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Win a share of $50,000 token Airdrop with Mind Network

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Oct 25, 2023
Win a share of $50,000 token Airdrop with Mind Network

Win a share of $50,000 token Airdrop with Mind Network


Important Dates

Join the Mind Network $50,000 airdrop campaign on DappBay from 2023-11-7 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-11-13 23:59 (UTC).



Prize: $50,000 in Mind Network’s future token




Task link: https://app.questn.com/quest/819425147700338824?invite_code=5HZGMV 


How to get the Airdrop?


For the initial tasks, kindly complete the specified simple social tasks outlined on the QuestN campaign page. 

For the final task, Register Zero Trust Bridge. Please visit the Mind Network Zero Trust Bridge product website, and click on the prominent green "Sign up to begin" button located at the front of the page. Please note that there is a small gas fee associated with the registration process. 



  • Everyone who completes the simple tasks on QuestN will claim the airdrop whitelist. Each whitelist holder will have the opportunity to claim randomly distributed rewards ranging from $5 to $50 worth of Mind Network's future tokens.
  • Those who complete the tasks will also claim the airdrop whitelist. 
  • To check your eligibility and the amount you can claim, please visit our official website in the near future. 
  • The claiming period will start simultaneously with the token listing, and it will remain open for one month. 
  • Any unclaimed tokens will be returned to the airdrop pool for future rewards. Stay tuned for more announcements! 


Please note: Mind Network reserves the right of the final interpretation of this campaign. The specific date for token listing has not yet been determined, and no tokens have been issued at this time.

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