the most significant factor driving more traditional gamers to play Web3 games. Players could own their in-game items, characters, land and choose to sell them.
  • Play-to-earn games give players an incentive to earn crypto and NFTs while playing a game. However, not all play-to-earn games are popular because players also value storylines, graphics, complexity, and more apart from incentives to keep playing a game. 
  • Free-to-play games are popular because players don’t need to pay to start playing. Removing pay-to-play makes games open for everyone to participate with no financial barriers to entry.
  • Innovations in Web3 gaming include NFTs with utility attached to it. Players get to meet and greet their favorite football players, participate in exclusive events, whitelists and more.


10 Most Played Games on BNB Chain

With more than hundreds of games developed or launched on BNB Chain, we look at the most played games on BNB Chain based on DappBay 7-day user metrics, and analytics.

Gameta is a mini-game series where users can play-to-earn crypto with more than 387K weekly active players. You can play games, access NFT markets, and store your digital assets in a single location.


BNB Chain Games Metrics

BNB Chain games ranking

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