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opBNB New Year Celebration, $450K+ Giveaway: Reward Details

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 25, 2023
opBNB New Year Celebration,  $450K+ Giveaway: Reward Details

Reward Details


  • Reward: $50K USDT & $2K worth of raffle tickets (ERC-1155)
  • Note:
    *Ticket owners can obtain a resonator NFT(ERC-721), which can be activated on a special chain to unlock the exclusive utility of Polyhedra’s collaborative project. The tickets can be sold on the marketplace and are transferable.
    *Once resonator NFTs are activated, Polyhedra will take a snapshot and conduct an airdrop with their partner. You can claim extra rewards with activated Resonator NFTs from other tasks launched by Polyhedra’s partners.
    *Polyhedra will airdrop the rewards to the winner's address. Users can check their tickets at https://star.legend.game/mint/ticke  and opBNB blockchain scan.


  • Reward: $10K USDT


  • Reward: $5K GOAL token & $10K worth of 1000 Footballcraft mystery boxes 
  • Note:
    * The NFT holders can use Footballcraft mystery boxes in the Footballcraft game and have the chance to win abundant rewards in the game. 
    * The winners can check the Footballcraft mystery boxes on the Footballcraft campaign page. Make sure you use the same wallet to participate in this event and connect to the Footballcraft website. 
    $4K CAKE


  • Reward: $10K DERP


  • Reward: $5K USDT

Bitget Wallet

  • Reward: $5K USDT
  • Note:
    1000 NFT will be rewarded for participants. Biget Wallet will airdrop $5~$100 GASU rewards to the 1000 NFT holders in the Bitget Wallet.


  • Reward: 50K “8-11 digit Dmail NFT domains”
  • Note:
    *Own a Dmail NFT domain valued at $5.49 and get a 1-5 digit DID .opbnb domain as well as 100 Dmail Points (which can be exchanged for Token in the future)
    *Dmail will airdrop the reward to the winners’ opBNB wallet within 1 week, Log in to Dmail products to check (dmail.ai)

Cards Ahoy

  • Reward: 5K Ahoy Boxes(NFT)
  • Note:
    *Ahoy Boxes stand as one of Cards Ahoy's paramount in-game assets. Each Ahoy Box, upon opening, randomly generates 5 card NFTs, which are usable for gameplay battles. Both Ahoy Boxes and card NFTs can be utilized and traded within the game.
    *Cards Ahoy will distribute rewards within 7 working days after the game opens beta. Winners can claim their rewards by downloading the game and logging in using their wallet address.
    *Winners can check their rewards in the published winners' list for the event.


  • Reward: $10K worth of 1000 Mega Merge Holiday Gift Boxes
  • Note:
    *1000 of the NFT holders will receive random rewards and the total value of the rewards worth $10K. 
    1000 Mega Merge Holiday Gift Boxes (Total 1,000,000 diamonds, 7000 green capture boxes, 3500 blue capture boxes, 100,000,000 gold coins, and $3000 USDT worth of $MMM tokens in the 1000 Boxes.) Participants can use the rewards in the Meta Merge game.
    *Reward claim link: https://mission.ultiverse.io/t/bWV0YW1lcmdlfDE3MDI0NDc0NjM4OTY=    
    User guide: https://mission-doc.ultiverse.io/getting-started/exploring-mission-runner    
    *You can check the reward on https://mission.ultiverse.io 


  • Reward: $10K worth of THE


  • Reward: $2K USDT & $10K worth of future tokens (1,000 NFT whitelisted)
  • Note:
    *Users who receive a Kinza Christmas NFT will receive Kinza Airdrop Points. 
    *NFT holders will have Airdrop Points automatically added to Kinza Finance. 
    *NFT Holders connect their wallet to app.kinza.finance, and will see their Airdrop Points already added to their dashboard. 


  • Reward: $1K USDT & $15K worth of OATs with airdrop points
  • Note:
    *The OAT holder will have the airdrop point and can redeem it with a future $KILO airdrop when TGE
    *The user can log on to KiloEx via the same address and view the OAT under My OAT

Copycat Finance

  • Reward: $1K USDT + 15,000 USDT worth of $CAT Token when TGE (Whitelisted)
  • Note:
    *Users holding Copycart Finance NFTs can claim NFTs to obtain future trading privileges in Copycat Finance, including:
    1. Fee discounts on trades.
    2. Eligibility for airdrops during events.
    3. Access to multiple copy trading features in Copycat Finance.
    *You can claim Copycat Finance’s NFT after the Event ends. Copycat Finance will not close the claim page for the campaign.
    *The winner can check the winner list in the Copycat Finance Community (Copycat Finance Telegram Group). If you need any help, please contact Copycat Finance Community Mod and the official Twitter.


  • Reward: $3K CUBI Token


Reward Ranking Board

  • Accumulate more points to achieve a higher ranking on the leaderboard and unlock greater rewards. 
  • If two participants share the same score, the one who gets the final point first is placed at the forefront of the ranking.



  • Your ranking is 10th on the leaderboard, and you will be rewarded 1000 USDT.
  • Your ranking is 99th on the leaderboard, and you will be rewarded 100 USDT.


A Thank You to Our Partners:
We extend our heartfelt thanks to our ecosystem partners for adding excitement to this celebration.

Binance Web3 wallet, Polyhedra, Rhino.fi, TopGoal, PancakeSwap, DerpDex, Cards Ahoy, MetaMerge, Dmail Network, Bitget Wallet, Coin98, Trustwallet, Kinza Finance, Copycat Finance, Cellula, KiloEx, Cubiswap, Thena  (No particular order)

A special thanks to Polyhedra for their technical support.

Remember to set your alarms and mark your calendars because you won't want to miss the opportunity to be part of opBNB's Spectacular New Year Celebration!

Join us in spreading joy, unlocking rewards, and embracing the community spirit. Let the countdown to an extraordinary celebration begin!

Risk Warning: Rewards will be distributed by Polyhedra. Digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. The value of your investment may go down or up, and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and BNB Chain is not liable for any losses you may incur. Past performance is not a reliable predictor of future performance. You should only invest in products you are familiar with and where you understand the risks. You should carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance and consult an independent financial adviser prior to making any investment. This material should not be construed as financial advice. For more information, see our Terms of Use and Risk Warning.

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