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Echosystem Campaign

with over $30,000 in rewards and prizes up for grabs

May 28 16:00 - Jun 28 15:59 2024
*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

About campaign

Welcome to KTX Novus, a BNB-exclusive Trading Incentives Campaign! Get ready to experience superior trading on KTX.Finance and stand a chance to win a share of the prize pool worth over $30,000!

How to join

Introducing KTX Novus

KTX is excited to introduce the KTX Novus Campaign, a special event designed exclusively for BNB Chain traders. This event is part of the BNB Chain Trading Volume Incentive Program, offering unique rewards and incentives to enhance the trading experience for our users.

Campaign Overview

Duration: The KTX Novus Campaign will take place over 4 distinct Epochs starting from 29th May UTC 0000hrs to 25th June 2024 UTC 2359rs, with each Epoch lasting a week.

Budget: KTX Novus will have a prize pool worth $32,000 and participants will eligible to also be eligible for incentives from the wider BNB Chain Trading Volume Incentive Program allocated to partnering projects.

Mission: The goal of the campaign is to provide traders with cost-saving opportunities and additional boosts to make their trading activities more rewarding.

KTX Novus Reward Structure:

a) Trading Volume Incentives Pool
Participants can earn rewards from a pool consisting of 16,000 $KTC tokens and 8,000 USDT.

b) Open Interest Incentives Pool
An additional incentive pool offers 4,000 $KTC tokens and 4,000 USDT to eligible participants.

c) Additional LP Incentives
Liquidity Providers can benefit from a boost in $KTC emissions, adding up to 40,000 $esKTC as additional incentives

How do you participate in KTX Novus and earn incentives ?

Participants will earn incentives based on their trading activity and open interest levels per Epoch. Here is how the calculations will work:

Trading Volume Criteria: Incentives are calculated based on the weighted trading volume of each participant compared to the total trading volume of all participants in the Epoch.

Average Open Interest Criteria: Incentives are determined by the weighted average open interest of each participant relative to the average open interest of all participants in the Epoch.

For example:

Trading Volume: The individual trading volume will be calculated for each participant in an Epoch, then compared to the total trading volume of all participants to determine the incentive.

Open Interest: Participants’ rolling average open interest will be assessed over the Epoch period. The individual average open interest is then compared to the average open interest of all participants to allocate the incentives.

Example Calculation:
During Epoch 1 (29th May — 4th June), participants’ trading volumes and average open interests will be evaluated to determine their rewards based on the outlined criteria.

BNB Chain Trading Volume Incentive Program

KTX is one of the selected projects to participate in BNB Chain Trading Volume Incentive Program with a total of $250K in prize rewards. By participating in KTX Novus, you will also be eligible to earn incentives from BNB Chain Trading Volume Incentive Program with up to $80k allocated to KTX users.

Join us in the KTX Novus Campaign and leverage these exciting opportunities to enhance your trading experience and earn valuable rewards!

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