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Ronaldo NFT Learn-and-Earn Challenge Rules

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 6, 2022
Ronaldo NFT Learn-and-Earn Challenge Rules

Join the Learn-and-Earn challenge with Cristiano Ronaldo and stand a chance to win a Ronaldo NFT. Learn about Web3 through curated content and equip yourself with basic tools and knowledge to step into the decentralized web. Answer the questions on the quiz correctly for the chance to earn a Ronaldo NFT. 

The Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection is the first in a series of limited-edition drops commemorating the legacy of one of the best footballers to grace the game. The collection showcases seven of Ronaldo's most iconic moments reimagined and immortalized as NFT statues.


What Can You Participate In?

You can participate in the 7-day Learn-and-Earn challenge:

  • BNB Chain reveals a new topic every day (for a week) to learn. 
  • Read the article and return to the campaign page on the same day to unlock your quiz question for that day. 
  • Each correct answer (quiz entry) gives you 1 chance in a draw to win a CR7 NFT. 
  • Check in daily and complete 7 days of quizzes if you answered them all correctly to double your chances in the draw. For example, if User A answers 7 days of quizzes correctly, they get 14 chances. If User B answers 6 days of quizzes correctly but gets the last day wrong, they get only 6 chances.


Lucky draw

  • Participate in the draw from 14 Dec (00:30) to 15 Dec (23:59).
  • Users must return to the landing page (again) to participate in the draw.
  • If a user does not conduct the draw, they will not be entitled to win any rewards.


Prize Pool

  • Win one of 77 lucky NFTs (67 Normal and 10 Rare NFTs).



1. Each wallet address gets one chance to answer the quiz question for that day. 

2. All quiz questions are fixed based on the chosen topic for that day (1 quiz question per day).

3. Binance Account Bound (BAB) token holders get one additional chance to answer the quiz for that day if they got it wrong during the initial try. For example: 

  • User A (a BAB holder) answers the question correctly, they get 1 chance at the draw. 
  • User B (a BAB holder) answers the question incorrectly, they get to click the (Try Again) button and give another attempt. 
  • User C (a non-BAB holder) answers the question incorrectly, the prompt (Good luck on the next quiz) with no further attempts pops up.

4. All extra chances are non-accumulative and non-transferable and must be utilized on the day.

5. Each wallet address is entitled to receive 1 reward only.

6. If a user’s wallet is picked to win a prize during the draw, their remaining chances of winning are withdrawn from the pool. For example: 

  • If User A answers 7 days of quiz correctly, they get 14 chances in the prize pool. However, once User A’s wallet address is selected as one of the winners, their remaining chances in the prize pool are removed.

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