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Introducing "INSPire Fiesta - Swap to Earn 155,000 $INSP"

Mar 20 18:00 - Apr 21 16:00 2024
155,000 $INSP
*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

About campaign

Greetings! Brace yourselves for INSPire Fiesta, brought to you by Inspect, PancakeSwap, and Looty. Dive into this campaign on both BNB Chain and Ethereum to share the 155,000 $INSP prize pool. Let's see how you can participate and win!

How to join

Campaign Duration: 21 Mar 2024 1400 UTC to 21 Apr 2024 1400 UTC


Part 1: Swap and Win 150,000 $INSP

It’s time to aim for the top! All traders will be ranked based on their trading volume during the campaign period. The top 300 traders will share 150,000 $INSP based on their rankings, with the rewards distributed as follows:

Rank 1 - Rank 50: 3 keys

Rank 51 - Rank 150: 2 keys

Rank 151 - Rank 300: 1 keys


Each key has equal chances of opening these crates, with the following prizes:

Legendary (100 crates): 750 $INSP

Rare (150 crates): 300 $INSP

Common (250 crates): 120 $INSP


The higher your $INSP trading volume during the campaign, the more keys you will earn, and the higher chance you will have to accumulate more $INSP rewards. Even if you only receive 1 key, you will still have a 20% chance of opening a Legendary crate - aim to break into the Top 300 leaderboard!

You can track the running leaderboard on our Dune dashboard here.

The keys will be airdropped to the top 300 traders after the trading period ends. Thereafter, these traders will have a two week minting period to unlock their crates on Looty’s website. More details on the process will be published at a later date.

Part 2: Spread the Word to Win 5,000 $INSP

Spread the word about INSPire Fiesta to share 5,000 $INSP! Join the QuestN campaign by completing social tasks, and 100 lucky winners will each win 50 $INSP. Here's how to participate:

- Follow @PancakeSwap on X

- Follow @inspectxyz on X

- Follow @looty_fi on X

- Like the "INSPire Fiesta" campaign tweet

- Retweet the "INSPire Fiesta" campaign tweet

- Hold at least 1 $INSP in your wallet on BNB Chain

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