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Join PixelSwap airdrop to share $30,000 worth of Emerald NFT

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Dec 1, 2023
Join PixelSwap airdrop to share $30,000 worth of Emerald NFT

Join PixelSwap airdrop to share $30,000 worth of Emerald NFT

Airdrop Period

2023-12-12 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-12-18 23:59 (UTC)


10,000 Emerald NFTs worth 30,000 USD. 


  • Follow PixelSwap Twitter 
  • Like PixelSwap Post
  • Retweet PixelSwap Post 
  • Post an on Twitter 
  • Join Discord Pixelswap 
  • Mint the Pixel Soul Pass on opBNB (Onchain)
  • Repost BNB Chain campaign tweet

Task link:  https://app.questn.com/quest/834286680911929439

How to get the Airdrop?

How to mint the Pixel Soul Pass?
- PixelSwap Soul Pass (PSP) is a special type of Soulbound Token (SBT) created through the minting process on the PixelSwap platform.
- Step 1: Go to https://pixelswap.xyz/daily?tab=mint
- Step 2: Connect your wallet and switch the chain to opBNB Network.
- Step3: Own a PSP now by clicking the "Mint" button.
Read more here: https://docs.pixelswap.xyz/pixelswap/pixel-soul-pass 

How to get Airdrop?
- Rewards will be distributed by PixelSwap. Rewards will be distributed by PixelSwap. $PIXEL tokens will be distributed to the address of Emerald NFTs holders once the token is launched(Est Q4 2023). With an exchange value of $3 per Emerald NFT holder
- Duration: Start Dec 12th -> End Dec 18th (UTC)
- Once users have completed the assigned tasks on QuestN, they will be eligible to receive their Emerald NFTs immediately(Raffle).

What’s the Emerald NFT?
- The Emerald NFT is one of the gems in the Pixel Gem NFT Collection. 
- You will receive attractive privileges if you own Emerald NFT:
Emerald NFT holders will receive exclusive airdrops from PixelSwap.
Moreover, Your Emerald NFTs can join our Liquidity NFT staking pool, bestowing you with an even more bountiful harvest of rewards.
- Seize the opportunity to stand as one of Emerald NFT holders, and you shall be vested with a cornucopia of exclusive prerogatives.

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