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Stake NFT Alpies and Earn Higher Yields on Alpaca Finance

Stake NFT
*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

About campaign

Stake your Alpie for up to a 50% max leverage boost in LYF. Alpaca Finance is the largest platform of leveraged DeFi products in crypto operating on BNB Chain. Lend or farm USDT, USDC, CAKE and several other cryptocurrencies. ALPACA is the native token of Alpaca finance.

How to join

Step 1: Go to Stake and select 'NFT Staking' on Alpaca Finance. 


Step 2: Select a wallet to connect


Step 3: Select your NFT you want to stake

Select which NFT and how many NFTs you want to stake, approve the transaction, and stake your amount. Follow the same steps to unstake your NFTs and claim your rewards. You will need some gas fees in BNB for your transaction. 


Step 4: Claim Rewards

Get higher yield farming rewards on selected pools when staking Alpies NFTs. 

Provides top decentralized apps (dApps) on BNB Smart Chain, opBNB and Greenfield.


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