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opBNB New Year Celebration, $450K+ Giveaway: On ChainTask Guideline

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 25, 2023
opBNB New Year Celebration,  $450K+ Giveaway: On ChainTask Guideline

opBNB New Year Celebration, $450K+ Giveaway: On ChainTask Guideline

December 28, 2023 - January 17, 2024

Task 1: Use zkBridge on Polyhedra to transfer any assets to opBNB

  • Guideline: 
    1. Visit our official website: https://zkbridge.com/opbnb .
    2. Select the sender chain and receiver chain(must include opBNB).
    3. Input amount you want to transfer.
    4. Double-check your recipient address.
    5. Approve your Token(currently support BNB,USDT,ETH,BTCB and FDUSD).
    6. Click “Transfer” to cross-chain your tokens.
    1. Enter Star Legend: https://star.legend.game/ and switch to the opBNB version.
    2. Complete our partner tasks and claim tickets at https://star.legend.game/mint/ticket.
    3. Summon your resonator NFT(s).
    4. Activate any resonator NFT on opBNB and select any receiver chain.
    * Note: We only count receiver addresses on opBNB as qualified addresses. Sender addresses will not be counted.

Task 2: Bridge a minimum of $10 worth of any token from any supported chain to opBNB on Rhino.fi .

  • Guideline:
    1. Visit https://app.rhino.fi/   
    2. Then connect your wallet. This is a 2-step process requiring 2 wallet signatures (neither will enable a transaction or cost the user anything.)
    3. The first signature verifies ownership of the wallet
    4. The second signature enables high-speed transactions on Layer 2.
    5. Navigate to the ‘Bridge’ section - https://app.rhino.fi/bridge
    6. Select a token you wish to Bridge and input the amount
    7. Confirm your source chain (where you are moving funds from)
    8. Confirm your destination chain (where you are moving funds to)
    9. Review the fees and double check the amounts are correct
    10. Click Bridge to send your funds to your desired chain

Task 3: Mint a TopGoal Football Crafter SBT on opBNB 

  • Guideline: Go to the Footballcraft campaign page https://event.footballcraft.io/fcopbnb  connect your wallet to the website, and click “Mint a Football Crafter SBT” to complete the task.

Task 4: Provide $10 liquidity to USDT-BNB 0.05% fee tier liquidity position on opBNB PancakeSwap v3

Task 5: Use Zap to earn feature on DerpDex with any amount

January 4, 2023 - January 17, 2024

Task 6: Use Binance Web3 Wallet to deposit at least $10 USDT on opBNB via zkBridge

  • Guideline: Connect to Binance Web3 Wallet to deposit at least $10 USDT on opBNB via zkBridge.

Task 7: Create a wallet on Coin98 Wallet Extension

Task 8: Users need to verify that they are the Bitget Wallet opBNB address and hold tokens worth more than $10 on the opBNB.

Task 9: Send an on-chain email through the opBNB chain on Dmail 

Task 10: Mint Cards Ahoy GamerCard (SBT)

  • Guideline: 
    1. Enter the Cards Ahoy GamerCard mint page
    2. Log in with your wallet on Metalist Game
    3. Free mint Cards Ahoy GamerCard (SBT on opBNB network)

Task 11: Open one Meta Merge Pet EGG and mint the NFT

January 11, 2023 - January 17, 2024

Task 12: Bridge any token to opBNB with Trust Wallet by Polyhedra bridge 

Task 13: Stake liquidity in THENA’s THE/BNB pool on opBNB

  • Guideline: https://medium.com/@ThenaFi/thena-101-providing-liquidity-on-opbnb-0e6334e7ea57

Task 14: Deposit $10 worth of a supported token on Kinza Finance opBNB

Task 15: Simple trade $10 USDT on KiloEx

  • Guideline: 
    1. Go to https://app.kiloex.io/trade  and change to opBNB mainnet on the right corner
    2. If you already have BNB and USDT on opBNB in your wallet, you can make a trade with a minimum margin of 10 USDT with 2x to 100x leverage
    3. If you don’t have BNB or USDT on opBNB, you can go to Bridge to choose zkBridge or withdraw from your Binance account.

Task 16: Claim Copycat Finance Lottery NFT for opBNB New Year Celebration

  • Guideline: https://galxe.com/copycatfinance/campaign/GCnJtttSHC

Task 17: Make a transaction with any amount of $Cubi on CUBISWAP

Task 18: Participate in the first level of the AW-PacMan game on Cellula

A Thank You to Our Partners:
We extend our heartfelt thanks to our ecosystem partners for adding excitement to this celebration.

Binance Web3 wallet, Polyhedra, Rhino.fi, TopGoal, PancakeSwap, DerpDex, Cards Ahoy, MetaMerge, Dmail Network, Bitget Wallet, Coin98, Trustwallet, Kinza Finance, Copycat Finance, Cellula, KiloEx, Cubiswap, Thena

A special thanks to Polyhedra for their technical support.

Remember to set your alarms and mark your calendars because you won't want to miss the opportunity to be part of opBNB's Spectacular New Year Celebration!

Join us in spreading joy, unlocking rewards, and embracing the community spirit. Let the countdown to an extraordinary celebration begin!

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