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Glory Pass Rewards You Cant Miss

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Nov 1, 2022
Glory Pass Rewards You Cant Miss

Glory Pass x DappBay Presents Football Fiesta!

Glory Pass is a non-transferable NFT designed by BNB Chain. Each Glory Pass NFT is an entry ticket to Football Fiesta Events on DappBay. The World Cup starts on 20th November and is one of the most anticipated events every 4 years. Join the fun this football season with BNB Chain's Football Fiesta using your Glory Pass NFT. Learn more

Participate in match predictions for the Finals and Semi-Finals and stand to win blind box rewards from a pool of over $500,000. Glory Pass holders also gain access to limited-edition games, premium dApps, events, special benefits, and features. Stay tuned for more upcoming benefits of Glory Pass in this space!

Get a Glory Pass when you complete a certain task or tasks from a select list of dApps on BNB Chain. However, each dApp has only a limited number of Glory Passes out of a total of 120,000 passes. Glory Pass holders can also participate in over 50 activities hosted by over 20 dApps starting from 15th November 2022. Be the first to claim your Glory Pass using Galxe in this time-limited extravaganza!  

What is Football Fiesta? 

Football fans can celebrate this sporting season with football fiesta, a time-limited event on DappBay. Fans can participate, have fun, compete, and stand a chance to win some exciting prizes and rewards. The event includes predictions, games, NFT and crypto drops, Kaka's predictions, and much more!

Get Your Glory Pass Today!

Users can start collecting their pass on or after 1st November 2022. 120,000 Glory Passes will be minted and distributed over November and December 2022. Each address can claim 1 Glory Pass.  


P12 will issue 5000 Glory Passes from 1st to 8th November 2022 on a first-come first-serve basis. Claim a P12 Genesis NFT, claim a P12 x BNBChain WorldCup OAT, access VIP account appearance on P12 and exclusive roles in P12's Discord server. 💻


Who are the Glory Pass Partners? 

Be sure to like Glory Pass Partner's Twitter pages and catch the latest announcements on the Glory Pass, rewards, and more. P.S. It's also a requirement for most of the tasks. The partners include P12, RadioCACA, Dracoo world, Starsharks, The HarvestHangout, Bomb Crypto, Era7, TopGoal, CocosBCX, ThetanArena, Monsterra, Froyo, Element, LiveArt, Melos, OpenOceanGlobal, Helio, XDAO, Galaxy, Lifeform, Quest3, Bitkeep, Mathwallet, BSC.news, BSCdaily, and SecondLive.



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