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Top Listen-to-Earn dApps on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Oct 26, 2022
Top Listen-to-Earn dApps on BNB Chain

Get your Groove on With The Best Music dApps on BNB Chain!

Several top decentralized projects and applications have built innovative solutions to solve existing problems in the music and entertainment industry. For one, artists now get to entirely own the rights to their music, share their music directly with the fans, raise funding for upcoming album releases, and have concerts in the real world and the metaverse. 

Fans benefit as they can own a piece of their favourite music NFTs, support their favourite artists, get signed artwork, co-create music with their friends and artists, join music singing competitions, mint music NFTs of new albums, stream music, and more. Several top music artists and groups including Alan Walker, Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, and more engage with their fans through dApps.  

All in all, decentralized music is here, so listen-to-earn today

Top Music dApps on BNB Chain

Kola Labs
Create derivatives of your music NFTs with AI technology. Web3 users can mint their on-chain digital audio IDs using Kola Labs. Users can import AI-driven music services across different metaverse systems. Get customization on 20+ music properties and 100% copyright-free music.


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