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Echosystem Campaign

1Inch Turbo Trading Strategy

Automated Strategies
Fee of 5 1INCH, Withdrawal fees
*Disclaimer: This campaign is initiated by the project party. Please thoroughly study the rules and rights to avoid financial losses.

About campaign

Take advantage of 1Inch's turbo trading strategy and stand to earn 1INCH LP rewards. 1inch is an DEX aggregator where users can find the lowest prices to trade cryptocurrencies. 1Inch is powered by the 1INCH utility and governance token.

How to join

Step 1: Navigate to 1Inch earn strategies and select the 'Turbo 1Inch' strategy. 


Step 2: Connect your wallet and select the right network.


Step 3: Select how much you'd like to stake in 1INCH tokens and sign the transaction in your wallet. 


Step 4: Earn 1INCH tokens and track the rebalancing phase every week. 


Note: Once you stake any amount into a pool, you become a liquidity provider. Please note that you will be able to withdraw your funds during the Rebalancing phase only, during which no products can be bought by counterparties. The staking pool earns on fees from Turbo 1INCH program buyers. However, there is a risk of loss if the price of the underlying will be above 0.71 USD by the time of maturity - 28 Oct 09:00 UTC+1. So the pool will have to pay compensation to the buyers of Turbo 1INCH.

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