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Trader Joe’s Full Send Campaign

About campaign

Full Send SZN is all about bringing value to the community. The Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT marketplace will work together to drive growth and awareness in the BNB ecosystem, running concurrent and complementary events over the course of ~one month. The campaign will include adventure quests, unique free mints, amazing prizes and new community perks, eligible for all BNB users.

How to join

Step 1: Join the Trader Joe community. 


Step 2: Pool Party Quest

Early adopters of Auto-Pools will be rewarded for taking part, with potential unique NFTs, community perks and JOE token prizes.


Step 3: Free mints

Trader Joe will launch a number of exclusive Liquidity Book related free mints via the Joepegs NFT marketplace, further bringing the magic of Auto-Pools and Liquidity Book to life.


Step 4: Watch the launch of Downbad Donkeys.


Note: To make sure only the most engaged members of the BNB community receive priority information on the launch of free mint collections and Auto-Pool ‘Pool Party’ updates, users will be encouraged to attend weekly community calls where alpha may be dropped by the team. A schedule for these calls will be released, but they will exclude the nature and content of the events until the very last minute.

*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

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