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Earn a Special Festive Prize with 12 Days of NFTs

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 16, 2022
Earn a Special Festive Prize with 12 Days of NFTs

On the first day of Christmas BNB Chain sent me: the chance to win an NFT with OpenSea.


Celebrate this festive season with the 12 Days of NFTs featuring BNB Chain and OpeanSea. Participate in the 12 days of NFTs and stand a chance to win NFTs worth over $100,000 in prizes from 12 BNB Chain ecosystem dApps. Trade today and draw the next day for 12 days to see if you’re a lucky winner. 

OpenSea Integrates BNB Chain

OpenSea announced the integration of BNB Chain in November 2022 for an enhanced NFT experience for users and creators. OpenSea helps match creators, collectors, and collaborators across multiple chains on a peer-to-peer marketplace. Users can now buy, sell and trade BNB Chain NFTs on the world’s largest and first digital marketplace for NFTs and collectibles. From Galxe OAT to Lifeform items, explore your favorite BNB Chain NFTs on OpenSea today.

BNB Chain is the world’s largest blockchain in terms of transactions and daily active users with over 1300 dApps in the ecosystem. Over a million BNB Chain users have access to an enhanced NFT trading experience with more benefits added to OpenSea each day. NFT creators can access live payouts, multiple payment options, collection systems, and more. The latest integration signals a growing and thriving Non-Fungible Token ecosystem always creating utility and benefit for its users. 

What are the 12 Days of NFTs?

The 12 days of NFTs are 12 special days leading up to the 25th of December filled with joy, fun, and most importantly, gifts. Buy or sell at least 1 NFT from any BNB Chain collection on OpeaSea on the relevant day for a chance to join the daily lucky draw to win NFTs. Each day features a new NFT collection you could potentially win from a different BNB Chain dApp. Draw the prizes on the very next day with BAB-holders getting two lucky draws. Come celebrate BNB Chain NFTs on OpenSea the right way. Learn More

Complete one transaction during the 12 Days of NFTs to be eligible for a Commemorative Holiday NFT


Day 1

World League Live
Share $14K worth of Alessandro Del Piero NFTs on the first day of NFTs. World League Live is an officially licensed multi-sport metaverse and fan engagement platform. The platform is immersive, decentralized, and inclusive, positioned at the forefront of the coming technological revolution by combining gaming with the metaverse, NFTs and Play to Earn (P2E) to take Fan Engagement to the next level.


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


How to Join the 12 Days of NFTs?

Join the 12 Days of NFTs with BNB Chain and OpenSea here.


BNB Chain users have access to tons of activities and rewards including Football Fiesta, learn Web3 Ronaldo NFT, and now 12 Days of NFTs. Stay tuned for more events and opportunities only on BNB Chain.


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