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Big Bazaar Tournament — uDEX Trading Extravaganza on BNB Chain! $1 million

May 28 16:00 - Jun 28 15:59 2024
$1,000,000 USDT
*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

About campaign

trade to win uDEX points as certificate for sharing the huge prize pool!

How to join

Calling all traders,

uDEX is thrilled to kick off an epic trading tournament powered by @BNBCHAIN, with an astonishing trade incentives of 1,000,000 USDT value up for grabs! 💰✨

Here’s how it works: Traders will earn uDEX points based on their trade volumes, and these points will determine their eligibility and share of the incredible prize pool of 1,000,000 USDT value! The tournament runs from May 28th, 2024, 00:00 to June 25th, 2024, 23:59 UTC. Every day, the top traders will be awarded exclusive event NFTs, representing the esteemed knighthood of the Order of uDEX. These NFTs are more than just tokens of honor — they provide massive boosts to your uDEX point mining!

The BNB Chain has transformed into a bustling bazaar of crypto assets, and uDEX is excited to host this thrilling tournament in the heart of it all. Join your fellow crypto knights and nobles in a battle for supremacy and fortune!

Stay tuned for daily winner announcements on our X account @uDEX_one.

Let the tournament begin! 🎉⚔️💰

Prize Pool Distribution Guidelines

Any trader with uDEX points exceeding 10,000 will be eligible to share in the prize pool. The prize share for each participant will be determined based on their proportion of the total points earned by all participants.

How to Earn uDEX Points?

Complete Daily Tasks

Earn 10 points daily by completing tasks on uDEX.

Trade on uDEX via BNB Chain

  1. Types of Trading: Participate in spot trading or perpetual swap trading.
  2. Token Categories: Tokens are categorized into three types, each offering different levels of point yields. Earn points by participating in swap and futures trading on uDEX.
  3. Portals:

Referral Program

Refer uDEX to your friends by sharing the uDEX button in the Telegram chatroom. You’ll earn additional points based on the points your friends earn from trading or daily tasks after your referral!

How does the NFT Point Boost work?

The earned points earned by a trader will be multiplied by an NFT boost if the trader owns a BBT (Big Bazaar Tournament) NFT in their wallet while earning points.

Different levels of NFTs offer significant boosts, with higher-level NFTs capable of dramatically changing the outcome of the contest. Trade and explore to maximize your point potential!

How to Get the BBT NFT?

Daily Leaderboard:

  • The top 3 participants on the daily points leaderboard will be granted a BBT NFT of random rarity.
  • The daily leaderboard standings will be announced on X, with detailed updates provided on Medium.

Direct Purchase

  • Yes, the BBT NFT has a market price, and you can buy it directly on the uDEX app.
  • The rarity is random upon purchase, so a rare BBT NFT may appear during the trading process.

We hope the BBT NFT boost adds more fun to the trade contest. As a certificate of Knighthood of the Order of uDEX, the NFT may also bring additional benefits in the future, such as boosting uDEX token airdrops.


Despite their high growth potential, cryptocurrencies still carry high market risks and volatility. We strongly advise users to conduct their own research and invest at their own risk.

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X: uDEX_one | Telegram: uDEX_Community

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