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Weekly BNB Covered Call

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Covered Call

About campaign

Earn up to 20.1% APR participating in the weekly BNB covered call featuring Bonsai Strike. Bonsai Strike is a Decentralised Options Vault offering sustainable and real yield on Binance Smart Chain. It is the first in a planned series of yield generating DeFi products by the team at CODA Ventures, a graduate of the 4th Binance Labs Incubation Program.

How to join

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Bonsai Strike.


Step 2: Select the amount you'd like to deposit (in WBNB). 


Step 3: Withdraw your WBNB instantly or choose a standard withdrawl. 

100% of vault deposits are automatically deployed into selling call options on BNB. Strikes are determined according to our algorithm, at approximately 10-delta at the point of deployment. Premiums earned can be redeemed weekly when the vault reopens after expiry or left to auto-compound in the next deployment cycle. Click here for more information of Bonsai Strike Covered Call Vaults.

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