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Playbux NFT Stamp Airdrop

Apr 27 23:00 2023 - Aug 24 22:59 2023
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About campaign

Playbux is running a 60day NFT Stamp airdrop campaign to give 60,000 PBUX tokens daily for 60 days. This is Playbux’s first airdrop event, and you can get our token for free by holding Playbux NFT. For 60 consecutive days, 3,600,000 PBUX tokens will be distributed to all participants. When the Playbux metaverse opens, the NFT will be able to be used there as well. The more NFT variety you hold the more tokens you will get. Keep holding and collect as many NFT as you can in order to obtain more opportunities and benefits from Playbux in the future.

How to join

The point will be calculated by adding up all the different Playbux NFT variants in your account and connected wallet. The greater the rarity, the more points you will receive!


Step 1: Participants must retweet to activate the Stamp! Button before stamping.

Step 2: Participants must submit an on-chain transaction to stamp. So the minimum gas fee is required in their connected wallet. You can use both your on-chain and off-chain NFT to stamp.


Step 3: After the stamp, you cannot withdraw your off-chain NFT (NFT in your email account) until the reset time. Every day, the reset time is 00:00 UTC. Every on-chain NFT can be stamped once each day. If you transfer stamped NFT to another wallet, the NFT can be stamped again after the reset time.


Step 4: The amount of earned PBUX is added to the account. Following the launch of the token, all participants may obtain their tokens through the PBUX website. 50% of the tokens will be instantly released, 25% after a month, and the remaining 25% the following month.

Click here for more information on the steps. 

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