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$100,000 Airdrop on Binance Web3 Wallet

Mar 07 04:00 2024 - Mar 31 15:59 2024
$100,000 worth of INDS

About campaign

With the explosion of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the development of the Bitcoin inscription ecology is accelerating. $INDS (BRC-20) is the governance inscription of the world’s first decentralized indexer, serving as the foundational infrastructure of the Inscription ecosystem, has been recognized and warmly welcomed by the crypto market since its issuance, leading the development of the Bitcoin inscription market forward by leaps and bounds. Binance Web3 Wallet joins hands with $INDS to launch an unprecedented airdrop campaign. The rewards for this airdrop are 3,000,000 Sats and $100,000 worth of INDS (BRC-20).

How to join

🔶 1. Register

2024/03/7 12:00 - 2024/03/28 07:59 (UTC+8), click on 👉 the registration link 👈 to participate in the event.

🔶 2. Deposit

2024/03/7 12:00 - 2024/03/28 07:59 (UTC+8), deposit any amount of $INDS from the UXUY platform to Binance Web3 Wallet.

🔶 3. Trade

2024/03/21 17:00 - 2024/03/28 07:59(UTC+8), trade any amount of $INDS on Binance Web3 Wallet.

🔶 4. Hold

Hold any amount of $INDS in Binance Web3 Wallet. Snapshot time: 23:59 on March 31, 2024 (UTC+8).

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