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10 Most Used Social Lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain

ByBNB Chain DappBayon Oct 18, 2023
10 Most Used Social Lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain

From making friends to learning courses with the help of AI, social dApps play an important role in making the transition from Web2 to Web3 seamless. 

More than a decade and a half since Bitcoin was created, new Web3 users still find it hard to participate in DeFi, buy cryptocurrencies, or use a dApp. Getting a wallet, buying crypto, and the technology itself can be barriers to entry for the general population. However, lifestyle dApps can limit those barriers to entry in Web3.


What are Social Lifestyle dApps?

Social lifestyle dApps are decentralized applications that users can utilize in their everyday social lives. Social lifestyle dApps span across applications to make friends, get an education, exercise, watch and earn, contribute to earn, and more. With most social and lifestyle dApps, users have the added incentive of earning by using the dApp.

10 Most Used Social Lifestyle dApps

The 10 most used social lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain are based on the dApps with the highest 30-day users in the last month under the tags ‘social’ and subtag ‘lifestyle’ on DappBay. DappBay has published a total of 165 dApps under the social and lifestyle category. The list of 10 most used social lifestyle dApps includes TinyTap, Friend3, Playbux, STEPN, HELLO, CyberConnect, MAIN, Ariva World, Yuliverse, and Galeon. 


However, dApps without smart contracts (and hence, without user data) have been excluded from this list of most used social lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain. For example, notable lifestyle dApps without user data on BNB Chain include ReadOn, Magic Square, BSCDaily, DeBox, TaskOn, Gritti, Dmail Network, and more. 


1. TinyTap

TinyTap amassed 847K users and registered 1.2M transactions in the last 30 days making it one of the most used dApps across all categories on BNB Chain. TinyTap is a social platform that empowers families, teachers, and students to learn from each other by creating personalized learning apps and playing thousands of new ones shared daily by a worldwide community of educators and learners worldwide.

Users can learn traditional subjects (such as math, science, politics, etc.) or modern subjects (such as specific wars, or learn about a country) with the help of TinyTap AI. TinyTap also introduced co-publishing rights with Publisher NFTs for 6 educational courses. The Publisher NFT holders have the right to receive up to 80% of any future earnings from customers’ engagement with the course through marketing and promotion activities carried out by the Publisher NFT holders.


2. Friend3

Friend3 is the second most used lifestyle dApp on BNB Chain with 28.7K monthly active users registering 122K transactions. Friend3 is innovating the social monetization space by allowing customizable pay-per-group communities, with potential applications extending to event ticketing and more. It resolves key issues found in platforms like Friend Tech by emphasizing individual control, security, and user experience. On Friend3, content creators receive direct financial incentives, marking the seamless integration of the creator economy with Web3.


3. Playbux

Playbux amassed 19K users that registered over 818K transactions making it the second most transacted and the third most used lifestyle dApp on BNB Chain. A user on average makes 43 transactions on Playbux. Playbux is a mobile-accessible shop-to-earn metaverse where users can earn Playbux tokens by receiving cashback on any purchase. 


Users can choose merchants from the event page and shop with several retailers from Adidas to Domino’s and receive cashback credit withdrawable in BUSD. Additionally, users can earn special rewards by using the cashback credit in a variety of ways. Playbux also features other ways to earn including play-to-earn, walk-to-earn, stamp-to-earn, watch-to-earn, and more.


Despite the decline of the move-to-earn space, STEPN continues to drive traction amassing 7.5K users across 44K transactions on BNB Chain. STEPN is a move-to-earn mobile game, where players earn GST game tokens, which can be used to mint new Sneakers or swap for stablecoins.

Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of Sneakers. By walking, jogging, or running outdoors, users will earn game currency, which can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit. STEPN aims to nudge millions toward a healthier lifestyle and combat climate change.


HELLO, also known as HELLO Labs, amassed over 2.2K MAUs across 8.8K transactions making it the 5th most used lifestyle dApp on BNB Chain. HELLO Labs is a Web3 native ecosystem that incubates, produces, funds, and distributes original programming, games, and NFTs. 


Founded by Paul Caslin, the Grammy-nominated Creative Director of the MTV VMA‘s, HELLO Labs seeks to onboard the next 1 billion Web3 users by creating a seamless "Web2 meets Web3" experience; that guides even the most basic of users to take their first step of owning a digital asset, playing Web3 games, or watching exclusive shows.

6. CyberConnect

CyberConnect amassed over 2.1K MAUs across 8.9K transactions according to the last 30-day MAUs on BNB Chain. CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol that helps Web3 applications bootstrap network effects. It empowers users to truly own their social identities, contents, and connections in a social network and provides developers with a rich set of tools to build applications with meaningful social experiences. Some of the features of CyberConnect include CyberAccount, CyberGraph, CyberID, W3ST, and more.


MAIN amassed over 1.9K MAUs across 37.6K transactions according to the last 30-day MAUs on BNB Chain. MAIN is a Web3 social network operated and owned by its users on the blockchain. MAIN is made up of communities on different topics created by users: from politics and memes to cryptocurrency and gaming. Every community has its own coins that anybody can buy and sell. 


Coin holders as community owners can elect administrators, make money on community growth and also earn MAIN tokens for their contributions to communities by posting, commenting, and moderating.

8. Ariva World

Ariva World amassed over 1.2K MAUs across 2.8K transactions according to the last 30-day MAUs on BNB Chain. Ariva World is a cryptocurrency-based B2C tourism and travel platform portal enabling travelers to make bookings safely and easily and pioneering online travel payments to be paid with cryptocurrencies. 


ARIVA was produced to eliminate the expensive costs of international high-volume money transfers and the Swift transaction complexity in tourism and travel transactions, which are among the highest-volume industries in the world economy.

9. Yuliverse

Yuliverse amassed over 1K MAUs across 3.6K transactions according to the last 30-day MAUs on BNB Chain. Yuliverse is the World’s very first Parallel Reality Gaming Metaverse on BSC Chain, inspired by Pokemon Go and Tinder. Grow new and meaningful friendships and earn at the same time in Yuliverse with ease by just moving around in your neighborhood. Yuliverse boasts a unique economy that is entirely player-owned, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade in-game items they've earned by contributing to the economy. 

10. Galeon

Galeon amassed under 1K MAUs across 1.7K transactions according to the last 30-day MAUs on BNB Chain rounding up the list of the top 10 most used lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain. Galeon is the first electronic health record that generates highly structured medical data and trains medical AI thanks to the blockchain. Galeon is also the first health cryptocurrency, giving patients power over their health data while advancing medical research, and hopes to establish a collaborative world where everyone can contribute by sharing their medical data anonymously and securely for the good of humanity.


Risky Lifestyle dApps

Not all social lifestyle dApps are safe or legitimate. DappBay’s Red Alarm has helped identify over 75 out of the 165 lifestyle dApps as risky across Ponzi scams, rug pulls, phishing scams, backdoor functions, centralization, and more. 

A few examples of risky lifestyle dApps on BNB Chain include Meta Netflix, Londex, SEXN, AMA Fans, Street Project, Santa Elon, Walky World, PassPay Store, and more.

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